Impel CRM Overview


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Impel CRM, integrated SaaS CRM

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Impel CRM Overview

  1. 1. Living with your customer Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam PK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Agenda • The value of CRM • Why Impel CRM • Sales & Marketing scenarios • PK4 as a Company
  3. 3. The value of CRM What CRM can do for an organization
  4. 4. Where CRM fits Marketing Partners, Dealers Corporate – Marketing, Sales, Support, Ops SMS Mobile Sales Clients Social Networks
  5. 5. What CRM can do • Decrease sales cycle • Improve marketing effectiveness • Improve overall operations • Improve price realization • Integrate call center • Provide continuity in sales process • Sharpen brand
  6. 6. Overall CRM Model • Well-defined territories – Geographical, telescoping to schools, etc. • Lead generation across regions – Integrate and expand marketing • Planned sales calls – Improve visibility and brand for salesperson • Increased in-house sales processes – Replace reactive field-work with process • Complete funnel visibility – Help salespeople make more, better sales
  7. 7. Marketing Processes • Improve Lead quality – Acquire lists from valuable sources and activities • Use multiple contact modes – SMS, email, calling, dialer, etc. • Integrate outbound calling – Call center agents driven off same database • Track lead generation effectiveness – Automate hand-over to salespeople • Validate marketing outlay – Tie sales back to programs for full-cycle view
  8. 8. Sales Management • Establish clear opportunity stages – Lead > Prospect > Negotiate > Buy etc. • Drive cross-selling and up-selling – Identify specific stages for each initiative • Analyze failures and improve – Plan-to-Activity, Lost lead, Delayed deal, etc. • Transition seamlessly to Support – Support gets complete customer history online • Measure and improve sales effectiveness – By salesperson, region, deal, etc.
  9. 9. General Operations • Bi-directional SMS – CRM-in-field, customer interaction, intimations • Email, SMS, Web2lead – integrated internal processes based on source, interest, etc. • End-to-End Marketing – multiple touch-points, all leading to specific deals • Quote-to-Cash – order, invoice, collection, PDIs, bank reconciliation • Test Center – questionnaires, surveys, HR reviews, 360-Degree reviews, etc.
  10. 10. Why Impel CRM Impel’s unique applicability
  11. 11. What do we do? India-focused SaaS CRM (it’s all about local culture)
  12. 12. He said it best… We wanted a system that was easy to “ “ use, quick to implement and at Indian prices. With Impel CRM, we got all that and more. Alok Modi Managing Director, Modi Tyres.
  13. 13. Joined at the hip • Uncomplicated pay-as-you-go model • Start using it now! • Scale to 1000s of users seamlessly • Configure in minutes, Customize in hours • Automatic upgrades every few weeks • Integrate with any systems • Built, Supported (and hosted) in India
  14. 14. Not just CRM… • Activity Planning • Bi-directional SMS • Call Center ops • Dealer management • Email, SMS, Web2lead • End-to-End Marketing • Google Maps • Hand-held, Outlook • Mega tenancy • Quote-to-Cash • Rewards and Bundles • Service Requests • Test Center
  15. 15. Why us? • Built for today’s business • Priced for India • Principal-Driven Customization • Obsessed with usage
  16. 16. Sales & Marketing Scenarios Some applications of Impel’s capabilities
  17. 17. Scenario 1: Field Sales SMS Add Lead SMS Get Contact Info SMS Get Planned Activity Web Change Stage, Reassign, Reports Telescopic Territory Mapping SMS Add Activity Web Change Stage, Reassign, Reports SMS Change Stage Salespeople Sls Mgrs Reg Mgr Sls Dir Director
  18. 18. Scenario 2: Consumer Marketing Prospect location identification Call Center person calls prospect, identifies location via Google Maps Prospect visits dealer Prospect sees product(s), decides to buy Prospect response Prospect sends SMS to short- Prospect-Dealer code Connect Prospect gets SMS with details of closest dealer, Outbound contact with Dealer gets prospect info prospect group Advertising, SMS from Impel, etc. Mktg Pgm Setup Dealer reports sale Impel user sets up new Dealer sends SMS to marketing program Impel with details of purchase, to create order and claim credit User manages process Users gets complete visibility to process, stages, numbers, etc. in Impel
  19. 19. Scenario 3: Geocoded Clients Support person collects prospect info and maps Prospect calls Support Prospect location with Centre with questions nearest dealers Prospect gets details of chosen dealer via SMS Chosen dealer gets Prospect info, etc.. via SMS Impel users can analyze data, contact customers via SMS, export data, etc.
  20. 20. Scenario 4: Coupons, etc. Salesperson gives consumer coupon with Consumer sends SMS as dealer code stamped “<keyword> <coupon code> <dealer code>” (say) to 56767 System responds with confirmation – Accepted, Duplicate, etc. Consumer buys qualifying amount of product Impel users can contact Impel users can look customers via SMS, at responses by export data, etc. date, dealer, etc.
  21. 21. Some customers “With Impel CRM, I don’t worry about the safety of our data, because I know PK4 takes care of it better than we can.” Mayur Srisrimal E D, Lifecell Intl.
  22. 22. PK4 as a company The people and company behind Impel
  23. 23. PK4, The Company • Indian software company since 2006 • Completely focused on SaaS CRM • Brand-name customers and SMEs • Bangalore-based with partners elsewhere • Impel OnDemand live from May 2008
  24. 24. PK4 – the People • Thomas Alexander, Chairman Harvard MBA, 30 years in start-ups and Enterprise • Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO Engineer, 23 years as an entrepreneur • Surekha Shetty, Director Engineer, 23 years building sales and marketing • Partha Dharmarajan, Engg. Head 12 years building software • Radha Rao, Mgr. Business Development 8 years marketing and selling software and services
  25. 25. Thank you!