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Brief overview of CRM today , The evolution of CRM to the development and leadership in technology

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Crm Today Dinesh Chandrasekar

  1. 1. Dinesh Chandrasekar
  2. 2. Agenda • CRM Evolution • CRM Components • CRM Applications • Successful CRM Programs • Case Study • Open Forum Copyright © Sierra Atlantic, Inc. Material contained within this document is confidential and may not be reproduced without prior written consent. 2
  3. 3. CRM Evolution CRM is all about… • Finding your customers • Collecting information about them along the way • Using that info to enhance their experience and foster long-term relationships Customer Adaptive Solutions Analytics Industry-specific CRM Multichannel eBusiness Sales Marketing SFA Service 1990 1994 1997 1999 2000 2003 2006 - 2010
  4. 4. CRM - Components Key Areas of Functionality  A single location for holding Marketing customer information Automation  Structure activities around the customer  Provide a better framework for Management Customer Sales Force Reporting s Automation sales processes  Provide a better framework for customer service processes Customer Service  A mechanism for better management of marketing activities
  5. 5. CRM Application : Basic Features  Sales Force Automation:  Leads, Contacts, Accounts, & Opportunity Mgmt.;  Territories Tracking and Quota Management;  Activity Management:  Appointments, Tasks, and Activity Tracking;  Synchronization to E-mail, PIM, and Mobile Device  Pipeline Management:  Company Defined Sales Process/Methodology;  Pipeline Forecasting by Product or Revenue;  Lead/Opportunity Qualification and Sales Coaching.
  6. 6. CRM Application : Basic Features  Marketing Automation:  Campaign Tracking, Cost, and ROI;  E-mail ,Web, SMS, FAX Etc ..campaign offers  Partner Management:  Deal Registration; Opportunity, Lead, & Account Mgmt.  Marketing Fund Request and Tracking  Service Management:  Service Requests  Product, Service, Warranty & Contract  Solution Knowledgebase  Customer Hub  Analytics, Dashboards & Social Networking
  7. 7. Customer Expectations : Then & Now
  8. 8. Know your Customer
  9. 9. Customer Centric CRM Servicing customers Marketing based on customer consistently, knowing their situation, having a dialog, preferences for channel, knowing what they own. frequency, products & services Service Marketing Selling with a knowledge Designing and of what the customer developing products owns, where they are that valuable Customers Products having problems, how customers want Sales they buy and who makes decisions Making sure that valuable Orders customers are getting priority Centering Your Business Around the Customer
  10. 10. CRM Ecosystem…  CRM Application  Any application designed to help an organization optimize interactions with customers, suppliers, or prospects via one or more touch points – such as a call center, salesperson, distributor, store, branch office, Web, or email – for the purpose of acquiring, retaining, or cross-selling products/services to customers  Target for any CRM Application  Building a Single and Authenticated view of customer  Building robust and scalable CRM Infrastructure  Building Organizational Transformation through CRM
  11. 11. CRM Ecosystem  Three Types of CRM Analytical CRM Operational & DATA Collaborative CRM  Operational CRM Analytical Tools CAPTURE Inbound Touchpoints Ad Hoc Extract, Transform, Query Web Load Processes  Collaborative CRM Call Report Center  Analytical CRM OLAP ANALYZE Store  Infrastructure Data ATM Mining BI Apps Data Warehouse Operational Data Store CRM Analytical Applications Outbound Touchpoints Apps  On Premise Campaign Mgmt INTERACT Email Churn Direct  On Demand Analysis Mail Propensity PLAN Telemar Scoring - keting Implement Plans  Open Source Customer Mobile Profitability Device Analysis EXECUTE
  12. 12. The 360 Degree Customer View Up-selling and cross- Targeting and profiling selling Service management Prospecting Demand Customer care and Creation Lead generation Service support Mgmt Lead Generation Customer Management Response management Contracts Product Maintenance Customer Lead qualification and Lead scoring Mgnt Product Fulfillment Lead assignment and Order distribution Mgnt Opportunity Mgnt Order management Quoting Opportunity management Pricing and discounting Pipeline and forecast management Quoting Copyright © Sierra Atlantic, Inc. Material contained within this document is confidential and may not be reproduced without prior written consent. 12
  13. 13. Customer Relationship Management Model
  14. 14. CRM Applications ( Partial list) Enterprise / Tier 1 CRM Midsize / Tier 2 CRM Open Source CRM
  15. 15. Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM 2008
  16. 16. Siebel CRM: Market Leader
  17. 17. Industry Solutions Communications Insurance Public Sector Finance Life Sciences High Technology and Media and Healthcare Travel Complex Transportation Consumer Goods Energy Retail Automotive and Hospitality Manufacturing
  18. 18. Vertical Specialized CRM Modules Communications One & Done Service, Subscription Management, etc. Banking Branch Transformation, Banking Insight, etc. Pharmaceuticals Clinical Trails Mgmt, Medical Communications, etc. High Technology Complex Sales Management, Order Management, etc. Insurance Claims Management, Fraud Analysis, etc. Transportation Freight Claims Mgmt, Loyalty Management, etc. Consumer Goods Brand Management, Customer Dialog Management… Energy Intelligence Driven Marketing, Order Mgmt, etc. Automotive Collaborative Promotions, Dealer Sales Management
  19. 19. Siebel 6 – Multi-Channel, Industry Specific CRM (2000)
  20. 20. Siebel 7 – Delivered on Smart Web Architecture (2001)
  21. 21. Siebel 8 with BI, Enhanced User Experience and Integration options
  22. 22. Siebel CRM Growth Track Proactive CRM 6M Customer Adaptive CRM 5.0 M • 13 years CRM experience CRM for Everyone, • $2.5 B CRM Research & Development Enterprise BI • Analyst acknowledged leadership CRM • 6M+ live CRM users On Demand • 20+ industry solutions 3.0 M • Application Net worth 50+ B Best Analytics, Standards- Based Integration Practices CRM 2.17 M Multichannel CRM Industry-Specific CRM 1.3 M Integrated CRM Integrated 1M Sales and Customer Service Enterprise- Mobile SFA Class 600,000 Siebel SFA Systems Founded 200,000 20,000 60,000 500 4,000 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
  23. 23. Oracle CRM E-Business Suite Customer Intelligence Analytical Applications Interaction Center Marketing Intelligence Intelligence Sales Intelligence Service Intelligence Field Depot Quoting Contracts Sales iSupport Service Repair Marketing Online for iStore TeleSales Service Online KM Business Quality Online Contracts Partners Advanced Applications Online Scheduler for Sales Mobile Contracts Incentive Tele Mobile eMerchandising MES iPayment Field Spares for Rights Comp Service Field Sales Mgt Service Universal Work Queue Resources Territories Assignment Engine CRM Tasks Notes Calendar 1-on-1 Fulfillment Foundation MES/Knowledge Base Interaction History Attachments Esclation Management Interaction Center Interaction Telephony, Scripting, Mobile Channels Web Wireless Predictive Dialer, eMail Center (Laptop, PDA) Call Center Connectors E-Business Common Application Architecture & Schema Foundation (TCA, Products, Pricing, Configurator, User Login, Security, etc) E-Business eBusiness Platform Platform
  24. 24. CRM Analytics Insuranc Comms Complex Consume Financial High Life Public Travel & Auto Energy e& & Media Mfg. r Sector Services Tech Sciences Sector Trans Health Service & Sales Contact Marketing Financial Supply Chain Workforce Analytics Center Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Campaign Scorecard Receivables / Pipeline Churn Campaign Supplier Employee Payables Analysis Propensity Scorecard Response Performance Productivity Rates Analysis Triangulated Customer Response Customer Inventory Compensation Product Forecasting Satisfaction Rates Propensity Profitability Analysis Analysis Sales Team Resolution Product Product Procurement Compliance Loyalty and Effectiveness Rates Propensity Attrition Profitability Cycle Times Reporting Up-sell / Service Rep Loyalty and Regulatory Inventory Workforce Market Basket Cross-sell Effectiveness Attrition Analysis Compliance Availability Profile Discounting Service Cost Market Basket Campaign ROI Expense Employee Turnover Analysis Analysis Analysis Management Expenses Trends Lead Cash Flow Other Operational on Return Service Trends Campaign ROI BOM Analysis & Analytic Sources Conversion Analysis Human Capital Other Operational Siebel, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft & Analytic Sources
  25. 25. Combined Strengths of Oracle and Siebel Marketing, Core Human Banking Banking Teller Sales, Banking Financials Resources Analytics Service Agent/ Insurance Claims Insurance Insurance Channel Underwriting/ Financials/ Human Mgmt. Analytics Analytics Mgmt. Policy Admin. Profitability Resources Communication Marketing, Order & Order & Claims Network Comms eBPP Sales, Service Service Financials s Management Mgmt. Mgmt. Analytics Service Fulfillment Fulfillment Multi-Channel Order Order & Order & Mfg & High Tech High Tech Customer Mgmt. Service Service Planning Procurement Financials Analytics Mgmt. & Logistics Fulfillment Fulfillment Sales, Sales, Order Order Retail Service Merchandise Management Service Management Mgmt. & Mgmt. Store Supply Chain Corporate Retail Ordering Management Ordering & Logistics & Logistics Operations Management Admin Analytics HR & Public Constituent Case SRM/ Financial Public Sector Service Mgmt. Procurement Mgmt. Payroll Sector Mgmt. Analytics Procurement Clinical Corporate Life Physician Marketing Life Sciences Portal & Sales & Planning Trials Admin Sciences Mgmt. Analytics Consumer Marketing, Clinical Clinical Trade Fulfillment & Procurement Trials Corporate CG Sales, Trials Goods Mgmt. Logistics & Planning Management Admin. Analytics Service Management Mgmt.
  26. 26. Customer Data Challenges ***Need for Customer Hub*** Customer Duplicate customer Information is in data prevents single Silos in different view of customer Applications High data Inability to access management costs up-to-date due to inaccurate customer profile in data real-time Companies need a solution to Create and Maintain unique, Complete and Correct Customer Information
  27. 27. Oracle Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) - “ The Customer Hub”  Creates and maintains a unique, complete and accurate customer information across the enterprise  Distributes customer information to all operational applications just in time  UCM enables organizations to:  Know their customers  Improve data quality  Utilize customer insight during all customer interactions  Comply with privacy and regulatory requirements  Reduce data management costs
  28. 28. Siebel UCM Approach Europe Service NA SFA and Center Call Center Custom / Legacy Siebel UCM Web Store ERP Systems Partner Portal Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) Application provide a Siebel Platform that Other functions as the Master File for an organization’s Customer Information Data Warehouse
  29. 29. UCM Scenario :New Customer Creation ASI (MQSI) Business Process Controller CRM Common Nodes Legacy Transformations Objects Transformations System Nodes Systems Nodes Adaptor Transport Layer Adaptor 33Z454 • CRM System creates record, sends to ASI • ASI transforms record, sends to UCM UCM Cleansing Tool Data Services Provider • UCM cleanses record, no match found Recognition • UCM sends record to DSP Services • DSP recognizes customer, returns ID • UCM creates new record • UCM returns new profile to ASI • ASI stores the ID & fires routing rules • ASI publishes record to subscribers • Subscribers return new record IDs
  30. 30. CRM Application Selection Criteria Source Gartner Research (2007)
  31. 31. Competition at a Glance Campaign Opportunity Quote Configure Order Fulfillment Service Oracle Siebel Oracle Sales Force IBM Oracle EBS CRM Microsoft PeopleSoft PeopleSoft SAP Selectica Clarify
  32. 32. Oracle CRM Applications Future EBS 12 EBS 12.1 EBS 12.x Enterprise 9 Enterprise 9.1 Enterprise 9.x EnterpriseOne 9.0 World A9.1 EnterpriseOne 9.1 World A9.x Siebel 8 Siebel 8.1 Siebel 8.2 FUSION Customers continue to get innovation in existing releases and choose when they are ready to move to next generation technology.
  33. 33. Oracle CRM Fusion Task Flows, Process Flows and Insight-Driven Dashboards via Analytics Application Composition Web Services SOA Content Sales Service Marketing C/OM Customer, Product, Price Masters, Integration Self Legacy Service CRM ERP
  34. 34. Siebel Loyalty Management Partners Host Company Members Loyalty Manager Loyalty Member Portal Loyalty Partner Portal • View complete member • Join program • Enroll members profile • Keep profile up to date • Send transactions to the • Define tiers host organization • Conduct web transactions • Enroll members • Approve joint loyalty • Enroll in loyalty promotions promotions • Reward behavior • Redeem rewards • Manage service requests • Create targeted promotions • Refer friends • Approve transactions • Define accrual and • View statements redemption rules • Manage products • Create Service Requests • Service a member’s request • Collaborate on servicing the • Set contact preferences customer Loyalty Engine Rules Rewards Tiers Member Profiles Eligibility Promotions Transactions Point Expiration Enterprise Analytics and Data Integration Platform
  35. 35. Siebel’s Complete Loyalty Management Solution Measure Promotion’s Results and Process Effectiveness Manage Members’ Flexible Transactions Siebel Analytics Loyalty and Rewards Program Siebel Loyalty Siebel Loyalty Respond to Loyalty Track Customer Questions Marketing Comprehensive Member about Lifecycle Profiles Promotion Siebel Call Center Siebel Loyalty Create and Identify Member Portal Members for Execute Siebel Loyalty Marketing Targeted Campaign Promotion Create Loyalty Promotion Siebel Analytics Siebel Marketing
  36. 36. Pampers  Communication and benefits  Free newsletter with information relevant to baby's current stage of development.  Web site.  Free phone line.  Direct mail.  The e-mail offers and newsletters are designed for the family's youngest child.  Mail-in certificate requests baby's due date/birth date, parent's name, address, e- mail address and phone number.  Virtual baby book which sends reminders of check ups, immunisations and appointments. Virtual growth chart which allows you to plot baby’s height and weight
  37. 37. British Airways – Executive Club  Communication and benefits  Account balance available via phone or Web site  Quarterly account statements  Executive Club has 5 million members worldwide  Collect BA Miles which can be used for reward flights or upgrades  Three tier membership: blue, silver, gold  Benefits include priority on waiting lists, seating preferences, meal preferences, priority check in/boarding and lounge access for gold members
  38. 38. My Coke Rewards  Customers make a purchase and then they must go online or via mobile and enter codes to earn their points  This gives coke millions of consumer touchpoints  One million codes are entered into the website everyday and consumers spend an average of 9 minutes on the website each time they visit  1 litre bottle of Coke equals 3 points, 24 pack of 500ml bottles equals 10 points and so on  The customer can redeem their points on free bottles of Coke and other drinks, Coke merchandise, t- shirts etc
  39. 39. What Next  CRM in more dynamic forms  Social CRM or CRM 2.0  Animation  Interactive CRM  Robots ………………………………………………………….
  40. 40. CRM Case Study
  41. 41. Open Forum