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Trailer production


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Trailer production

  2. 2.  The software I will be using in the construction of my trailer will be Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing program. This program will allow me to edit my bulk of raw footage down into a manageable amount of approximately 1 minute. I will also be able to incorporate video transitions and effects along with audio transitions and effects to change the content at my will. My aim will be to create a dark, thrilling, gripping trailer that will engage the audience and entice them to watch the film. I will intend to use many of the conventions such as dark lighting I found in my research to make the final piece more relatable to the audience and my genre. I will also keep a mind on the production of my Movie Magazine and Poster; whilst I am constructing my trailer I will think of themes or shots that I can include to make each text more relatable to one another. I intend to use short, quick clips together with sounds such as the ‘Heartbeat’.mp3 on the system. I will also use intertitling ass a form of narration instead of a voiceover narration.
  3. 3.  An example of the interface of Adobe Premiere Pro can be seen to the left. As the editor, it is imperative I know this interface well. The raw footage is detailed in this window. The completed version being constructed is shown in this window. Clips and sounds in the constructed version are shown here. Two key controls; they set the start and end of the clip that you wish to import into the timeline The timeline details what clips and sounds have been added to the final construction. Up to three sounds and clips can be overlapped so, for example, two sounds can play at once.
  4. 4.  I have now completed the production of my trailer after initially shooting with my partner, 6 actors and a make up artist. In total we collected 04:07 of raw footage to edit and cut down. We finally managed to cut our raw footage down to a total of 01:07:03 and included a number of video effects and transitions to edit the base content and make it more suitable to my genre such as the ‘Darken’ effect that allowed me to darken the brightness of selected clips. An example of this is shown to the left as the screenshot in the window is much darker than the original. In this screen shot you can also see the sounds, effects and transitions I have added to clips. These transitions included Fade to Black, Dip to Black, Dissolve and more.
  5. 5.  Further screenshots from Adobe Premiere Pro after trailer construction completion. The Urban Media Company, the institution myself and my colleague have created is shown here at the start of the trailer. Fade transitions are used on the entrance and exit of the clip.
  6. 6. A second institution,Zulu Productions,also features at thestart of the trailer.Fade transitions areused in the entranceand exit of the clip.
  7. 7. The date of my filmrelease is shown in acompressed,numerical format withbullet dividers. Thewebsite isunderneath,reflecting aopportunity for theaudience to go onlineand find out moreabout the film.It is shown at the tailend of the trailer tostick in the memoryof the viewer.A fade to blacktransition is at theexit of this clip.
  8. 8. The title, Rise Of TheDead, is shown here.The title dominatesthe screen space, yetit is a short clip. It isan example of how Iwas able toincorporate text intothe trailer.
  9. 9. An example ofintertitling can beseen in thisscreenshot.The colouring of thetext was changed tored to symbolizedanger and blood.It also makesreference to mymovie poster whichcontained a similarreference to anotherfilm.
  10. 10. This screenshothighlights the use ofvideo effects on aclip. The original canslightly be seen here.The video effectsfolder allowed me toadd a ‘grayscale’black and whiteeffect. I also addedthe term ‘rec’ so theshot could act as acctv image.
  11. 11. This screenshothighlights my abilityto use a ‘blur’ videoeffect to distort theimage in the clip.
  12. 12. This screenshothighlights the use ofvideo effects on aclip. I have used thedarken effect todarken the clip andmake it more suitableto my genre.
  13. 13.  I am quite happy with the overall construction of my teaser trailer. With the brief of creating an engaging, intriguing trailer with suspense to keep the viewer interested, I feel we have been very successful. As seen in the timeline posted alongside, we included a number of short clips, snippets, to show brief, varied action. However, we did have to ensure that this action was long enough to keep the clip interesting enough. In this specific area, you can see that I have coordinated the Heartbeat.wav sound effect with the clips to create a harmony on screen with the sound and audio simultaneously. I found myself quickly at ease with using the program; the interface was easy to use after a brief tutorial from my tutor and I easily found the ability to use effects and transitions. I also found it easy to add text to the trailer as shown. Overall, I believe my trailer is a suitable trailer for the Horror genre. Through the research and analysis stage of my pre-production I was able to see different conventions used in horror trailers such as fades into darkness, quick cuts, dark lighting, brightness alteration, close ups, the use of make up and more. I believe I have included all of the above factors in my final product.