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Poster production


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Poster production

  2. 2.  The software I will be using in the construction of my movie poster will be Adobe Photoshop CS3. Photoshop is a photo editing program that will allow me to edit various features including the contrast and brightness. It also allows me to add a wide range of effects such as a lens glare or grayscale.
  3. 3.  Here are the three examples I analysed. Anonymous The Expendables Thor
  4. 4.  Here is the unedited, original image I used to create my poster.
  5. 5.  My completed movie poster to advertise my film.
  6. 6. Star ratings out of five from moviereview magazines. Positive pull quotes used to sell the film, including ellipsis, from reviewers. Reference to other films created by the producer/director. Bold title of film, centred as the main focus. Glow effects have been used to enhance the text and coloured red to link with the blood on the zombified faces. Listing of actors names, spaced along poster and in a bold text. Certificate 18Movie Institutions refers to thebehind the film’s specifiedproduction. Billing Block detailing production staff. audience in my research. Film website. Film release date.
  7. 7.  Side by side comparison I have darkened the completed version. I done this by altering the contrast of the final piece reducing the brightness on a slider in Photoshop as I thought the initial image was too bright to be used. I have filled in the eyes of the zombies with both the paint and clone stamp tool, removing the human iris’ and replacing them with zombie- like blank stares. The use of the prop, make-up is clearly shown in both images. I have used a colour palette of grey and red to detail the text on the poster. I believe the red glow on the main text adds great emphasis and makes it more noticeable to the eye. It also gives a ghost like aura. A piece of feedback suggested the text looked like a ‘skeleton’s bones’, which is good feedback. The bold, yet small scaled text used adds emphasis and detail yet is not overpowering. I used such a font, especially on the pull quotes, to give them prominence. Included at the foot of the poster is the movie website and the release date. I have added a certificate and the logo from my trailer of my movie institution. A possible inclusion could’ve been a catchy tagline.