Bow&arrow (New Business)


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Bow&arrow (New Business)

  1. 1. BOW & ARROW AGENCY WVU Capstone Experience
  2. 2. To provide our clients with competitive insights, utilizing digital outlets and strategic planning to reach objectives of the organization. Our Mission
  3. 3. Our Experience
  4. 4. What You’ve Asked Of Us
  5. 5. Objectives  Create a digital and social communication approach that CASAColumbia can implement to:  Raise awareness and reduce the stigma of addiction among target audiences  Establish CASAColumbia as a reputable organization in its competitive set online
  6. 6. Insights
  7. 7. Focus Group  10 participants  Ages 18-22  Assess:  Preferred social media outlets  Attitudes formed by CASAColumbia’s current digital efforts  Existing opinion on addiction as a disease  Influence of credible sources on social media
  8. 8. Audience Insights  General Consumer  Highly influenced by social media  Trust credible or well-known sources  Information Seekers  Healthcare Professionals  Credible medical professionals with additional celebrity status have a stronger social media following
  9. 9. “This looks like the stereotypical alcoholic that ends up homeless and begs for money on the side of the street.”
  10. 10. Insights  Current social media material and website supports the stigma Photos Posts
  11. 11. Insights – The Competitive Set  Viral social media campaigns  Non-Profit organizations in the competitive set gain Recognition Following Credibility  Partnership of influence Credible Source Credible organization
  12. 12. Insights  No sound voice already on social media advocating addiction as a disease  Can be the first voice  Not reinventing the wheel  Other similar organizations lack mass recognition  There is a demand for the information  No supply…until now
  13. 13. Strategies  Reach general consumers who, Are impressionable information seekers Seek information via social media Are valuable to cause  Rebrand all digital media with the consistent message that: Addiction is a disease that can be treated, prevented and cured Eliminates the stigma Reinforce engagement Strategy 1 Strategy 2
  14. 14. Strategic Considerations  Our plan is to establish a strong understanding and impression within the organization, before reaching out to the target audiences.  Gain access to other target audiences through the initial efforts of Increasing knowledge among the consumer Word of Mouth Domino Effect
  15. 15. Where do we start? Tactics
  16. 16. Social Media Reform “Prevent disease, fight addiction” Start from scratch  Develop material consistent with message  Eliminate material with negative connotation  Assimilate with medial culture Positivity Concentrate on cure  Reinforcement and propagation of addiction as a curable disease
  17. 17. Social Media Reform  Progressive  Consistent  Positive  Motivational
  18. 18. Social Media Reform  Eliminate biased posting toward the marijuana user Developing legislation Change of landscape Automatically excluding large audience Medical use Alienation of donors, legislators, health professionals and policy makers
  19. 19. Website Alignment  Website language and photos must remain consistent with social media efforts  Search engine optimization  Social media postings will drive website visits Consistency builds trust among the consumer
  20. 20. Spread information  To change consumer attitudes, information must be made available to: Information seekers Impressionable users  Celebrity followers  Loyal organization followers
  21. 21. Reach the audience via social media  Establish a professional relationship with a credible source Already has following Expand message Reach large audience, without waiting to obtain recognition the source has Celebrity source more influential via social media Online recognition will create organizational recognition
  22. 22. Communications Objectives Assessment 1. Social media following facilitates the spread of information 1. All material observed and obtained by the user will advocate addiction as a disease, eliminating the stigma 1. Increased share-of-voice and engagement will follow reinforcement of online channels 1. Increased sharing of resources will result from increased interest and exposure to the cause
  23. 23. 30 Day Increments 3 Phases 90 Day Kick Off Plan
  24. 24. Phase 1 – Digital Rebranding  PR Associate – Social Media Manager Direct full attention to social media strategy implementation  Reformat material, delete existing material  Ensure compatibility of social media and website
  25. 25. Phase 2 – Establish Following  Establish professional relationship to reach audience  Gain exposure through referred social media posting  Emerge through social media channels endorsed by source with following
  26. 26.  Well-known, credible  Celebrity Status  3.5 Million followers  Supports cause Phase 2 – Establish Following
  27. 27. Phase 3 – Implementation  September 2014 25th year of National Recovery Month  Implement campaign with Dr. Oz  Daily strategic posts reinforcing attitudes  Establish social media following
  28. 28. September 1 “Webisode” issued by Dr. Oz via Youtube, posted through his Twitter Announce National Recovery Month Call-to-action is following CASAColumbia Influence users to follow Declare war on the stigma #NewStigma
  29. 29. Daily Posts  CASAColumbia Twitter 4-6 Posts Daily  Call-to-action to visit site  Engage with the consumer  Photo  #NewStigma / #WhatsYours promotion  Dr. Oz Referral Facebook posts will be limited 1-2 daily, however will remain consistent with Twitter messages
  30. 30. Dr. Oz’s Involvement  15 Tweets in the month of September 75% align CASAColumbia with National Recovery month 25% promote #thestigma  3 Webisodes Kick-off Informational Conclusion
  31. 31. Measurement
  32. 32. Measurement  Social Media Impact Increase of followers Verified on Twitter Website hits Retweets and favorites Facebook friends  Overall Communications Impact Attitude change Consumer brand awareness Media placements Social media campaign recognition