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Golden Innovations (RFI)


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Golden Innovations (RFI)

  1. 1. Morgantown, West Virginia
  2. 2. Golden Innovations’ Mission At Golden Innovations Group, it is our duty to provide the client with the most professional work while helping them achieve their marketing and strategic communications goals. We strive to be one thing; successful. In order to meet our goal, collaboration with the client and the agency is a necessity. We are committed to developing personal relationships with our clients while accomplishing the mission at hand.
  3. 3. Who We Are Every day, we strive for excellence.Every day, we strive for excellence. –Golden Innovations Group is a client driven, proactive PR firm that focuses exclusively on supporting non-profit health related organizations and businesses. We acknowledge that Health Care PR is both a sensitive and private field, and we can assure our clients that the utmost respect and confidentiality will be practiced. We never stop.We never stop. –We are continually learning new strategies to deliver successful results to our clients. –We are a melting pot of experiences, values, and knowledge ready to jump in and start making a difference. Our team has been there.Our team has been there. –We have empathy and we are passionate about our work. We are ready to help those who need it.
  4. 4. Our Approach Research Collaboration Strategy Execution Success
  5. 5. Our Team Paige Smith - Senior Account Executive •Senior Public Relations Major from Pittsburgh, PA •Interned with Milan Puskar Health Right, DC Home Buzz •Alumnus of Kappa Kappa Gamma •Writer for WVU Hercampus Jacqueline Meyer - Research Manager •Senior Public Relations Major from Long Island, NY •Interned with The United Way
  6. 6. Our Team con’t. Preston Jones - Creative Manager •Senior Public Relations major from Pittsburgh, PA •Interned with CBS Radio in Pittsburgh and with West Virginia Campus Compact Khylie Heins - Creative Manager •Senior Public Relations major from Atlantic City, NJ •Interned with the American Cancer Society, WVU Junior Fire Fighter Camp, & Woodshop Films •Active member of PRSSA, Alpha Phi, Student Government Association & President of WVU Hercampus. •Native Spanish speaker.
  7. 7. Capabilities • Event Planning • Design • Social Media • Research • Analytics • Measurement • Media Relations • Campaign Development • Alliance Development
  8. 8. Social Media Golden Innovations finds that social media is a platform for success. Through social media marketing, we will help:Through social media marketing, we will help: – Build relationships – Become a trusted member of the community – Create conversations – Share stories and experiences – Provide visual stories
  9. 9. We value research and feel it is one of the most important elements in a campaign. It will be used before, during, and after. Through primary and secondary research, we will be able to:Through primary and secondary research, we will be able to: – Gather information about our client and the audience we are trying to reach. – Develop a SWOT analysis to tailor a campaign specifically for our client. – Improve upon or tweak our campaign in progress to assure it is successful. – Evaluate our results. Research
  10. 10. Industry Trends • Hyper Locality – Target a specific location within the demographic we are trying to reach. • Discipline Collaboration – The more people involved, the more ideas we have. • Content Strategy – Knowing which medium to use.
  11. 11. Why Go Golden? • Golden Innovations Group wants our clients to feel comfortable working with us. • We aren’t here to build just business relationships, we want to build personal relationships as well. • We welcome our clients with open arms and will dedicate ourselves to achieving your desired goals. • We are passionate about the nonprofit healthcare field and we are ready to dive in headfirst.
  12. 12. When Can We Start?