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Dynamics Day '11 - The Power of the Platform - Getting more from ERP and CRM


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Presented at Intergen's Dynamics Day '11

Presented at Intergen's Dynamics Day '11

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Power of the PlatformRyan CrawCour and Toby Spendiff10 August 2011
  • 2. Power of the PlatformAbout Us Toby Spendiff  Practice Lead, Portals, Content & Collaboration  Web and SharePoint Specialist Ryan CrawCour  Solution Architect, Consulting & Architecture Services  Cloud & Integration Specialist Guest Panel  Steven Foster – CRM Product Manager  Nick Johnson– Practice Lead, Dynamics
  • 3. Power of the PlatformContent Northwind Traders - Current Situation Typical Next Step Ideal Approach Roadmap
  • 4. Northwind Traders – CurrentSituation
  • 5. Power of the PlatformWho are Northwind Traders? Biggest provider of snow machinery in New Zealand 150 full-time and 100 casual staff National retail outlets, web site, and call centre Fictitious but representative company
  • 6. Power of the Platform Current Customer Experience Sales & Marketing RetailCustomer Customer Phone Services Email Information Workers
  • 7. Power of the PlatformCurrent State No continuity of customer relationship Customer information spread across the business – no single UI Out-dated, duplicated or lost information Slow and unreliable manual paper processes No effective Business Intelligence Multi-vendor, multi-platform IT environment Swivel chair systems integration
  • 8. Power of the PlatformBusiness Pain Low customer satisfaction Outperformed and losing customers to competition Slow to react to market changes Lengthy staff on-boarding process due to complexity High admin costs Slow IT turn-around Minimal ROI on expensive new web site
  • 9. Typical Next Step
  • 10. Power of the PlatformNorthwind’s Next Step Integrating systems for better marketing & customer service Scanning to email for more efficient processes Using SharePoint for departmental documents Using web analytics to understand effectiveness
  • 11. Power of the Platform Current Customer “Experience” View The Integrated (kind of) Customer Sales & Marketing RetailCustomer Customer Phone Services Email Information Workers
  • 12. Power of the PlatformStill feeling the pain Still no continuity of customer relationship Customer information still spread across the business Processes are still slow, manual & expensive Information silos still exist Business Intelligence is more like Reporting Web site still not providing value
  • 13. Ideal Approach
  • 14. Power of the PlatformFirst Step - Reflection & Planning Understanding Customer Journey & Getting Feedback Business & Technology Roadmap Business Process Re-Engineering Information Management Strategy Enterprise Architecture Business Intelligence Strategy Governance Frameworks Industry Best Practices & Benchmarks Strategic Partnerships
  • 15. Power of the Platform The Single Platform, of) Customer View Integrated (kind Single View Sales & Marketing RetailCustomer Customer Phone Services Email Information Workers
  • 16. Power of the PlatformBusiness Needs & Supporting Technologies Common User Interface, Web Site, Content Mgmt, Scanning, BI Customer Interaction, Dealers, Leads, Marketing Mgmt CRM Product Catalogue, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Financials ERP Common Database Technology, Reporting, Master Data Mgmt Customisations, Extensions, Integration
  • 17. What does it look like?
  • 18. Customer Facing View
  • 19. Power of the PlatformRecommendations Product Driven by CRM & Catalogue from ERP ERP Digital Assets from SharePoint
  • 20. Power of the Platform Product Interest Logged in CRM ProductSpecs from ERP Digital Assets from SharePoint
  • 21. Power of the PlatformDealer InfoFrom CRM
  • 22. Power of the Platform Lead Logged in CRM, Dealer Contacted
  • 23. Internal View
  • 24. Power of the PlatformSharePoint Searchacross CRM, ERP & SharePoint
  • 25. Power of the Platform CRM & ERP Information
  • 26. Power of the PlatformCRM BingWeb CRMCRM SharePoint ERP
  • 27. Power of the PlatformKey Benefits Web site now providing value Single customer view with continuity in relationship Customer satisfaction greatly improved Greatly simplified technology platform
  • 28. What’s Next for Northwind?
  • 29. Power of the PlatformNorthwind Roadmap Business Intelligence Process Improvement
  • 30. Process Improvement –Accounts Payable
  • 31. Power of the PlatformAccounts Payable Processing Scan Connect Manage
  • 32. Power of the Platform
  • 33. Power of the PlatformScannedInvoices Automatic Data Extraction
  • 34. Power of the Platform Workflow Actions For ERPAccess toScanned Image Other Invoices from ERP
  • 35. Business Intelligence
  • 36. Power of the PlatformBusiness Intelligence Access Information from CRM and ERP Provide Role-Based Dashboards in SharePoint Publish Spreadsheets & leverage existing reports
  • 37. Salesfrom ERPKPIs from Locations ERP & from CRM CRM
  • 38. Wrap Up
  • 39. Power of the PlatformTake Aways Don’t rush into systems integration Reflect and plan Look at a single platform to Connect, Discover, Extend
  • 40. Questions
  • 41. Thank You