Fall 2013


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Fall 2013

  1. 1. + Final Campaign Strategy for The Family Reach Foundation 1
  2. 2. What you have asked us to do: o Utilize the Reach Box to enhance the Reach Leadership Program. o To help clarify how the pharmaceutical grant process works. o Create a content strategy guide for social media. 2
  3. 3. + The Reach Box The Reach Leadership Team’s Newest Program 3
  4. 4. + The Reach Table 4
  5. 5. + What is the ‘Reach’ Box  Reach Box concept is made to:  Get Reach leaders out and hands-on as opinion leaders in the community  Create brand recognition for Family Reach  Education and Awareness on the struggles these families face  Provide a way for viewers to contribute to providing a solution 5
  6. 6. + Who Benefits?  Family Reach  Brand awareness, educational component, expands national footprint  Families Raise funds to provide relief  Who do the funds go to-- Families and FR initiates  For what-- Gas, food, medical bills 6
  7. 7. + Who it benefits?  Leaders  Leadership skills that enhance future professional endeavors  Philanthropic importance to community  Enhances personal resume  Provides a sense of personal fulfillment 7
  8. 8. + Merchandise 8
  9. 9. + Literature 9
  10. 10. + Opportunity  Expansion  Creates the chance to grow and expand Reach Leadership Team to new markets  Fund raising effort that was absent prior  WVU chapter and possibility of creating new chapters at other universities 10
  11. 11. + Corporate Donors 11
  12. 12. Expanding your Corporate Donors -RFP -Diversifies larger funds -Helps expansion on establishing national footprint 12
  13. 13. GlaxoSmithKline Why? - Sells oncology drugs - Headquarters on east coast - Past program funding - Focus on child health and access to health care for underprivileged 13
  14. 14. How to apply for a GlaxoSmithKline Grant -501(c)(3) IRS designation -Address Health or Human Services -Completed on-line application 14
  15. 15. Pfizer Why? - Sells Oncology Drugs - One of the top pharma companies - Headquarters in NYC 15
  16. 16. How to apply for a Pfizer Grant Required Documents -Program Description -501(c)(3) IRS designation -IRS form W-9 Tax ID Number and Certification 16
  17. 17. ELI LILLY & Co. Why? - Oncology is main focus area - Sells Oncology Drugs - Top pharma company - Committed to improving patient care 17
  18. 18. How to apply for an ELI LILLY & Co. grant -Meet areas of focus -W-9 domestic U.S. and IRS Determination Letter -Grant Request -Program Description -Learning Objectives (if applicable) -Agenda (if applicable) -Program Budget Detail -Submit Online Application 18
  19. 19. Sample Grant Request Reach To Teach - Extended educational leadership program designed to provide financial relief and heartfelt support to families in need. 19
  20. 20. Grant Request Summary -Utilize Existing Leadership Program -Reach Box -Travel to Universities throughout East Coast -Strong presence & support - Set up box at popular consumer locations/businesses to continue educational efforts 20
  21. 21. Capacity Building of Organization -Two groups of Reach leaders: 1.) Staffing Reach Box Table 2.) Reach Recruiters - Interact and engage with students throughout campus - What, Why & How of Family Reach & RTT. 21
  22. 22. RTT Educational Literature -Who Family Reach is... -What we do... -How we help… -Why we help… - Who you help - What you can do to help… - How you can help…. - Why you should help... 22
  23. 23. Why Reach to Teach? - Fresh, relatable, unmatched - “While every day people may not be able to cure cancer, we can all come together to help with every day problems.” 23
  24. 24. + FRF Social Media Guide 24
  25. 25. + Insight Channels  Facebook: The worlds most popular social networking website. It makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online.  Who is using Facebook? Two largest age groups are between 25-34 and 55 & over.  What techniques are working on Facebook?  Find A Voice! When people connect with your page, you want it to be in authentic way. Talk to them like they’re your friend.  Combining a visual with a really short caption between 150-200 characters- three lines of text- yields much higher engagements then a post that’s much longer, without visuals.  Add a store, donations or other boxes – people prefer to be able to donate direct via link or built in space  Visual Imagery is huge. This can be a photo, a video or an instagram.  Ask questions to spark conversation and activity on your page 25
  26. 26. + Insight Channels  Twitter: is an online social networking and micro blogging service that enables users to send and read tweets, which are text messages limited to 140 characters  Who is using Twitter? Largest user group is 18-29. However, growth is being seen with the 30-49 year olds.  What techniques are working on Twitter:  Have an account with personality  Be real and genuine with tweets and replies.  Retweet a different organization at least once a day, always reply with a thanks.  Max 5 tweets a day.  Companies that create weekly hash tags to engage followers  Twitter accounts that balance professional, informative and fun tweets.  Don’t go overboard on the hashtags 26
  27. 27. + Insight Channels  Instagram: Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services.  Who is using Instagram? Primary age users are 18-34 years old.  What techniques are working on instagram?  People like to be inspired.  People enjoy companies that post behind the scene photos  Show casing photos of employees.  Things that are humorous  Followers want a visual experience  Balancing Fun and inspirational 27
  28. 28. + Content Strategy Reach Leadership Program/Blog Example We are proud to announce that a new Reach Leader Chapter has been appointed in West Virginia! On November 29th, West Virginia University claimed its spot as the first reach leader chapter in the area and has begun working immediately. All ready WVU is demonstrating the values that define Reach Leaders, such as promoting leadership & values and supporting The Family Reach Foundation mission. The Reach Leadership program is a fantastic opportunity for college students to get involved in. It offers an experience for students to hone their leadership skills all while doing something fantastic for the community. Whether students are going into the healthcare field, public relations field or any field for that matter, internships matter. A good internship experience can make the difference between landing that dream job or an unnecessary strenuous job search. Also, let us not forget the wonderful opportunities that The Family Reach Foundation creates for those in need during their battle. Becoming a Reach Leader is a great experience for students, a golden start on a resume and fights for a cause that anyone can support. For more information on the Reach Leadership program, please Click Below 28
  29. 29. + Content Strategy Twitter Examples:  Did you know students who obtain a undergraduate internship are 60% more likely to land a job. (Link to leadership experience blog)  Worst degrees for your money ROI (link graph )(Underlying Message: make your time in college count)  Interested in making a difference at your university? Look at our internship opportunity’s here *link*  Want to see who’s making a difference in your community? Follow and support your local advisor @defaultwitterhandle  Not all heroes have to wear a cape. Find out how you can make a difference in someone’s life with our Leadership mentor program *Link*  How do you define leadership? #AskTwitter 29Example Facebook Post: Jacquelyn Smith wrote on Forbes.com that in 2013, getting an internship may be the easiest way to get a job. In today’s day where jobs are not as easily secured, internships are crucial to the success of many students after graduating. Don’t let yourself or a loved one be unprepared for the job market! Read up on our Reach Leadership Program and learn of the experience it provides to students along with the opportunity to help fix the problem of financial struggle during the battle with cancer.
  30. 30. +Content Strategy Meet Ming Tsai Ming Tsai has always had a passion for food. It all started when he was a child and worked alongside his family at their restaurant, the Mandarin Kitchens. As he grew older, he decided to make this passion his way of life Although he originally set off studying Mechanical Engineering at Yale University, Tsai still managed to spend his summers at Le Cordon Blue (a culinary school) in Paris. In fact, he loved Paris so much that after graduating from Yale he moved there and trained under renowned pastry chef Pierre Herme. After spending some time in Paris, he then set out for Osaka where he worked with sushi master Kobayashi. After learning the cooking styles of the world, Tsai returned to the United States with a burning passion to learn more. He soon enrolled at Cornell University, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Hotel Administration and Hospitality Marketing. Since then, Tsai has made his presence known in the culinary world. In 2010, it was without hesitation that Tsai agreed to help the Family Reach Foundation make a young woman’s wish come true. Darlene was a young woman who was suffering from osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. One of Darlene’s last wishes was to meet Tsai and have him cook for her. Since then, Tsai has been actively involved with the FRF in many ways aside from performing cooking demonstrations for families fighting cancer. He has hosted many fundraising event, including the first Cooking Live even in Boston, MA. 30
  31. 31. + Content Strategy Twitter Examples:  When Ming Tsai isn’t serving up 4 star course meals, he is serving up smiles to those in need. Check out his involvement with FRF here *Link*  Ming Tsai is an American restaurateur, television personality and celebrity chef of fusion cuisine and volunteer at FRF. *Link with picture*  Helping others never tasted so good *Post link to food drive fundraising*  These weeks menu spotlight is Ming Tsai’s famous Thai Lime Chicken Salad ( Link to website with blog including this recipe) 31 Example Facebook Post: - "Celebrity chef, Ming Tsai, helps make a young girl's last wish come true.” (Link to FRF Blog)
  32. 32. + Content Strategy Family Reach Foundation’s annual fundraising banquet is one of the most popular events on our calendar! Those who are able to attend always enjoy a great meal, fantastic guest speakers, and, most importantly, an opportunity support our families. This year’s guest speaker is Matt Damon, an Academy Award winner who has learned of and taken a special interest in Family Reach Foundation through his brother, Kyle. The Damon brother’s father has been battling multiple Myeloma, a cancer that begins in plasma cells of bone marrow, since 2010. Matt will be speaking about his personal experiences and why he chooses to support Family Reach. FRF’s annual banquet is one of our major sources of income. In addition to a great time, the FRF annual banquet is an excellent chance to support these families fighting cancer and financial hardship. Don’t miss a great night, or a special opportunity to help these families in need. 32
  33. 33. + Content Strategy Family Reach Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing financial relief and financial support to families fighting cancer. Westrive to reduce the overwhelming financial burdens that families experience after a child or parent is diagnosed with cancer. We have helped more than 1,500 families pay for everyday expenses and medical costs that often accumulate during a patient’s battle with cancer including mortgage, rent, transportation and insurance co-pays. However, we need your help to continue to support these families fighting cancer and financial hardship. We are holding our first annual Family Reach Foundation banquet to help raise funds as well as awareness for our organization. The evening will consist of a delicious meal, a great guest speaker, and most importantly and opportunity to support our struggling families. This year’s guest speaker is Matt Damon, an Academy Award winner who has learned of and taken a special interest in Family Reach Foundation through his brother, Kyle. The Damon brothers hold this condition near and dear to their hearts because their father has been battling multiple Myeloma, a cancer that begins in plasma cells of bone marrow, since 2010. Matt will be speaking about his personal experiences and why he chooses to support Family Reach. In addition to a great time, the FRF annual banquet is an excellent chance to support these families fighting cancer and financial hardship. Don’t miss a great night, or a special opportunity to help these families in need. 33
  34. 34. + Content Strategy Twitter Examples:  Don’t miss out on a sit down dinner, entertainment, and a great guest speaker. Be first to buy your tickets to our annual banquet today.  What’s better than food, fun, and fundraising? Buy your tickets to our banquet today and help a family in need! (Link here)  We put the FUN in fundraising, come attend our annual banquet! A great meal and a great evening for a great cause! Don’t miss out!  Helping a great cause while having a great time? Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Buy your tickets to our fundraising banquet today! 34 Example Facebook Post: Do you know it cost around $800-$1,200 to support a family? If we can reach a goal of $50,000, we can support approximately 40 families with a child, young adult or parent who is fighting cancer! Buy a ticket to our annual banquet to help us reach and exceed this goal! (Link to FRF page)
  35. 35. + Content Strategy Instagram post Examples (Fundraising Banquet) 35 This seat could be yours! Buy a ticket to our annual fundraising banquet not only to have a great time but help a family in need (FRF page) Our banquet was a great success! Thanks to all who supported this years event. We didn't’t realize we had such great dancers in attendance!
  36. 36. + Content Strategy Instagram post examples (Reach Leadership) 36 Not all heroes have to wear a cape. Find out how you can make a difference and change some ones life with our Leadership mentor program *Link* Looking for an internship that matters? Check out our site for a list of criteria and available opportunities in your area *link*
  37. 37. + Content Strategy Instagram post Examples (Monthly Celebrity Spotlight) 37 Meet Ming Tsai! An American restaurateur, television personality, celebrity chef and FRF Partner. Learn how to master Ming Tsai's famous Sweet and Sour Clams by reading his easy-to-follow recipe on our FRF blog!
  38. 38. + Measurement Conversions Are King -Your social media reporting should be based on when and how often social media activity assists in creating a conversion. Engagement is Nice, but Focus on Sentiment -Remember: If engagement isn’t generating conversions, it amounts to nothing more than vanity metrics. Don’t forget to include direct engagement (one-on-one conversation, such as @ responses and status update comments) in your engagement reports. Don’t Get Caught Up In Follower Counts -While more followers can create the opportunity for greater reach, followers for the sake of followers should not be a goal or a major highlight of any social media activity report. 38
  39. 39. +Measurement  We recommended utilizing Google Analytics.  First, create your conversion goals in the “Admin section.” A goal can simply be a visited page. For example, if you’re tracking a campaign that generates social media traffic to a donation landing page, simply add the “Thank You” or “Confirmation” page URL as a goal. This will track how many people reach this page after making a donation (assuming it can only be reached after making a donation). It’s best to track pages that can only be reached after a form is filled out, so that you know you’re tracking true conversions only.  Next, add all of your social profiles to your account. To do this, visit the “Admin” section and select “Social Settings” from the middle column.  Finally, visit the “Social” menu option under “Traffic Sources.” This will list all of the traffic generated by individual social media profiles. You can also see how many conversions were generated as a result of that social media traffic. 39
  40. 40. + Measurement 40
  41. 41. + Measurement Social Media Metrics in Order of Importance  1. Conversion assists  2. Traffic from social media  3. Engagement  • Mentions • Shares • Comments • Likes / +1s / favorites  4. Sentiment  5. Followers 41
  42. 42. + Thoughts and Tips 1. Remember: it’s about sharing and discussing, not broadcasting. 2. Use Visual Stories 3. Make social media someone’s specific job. Assign responsibility to a person or group of people on your staff. 4. Communicate frequently and Use Social Media Year Round 5. Become a trusted member of your community 6. Create a partnership campaign – for every specific number of likes, a business will donate a fixed amount of money to your cause. 7. Write weekly current blog post 8. Blog about the progress of your active projects, so donors can see where their money has gone. 9. Use contest to capture new members 10. Educate Your Readers 42
  43. 43. + Closing Remarks:  Questions/Concerns  Special thanks to all those involved  Contact Information:  Mason Price  (304)266-8196  mprice3@mix.wvu.edu 43