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  • Paige
  • Paige
  • Paige

    One of our strategies to establish new partnerships is to reach out to the national PTA. We would do this by 1. 2. ad 3.

    Our second strategy to help diversify funds, launch new positioning, and raise awareness is to launch a new fundraising program…….we would do this by…..
  • Preston

    Established in 1897, the National PTA is the older and largest child advocacy association in the Country.

    Some of the national PTA’s partners include the United Way, Action for Healthy Kids, National Association of School Nurses
  • Preston
  • Preston
  • jackie

    bullet 1--Over 31,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 10,000 followers on twitter --

    bullet 2--Some of which include United Way, Action for Healthy Kids, National Association of School Nurses The national PTA strives to create meaningful partnerships and alliances to further family engagement, improve student success, and share relevant resources. They create mutually beneficial relationships with NPO’s that are strongly aligned with the National PTA’s mission and priorities.

    bullet 3--They are dedicated to promoting children’s health, they deliver their promises

    Bullet 4--with National PTA’s mission and priorities; the ability of the proposed relationship to be mutually beneficial and produce meaningful outcomes; and an evaluation that sufficient staff capacity and interest from PTA members exists to support the request

  • Jackie
  • Jackie
  • Preston
  • Khylie
  • jackie
    diagnosed with bone cancer in the summer of 2010

    Howell rd elementary school
    Feb 2011
    Carnival/ dance fundraiser
    400 students from throughout the district raised $8000

    In addition to helping organize the fundraiser, the teachers have been donating money to the family throughout the year, and provided baskets, gift cards and dinners.

    The PTA also sponsored the event. “The community has to get together to help out one of our own,”
  • Paige

  • Paige
    For this dance marathon, students will be asked to raise atleast $20 via an online donation page, similar to the events pages on the Family Reach Website. Students will be raising money on behalf of each school participating. So on the website, donors can choose which elementary school they want to donate on behalf of.

    In order to get as many kids and volunteers as possible to participate, incentives will be provided. Each participant and volunteer will get a free Rock for the Kids t-shirt to wear during the dance marathon as well as a green rubber bracelet with Family Reach Foundation and Rock for the Kids on it.

    We also know that Family Reach has worked with MyPillow Pets in the past. So we would like to extend an invitation to them as well to be a part of the new fundraiser.
  • Paige
    Whichever school raises the most funds will win a school carnival for one day of the school’s choosing. This carnival, on behalf of Family Reach, will include bounce houses, games, cotton candy, popcorn, sno-cones, and other food and refreshments.

  • Paige
    **Similar to the 5k & Family Fun Run Information Packet provided on Family Reach’s website
  • paige
  • 90 day kick off plan
    October 21- Email to the National PTA asking for partnership
    October 31- Follow up email to the National PTA
    National PTA accepts request to partner
    November 1- Use blog and social media to spread the word on the newly established partnership with the National PTA
    November 1 - 15- Reach out to schools in local districts for participation
    November 29- Send the National PTA Fundraising Packet to schools
    November 30- Use blog and social media to announce fundraiser kick off in participating schools
    December 1 - January 1- Fundraising month for schools
    January- Dance month
  • Khylie
  • Khylie
    media coverage, retention
  • Preston
  • Golden Innovations feels that our Reach for More campaign is ideal for Family Reach Foundation’s overall organizational goals. The possibilities are endless for Reach for More and Rock for the Kids, and there is no better way to raise funds and awareness for families who have children battling cancer through children themselves. And we would love if you let us help you reach for more.
  • Golden Innovations

    1. 1. Reach For More A Campaign Opportunity to Diversify Funds and Raise Awareness
    2. 2. Our Goal for Family Reach Foundation Develop a campaign for the Family Reach Foundation that will launch new positioning, establish new partnerships, diversify funds and raise awareness.
    3. 3. Objectives and Strategies ● Reach out to the National PTA and establish a new partnership by January 2014 ● Launch a new fundraising program in local elementary schools by January 2014
    4. 4. The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. The National PTA ● Headquartered in Alexandria, Va. ● 25,000 PTA units across America, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico
    5. 5. Family Reach Hospital Network Locations * 17 FRF Hospital Partners
    6. 6. PTA Locations * Over 25,000 PTA Units
    7. 7. ● Large social media audience Why? ● Established meaningful partnerships and alliances with numerous non-profits nationally ● Strong organizational values that will help create a beneficial relationship between the PTA and Family Reach ● Family Reach meets every criteria needed for partnership
    8. 8. Objectives ● Launch a new fundraising program in local elementary schools by 2014
    9. 9. Insights Market 1.Center for Education Reform ● 67,148 Public Elementary Schools nationally 1 ● Approximately 2,905 located in surrounding areas of partner hospitals
    10. 10. Insights Audience Why choose families and kids? Motivation for Donation 1. -Personal Connection -Personal Recognition -Happiness -Support -Public Benefit 1.Unite for Sight
    11. 11. Insights Go4theGoal Foundation1 - West Valley Christian School in Litchfield Park, AZ - $1,434 raised The American Heart Association 2 - Jump Rope for Heart - Relevant issue of interest to target audience 1 Go4theGoal 2 Event 360
    12. 12. Meet Nicholas
    13. 13. 4 Hour Dance Marathon for Elementary Schools Rock for the Kids This fundraiser is tailored to the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District in New Jersey, which includes 10 elementary schools.
    14. 14. Rock for the Kids Students fundraise via online donation page -Drives traffic to website -Makes donation measurement easy 3,446 Elementary Students Parsippany-Troy Hills School District: $25 Each $86,150 Total Funds Raised
    15. 15. Rock for the Kids Incentives for student participation ● Tshirts ● Bracelets
    16. 16. Grand prize for Top Fundraising School in the district Note: This fundraiser can be used without PTA partnership and is tailored to one school district for the purpose of this presentation. Rock for the Kids Family Reach School Carnival
    17. 17. Rock for the Kids: Tool Kit Informational Packet to be administered to school officials. Includes: ● Family Reach Fact Sheet ● Permission Slips for students ● Take Home Flyers for parent volunteers ● Instructions for fundraising/donating online ● Press Release for local media outlets ● Letter for local sponsorships/tangible donations ● Information about what FRF will be supplying for event
    18. 18. Examples From Tool Kit
    19. 19. 90 Day Kick Off Plan
    20. 20. Social Media ● Expansion of social media platforms ● Create a Family Reach Foundation blog ● Management ● Social media press kit ● Social media advertising
    21. 21. Measuring Results ● Web & social media analytics ● Social media monitoring ● Media coverage ● Donations ● Impact
    22. 22. BUDGET Note: This fundraiser can be used without PTA partnership and is tailored to one school district for the purpose of this presentation.
    23. 23. Let Us Help You