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Dynamics Day '11 - The Power of the Platform - Getting more from ERP and CRM


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Presented at Intergen's Dynamics Day '11

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Dynamics Day '11 - The Power of the Platform - Getting more from ERP and CRM

  1. 1. Power of the PlatformRyan CrawCour and Toby Spendiff10 August 2011
  2. 2. Power of the PlatformAbout Us Toby Spendiff  Practice Lead, Portals, Content & Collaboration  Web and SharePoint Specialist Ryan CrawCour  Solution Architect, Consulting & Architecture Services  Cloud & Integration Specialist Guest Panel  Steven Foster – CRM Product Manager  Nick Johnson– Practice Lead, Dynamics
  3. 3. Power of the PlatformContent Northwind Traders - Current Situation Typical Next Step Ideal Approach Roadmap
  4. 4. Northwind Traders – CurrentSituation
  5. 5. Power of the PlatformWho are Northwind Traders? Biggest provider of snow machinery in New Zealand 150 full-time and 100 casual staff National retail outlets, web site, and call centre Fictitious but representative company
  6. 6. Power of the Platform Current Customer Experience Sales & Marketing RetailCustomer Customer Phone Services Email Information Workers
  7. 7. Power of the PlatformCurrent State No continuity of customer relationship Customer information spread across the business – no single UI Out-dated, duplicated or lost information Slow and unreliable manual paper processes No effective Business Intelligence Multi-vendor, multi-platform IT environment Swivel chair systems integration
  8. 8. Power of the PlatformBusiness Pain Low customer satisfaction Outperformed and losing customers to competition Slow to react to market changes Lengthy staff on-boarding process due to complexity High admin costs Slow IT turn-around Minimal ROI on expensive new web site
  9. 9. Typical Next Step
  10. 10. Power of the PlatformNorthwind’s Next Step Integrating systems for better marketing & customer service Scanning to email for more efficient processes Using SharePoint for departmental documents Using web analytics to understand effectiveness
  11. 11. Power of the Platform Current Customer “Experience” View The Integrated (kind of) Customer Sales & Marketing RetailCustomer Customer Phone Services Email Information Workers
  12. 12. Power of the PlatformStill feeling the pain Still no continuity of customer relationship Customer information still spread across the business Processes are still slow, manual & expensive Information silos still exist Business Intelligence is more like Reporting Web site still not providing value
  13. 13. Ideal Approach
  14. 14. Power of the PlatformFirst Step - Reflection & Planning Understanding Customer Journey & Getting Feedback Business & Technology Roadmap Business Process Re-Engineering Information Management Strategy Enterprise Architecture Business Intelligence Strategy Governance Frameworks Industry Best Practices & Benchmarks Strategic Partnerships
  15. 15. Power of the Platform The Single Platform, of) Customer View Integrated (kind Single View Sales & Marketing RetailCustomer Customer Phone Services Email Information Workers
  16. 16. Power of the PlatformBusiness Needs & Supporting Technologies Common User Interface, Web Site, Content Mgmt, Scanning, BI Customer Interaction, Dealers, Leads, Marketing Mgmt CRM Product Catalogue, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Financials ERP Common Database Technology, Reporting, Master Data Mgmt Customisations, Extensions, Integration
  17. 17. What does it look like?
  18. 18. Customer Facing View
  19. 19. Power of the PlatformRecommendations Product Driven by CRM & Catalogue from ERP ERP Digital Assets from SharePoint
  20. 20. Power of the Platform Product Interest Logged in CRM ProductSpecs from ERP Digital Assets from SharePoint
  21. 21. Power of the PlatformDealer InfoFrom CRM
  22. 22. Power of the Platform Lead Logged in CRM, Dealer Contacted
  23. 23. Internal View
  24. 24. Power of the PlatformSharePoint Searchacross CRM, ERP & SharePoint
  25. 25. Power of the Platform CRM & ERP Information
  26. 26. Power of the PlatformCRM BingWeb CRMCRM SharePoint ERP
  27. 27. Power of the PlatformKey Benefits Web site now providing value Single customer view with continuity in relationship Customer satisfaction greatly improved Greatly simplified technology platform
  28. 28. What’s Next for Northwind?
  29. 29. Power of the PlatformNorthwind Roadmap Business Intelligence Process Improvement
  30. 30. Process Improvement –Accounts Payable
  31. 31. Power of the PlatformAccounts Payable Processing Scan Connect Manage
  32. 32. Power of the Platform
  33. 33. Power of the PlatformScannedInvoices Automatic Data Extraction
  34. 34. Power of the Platform Workflow Actions For ERPAccess toScanned Image Other Invoices from ERP
  35. 35. Business Intelligence
  36. 36. Power of the PlatformBusiness Intelligence Access Information from CRM and ERP Provide Role-Based Dashboards in SharePoint Publish Spreadsheets & leverage existing reports
  37. 37. Salesfrom ERPKPIs from Locations ERP & from CRM CRM
  38. 38. Wrap Up
  39. 39. Power of the PlatformTake Aways Don’t rush into systems integration Reflect and plan Look at a single platform to Connect, Discover, Extend
  40. 40. Questions
  41. 41. Thank You