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World Ready Proposal

  1. 1. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd World Ready TrainingAn International Self-Development ProgrammeReadying People for Modern Business Demands Business Proposal & Feasibility 15th November 2010 Presentation to HCL Technologies Ltd Europe Version 1.2 James Cooke Standing Start Solutions Ltd +44 (0) 7813 299039 1
  2. 2. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd1. Introduction & BackgroundPublic and private sector organisations around the world are increasingly concernedabout attracting and retaining young employees of the right calibre who possess highstandards of integrity, resilience, loyalty, commitment and self-organisation. Rapidturnover of unsuitable staff has an impact both on the individuals self worth and theeffectiveness of the organisation.Both sectors are also recognising the need for staff with enhanced abilities in teamwork, communication and organised effort to deliver work objectives. This combinedwith a mature outlook on the world and a sense of responsibility, have becomeincreasingly important. Many businesses are international in nature requiring staff tobe based abroad adapting quickly to the culture of the host country and workingalongside people of different backgrounds. Academic achievement on its own is nolonger sufficient.Organisations need a wealth of talent and commitment at all executive and non-executive levels drawing on these core abilities for their sustained success.Many young students leaving school or university take a “gap year” to travel andwiden their experience. Most do this in an unstructured way which does not alwaysmake best use of the time to both enjoy and improve them-selves, ready foremployment. Many others languish in unemployment or attend weak vocationaltraining courses.1. Business ObjectivesWorld Ready Training is designed to address these needs fulfilling both theindividual’s aspirations whilst also improving their effectiveness for the work placeand value to the world community. Specifically the programme will provide: Students who have completed a one year assessed course of self- development projects and have attained a high competency standard in the areas of: o Verbal and written communication o Problem solving o Planning and organising o Managing Change o Resilience o Managing diversity in multi- national teams To provide a regular stream of high potential candidates available to sponsoring public and private sector organisations. These people would have clearly evidenced basic life skill attributes and would be suitable for junior management roles or long term effective service in a non executive role. To provide students with a structured programme of environmental and community projects in different exciting regions of the world, managed and trained by some of the world’s best practitioners in different fields of expertise. 2
  3. 3. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd Each individual will work within a multi- national team on challenging but realisable goals. Continuous management, assessment and mentoring of the individual throughout the course by qualified staff to achieve the competency standard. To provide the course to individuals who meet a basic selection criteria. 70% of each 15 person team (10) would be prospective employees of the sponsoring organisation and a further 5 would be selected from a central pool of suitable candidates from the wider community who have evidenced their commitment to self development.2. Unique Selling Points of World Ready Training It provides an integrated approach of student identification, selection, development and eventual employment by contributing organisations The whole programme is delivered using the highest calibre managers and trainers from across the world paid on a professional not voluntary basis. This will allow continuity of standards and consistency of delivery. The programme will be based on the interaction of the individual within a team context to deliver tasks. A classic team management model. Both individual and team performance will be developed using assessment, mentoring and progressive management techniques Teams will be made up of 15 individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions of the world to reflect modern trends of working and living The programme will include a personal learning programme together with four extended periods of team project work in some of the world’s most exciting environments Successful candidates will have achieved a high competency standard in core areas of life and work skill. Progress to achieve each student’s objectives will be assessed using a professionally accredited framework to identify positive behavioural indicators whilst undertaking a range of activities. Delivered by an independent Charitable Ltd Company the programme can be used in a cost effective way by companies and public sector authorities to train potential staff members using a unique method which they would find difficult and costly to replicate in house.3. Programme Structure & ProcessStudent Identification World Ready agents in each global region working together with the Funding Director will advertise and promote the programme to public and private sector organisations seeking a main team sponsor for 4 team programmes each year. Each sponsor will be able to select 10 persons to attend the programme who they would like to consider for future employment. World Ready agents will establish a further pool of prospective candidates in each region within the target market of 18-30 year olds. Selection will be competitive and based on an application form (available on line) to elicit key indicators of motivation, vision and commitment to improve and achieve. 5 places from this pool will be selected to join each team. 3
  4. 4. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd The marketing will be clear over the demands and requirements of the course to help prevent frivolous applications. It will be made clear that the quality of the application forms part of the final competency assessment and will act as a baseline for the candidate. Each application will require credible sponsors and referees There will be a means test to ensure that the final bursary reflects fairly the financial status of the candidate. Those with personal and family means will be required to contribute on a scale of rates. Careful mark offsetting will be allowed for poor literacy standards if there is clear corroborated evidence of motivation and commitment provided by the candidate and sponsors.Initial Assessment and Screening Each Regional Agent will be responsible for screening final applications using a centrally approved aggregate marking system to order the applications. The top 20 applications will be forwarded for placement in the 4 Team programmes each year.Student Profile and Development Plan After formal offer a place the student will be assigned a personal manager who will be responsible for: o Conducting initial interviews and assessment of current competency levels, setting the base line. o Completing a comprehensive profile of the student o Completing a development plan for the student focussed on personal learning needs and objectives for each team project. o Completing monthly assessments of personal development against the plan objectives and competency standards achieved. This will identify improvement needs and how these will be achieved o A final assessment report at the end of the year which will be focussed on the competency behaviours evidenced on the programme and to what level. After formal offer the student will be assigned a professional mentor who will be responsible for: o An initial interview and objective setting o Monthly meetings to review progress and address needs o Be a ready supplier of learning sources and information to support the students progression o To support the student in inter-personal issues by acting as a sounding board to resolve conflict situations in team exercises. 4
  5. 5. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions LtdIndividual and Team Project Assignments (over period of 1 year)Individual The development plan will identify numerous areas of personal learning to help achieve the objectives set such as: o Books and articles to be read and reviewed to deepen understanding and reflection on key behaviours o Languages to be learnt o Occupational skills such as driving and computer skills o Verbal and written communication skill courses o A Research & Development project on a chosen subject Between team project periods the student will be expected to complete these assignments in their own time with financial support where appropriate. These will form a key part of the assessment process.Team ProjectsIt is envisaged that there will be four team projects during the course of the year,which will be: 4-6 weeks in duration with 1 week post review period and clean up. Conducted in four exciting regions of the world involving polar, temperate, desert or Tundra and tropical climate based projects. Involve different forms of travel such as walking, cycling, skiing/snow shoes, canoeing and all terrain vehicles Conducted in teams of no more than 15 students Task orientated using bush-craft and engineering methods Managed by a world leading practitioner and his staff Daily briefing and de-briefing sessions Assessed afterwards for personal and team performance learningLuminary Support Services & Annual Awards Event All students who complete the programme will become luminaries and considered for future mentoring and management roles within the programme on a paid basis. A database of contacts and employers who contribute to and/or support World Ready will be maintained for student networking and employment purposes Each year there will be a presentation on the year’s programme together with awards for top and most improved/promising students. Luminaries and World Ready members will be invited to a top international venue.4. Organisational Structure & Staff RequirementsIt is proposed that the programme will eventually be managed, funded and regulatedby a Charitable Ltd Company by guarantee. This will be registered in the UK but willhave a global remit for all operations. However, consideration will also be given to 5
  6. 6. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltdestablishing a Community Interest Company (CIC) as an alternative which will havetax advantages without necessarily going to full charity status.The Ltd Company or CIC will be set up initially and will be responsible for initiationwork and all professionally paid operations including managing and paying agents,directors, managers and mentorsA Charitable legal entity will then possibly be added to oversee fund raising andstrategic direction. This will be directly linked to the Ltd Company and will holdcontrol of the main bursary fund and its distribution. Charitable status will allow taxfree fund raising and gift aiding from contributors in the most cost effective way.Ltd Company/CIC Central Staff: World Operations Director (Full Time) o Operations planning and commissioning for field projects o Management and commissioning of student managers and mentors o Planning and delivery of all elements of programme World Operations Support Director (Full Time) o Identification and securing of staff and associates o Initial fund raising from key private & public sector bodies o Programme promotion and networking Company Secretary/Administrator (Full Time) o All administration duties and Companies House returnsLtd Company Associates: Student Managers (Part time) o Assigned to each student to prepare profile, complete and review development plan, monthly assessments and final report. The manager will also be responsible for all disciplinary and welfare matters. Student Mentors (Part time) o Assigned to each student for monthly set meetings and 24/7 access in urgent support situations Field Project Operational Managers (Part time) o Responsible in liaison with world Operations Director to plan and deliver a field project o Manage team for 4 week period and complete report at end for all team members Regional Agents (Part time) o Advertising programme in world regions each year o Screening and marking applications o Collation of finally accepted applications ordered by marks awarded 6
  7. 7. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions LtdCharity Board Trustees o To include volunteer contributors and balanced range of interests linked to objectives of programme, with elected chair Members o Voting members to include those providing finance or other support products but who do not wish to perform trustee duties. o Annual meeting to elect trustees for that coming year5. FinanceThe underlying principles of funding World Ready will be: The establishment of a Charitable Award Fund which will support the entire programme costs for both the students and their management Each team will have a main sponsor who provides 70% of the overall costs. The remainder being made up of a student fee and funds fro other charitable and government enterprise sources. The Charitable arm will be responsible for fund raising and management of the award scheme thereby separating out financial affairs from the operational Ltd Company responsibilities. The programme will be fundamentally a paid professional provision NOT based on voluntary support. Consistent standards of delivery and quality will be paramount to its success. A full 3 year budget for income and expenditure is set out at Appendix A6. Competitive OrganisationsThe Princes Trust Established in 1976 as a charity and led by HRH Prince of Wales, this is a highly successful linked set of programmes targeting 14-30 year olds in the UK who are unemployed, in trouble with the police or marginalised at school due to behaviour or low educational attainment. It is a volume type scheme with 40,000 young people supported in 2009 and 600,000 since start by any one or combination of the following: o A 12 week course of personal learning and team community projects, 1 week of which is residential. This is designed to improve confidence and organisational ability o A grant towards setting up a business o Inclusion on a web promoted small business index of Trust supported individuals across UK. o An international endeavour expedition of about 10 days testing the participants endurance in a remote part of the world o Attendance in intensive pre employment training workshops, work sector focussed o The Trust costs a staggering £1million EVERY WEEK to run in terms of staff and administration costs 7
  8. 8. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions LtdRaleigh International Raleigh International has a high profile in the UK and was established in 1984 as a charity by Blashford –Snell the explorer. It is expedition centered in the UK and abroad with a target audience of any aged person who wishes to get involved either as a participant or volunteer expedition manager. There are two entry bands, 17-24 and anyone aged 24 upwards. It aims to fill gap years, career breaks and retirement in a structured way. Its objectives are somewhat vague, but appears to be to provide inspiring community projects and expeditions to participants, building friendships and understanding of the local environment and people. The programme sets 4 challenges; a competitive application process, raising your own funds for the expedition, completing the expedition and using the learning after return It has a much smaller core of professional management and relies heavily on voluntary support and participant fund raising.Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) VSO was established in 1960 as a charity and is aimed at placing volunteers aged 18 upwards in disadvantaged communities across the world to use their professional skills and motivation to fight poverty. In the UK it has a very high profile and is very successful. Travel and subsistence costs are heavily subsidised by the host local partner they are attached to VSO also is active in advocacy on behalf of such communities into world forums such as the United Nations to raise awareness and support VSO builds partnerships with local delivery agencies to ensure the skills of the volunteer can be used in a variety of ways VSO is an active participant in an exchange programme called Linked International Learning (LINKS) for staff from the participating agencies to improve knowledge and understandingThe “Year Up” Programme - USA Established to close the opportunity divide for urban young adults aged 18-24, providing skills, experience and support to reach their potential through higher education and professional careers. Primarily focussed on the unemployed at risk low achievers who need specialist support to boost their confidence and ability Currently operating in 6 US Cities, Boston, Providence, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco and Atlanta with plans to expand to a further 5 targeting 209,000 young people. Funded by corporate sponsors with ratio funding from public sector and individual benefactors. Apprentices are assigned to the programme for a 1 year period split into 2 parts involving business topic education and a 6 month internship with the sponsoring company. On successful completion the individual is considered for a full time position. The student can claim apprentice level wages for the year. 8
  9. 9. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd The education element includes classroom based tuition in IT, presentation skills, project work, numeracy, literacy, communication both written and verbal. Each student has access to a mentor, social worker and advisor. In observation it is apparent that this is again targeted at high volume numbers of students as a major national social programme for employment training, aimed at disadvantaged 18-24 year olds. There are some similar objectives with regard to personal learning and work experience, however: o There does not appear to be a rigorous assessment process based on competency development for the individual and with the large numbers being processed this appears to be a possible weakness affecting standards and outcomes o There are only limited team learning opportunities of a very low level intensity The opportunity of using apprentice level accreditation is worth investigating which would enable government funding to World Ready students and the overall costs. The target market looks markedly different and focuses entirely on at risk 18- 24 year olds7. Feasibility Study OutcomesThis was carried out between May-September 2010 in the UK and involvedinterviewing selected specialists from the following sectors: Large Corporate Business Managers Young graduates and school leavers HR Directors Employment Training Specialists Business School Department Heads Expedition & Outdoor Training ManagersFive areas of consideration were posed to the interviewees including: 1. Is the training relevant and appropriate to modern work and living conditions, meeting a real business need? 2. Would it attract a wide range of potential students from across the world as being relevant to their needs and would they be prepared to contribute towards the fees? 3. Is it realistic to expect team sponsors to invest such a large amount (70% of all the programme costs) and what is the payback? 4. Is the budget sufficiently robust and realistic to deliver a high quality programme? 5. Is the programme replicated successfully by any other organisation already? 9
  10. 10. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions LtdFeasibility Outcomes There was a clear enthusiasm for pre employment training particularly for those with no work experience graduating from University, College and school. The basic soft skills of time keeping, positive attitude, communication standards, team work and resilience were lacking in many instances. This required immediate training resources to be applied before the individual could become efficient and effective. This presented a major time and production cost factor to business operations. Office and production liabilities increased exponentially due to inexperience and aptitude factors. This could manifest into major personnel and safety issues. The ability to scrutinise and develop potential employees outside the work place was largely welcomed especially in a structured programme of development There was universal enthusiasm for the use of a proven competency assessment framework involving evidenced behaviours in the core skill areas highlighted. All would have liked to have seen more detail and viewed this as a unique selling point of the programme Young people interviewed welcomed the opportunity of such a unique exciting programme especially as there was a good prospect of employment at the conclusion. The biggest caveat were the high operating costs of such an intense 1 year programme and the possible ways of reducing these by: o Reducing the time length of the programme by 50% (6 months) or even 75% (3 months) with only two or one major team projects. o Making the team area based for the duration to reduce travel costs. Many global companies have national offices made up of multi- national employees so the diversity qualities in the objectives would not be lost o Dedicating one sponsor to one team programme to achieve clarity, identity and cost effectiveness. In return the sponsor would select 10 students out of 15 on each team for training and possible future employment. o Ensuring the student made a contribution to cost on a means tested basis o Securing match funding from charities and government enterprise/apprentice schemes towards each team o Using mature mentors and student managers from within the sponsoring company to reduce professional service costs in this area. This would be on a voluntary or attachment type basis Currently no other organisation in the world is delivering this type of competency behaviour based training on such a structured basis. Many use expedition work or team skills training in isolation to a personal learning plan, with varying standards of manager and mentor support. In several instances the programme is targeted at a high volume number of participants with severe managerial and supervision costs. 10
  11. 11. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd8. Implementation phases & stagesFeasibility Testing (May – September 2010) Founders need to conduct structured meetings together analysing the proposals and challenging the structure, objectives and process in detail Founders need to consult key business and personnel experts to examine feasibility question areas Founders to conduct further research to address feasibility questions and adjust proposal to enhance its contentSet Up (1st Year) Full business plan to be prepared by founders from proposal document Business plan to be presented to identified sponsors globally and fund raising commenced. 1st year pilot sponsor to be identified Legal advice to be commissioned regarding legal entity and employment factors Staff needs assessment to be compiled on basis of experience, qualification and aptitude to envisaged roles. Founders to discuss and agree standards expected Staff and associates to be researched, identified and approached for interest Staff positions advertised and selection process initiated Ltd Company or Community Interest Company to be registered with objectives and memorandum of associationPilot Programme ( 2nd Year ) Select first 15 students by pilot sponsor choice Use only 1 student manager and mentor for all 15 students to reduce costs Compile evaluation report template for staff, sponsors and students to compile feedback on quality of programme, process and delivery issues.Full Operations (3rd Year) 4 Team programmes. 2 based in each hemisphereAppendicesAppendix A - 3 Year Budget 11
  12. 12. James Cooke - Standing Start Solutions Ltd Appendix A Year 1 (Set Up) Year 2 (Pilot) Year 3 (Full Ops)ExpenditureManagement: CEO 120 days( £350)=£42k 120 days( £350)=£42k 25% addition each Administrator 75 days (£150)=£11k extra team Student Manager 70 days(£250)=£17k Student Mentor 70 days(£150)=£10k Regional Agents 30 daysx2(£250)=£15kTotal £42k £95kAdministration: Stationary £2k £3k £4k InsuranceMarketing & Selection Launch Web site £20k £20k Advertising for students Selection & recruitment staffAccountancy & Legal £5k £7k £10kEquipmentTravel & Subsistence £10k £20K(Directors & £20kCosts Associates)Total £17k £50k £54KField Projects (4x): Team of 15 Instructor & 2 (4x4week Projects) Assistants Equipment Team no. multiplier £200K (£50K each) Accommodation Food Insurance Clothing store Travel to/from siteTotal £200k £200k (per team)Grand Total £59k £340k (full Year) Dependent on no. £170k (6 month) of teams £85k (3 month)IncomeTeam Sponsor £59k £340k 1 Year 70% each Team £170k 6 month £85k 3 monthTrust/Charity Funding 20% each TeamEnterprise FundingStudent Fee 10% each TeamGrand TotalBalance 12