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Frf rfp


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Frf rfp

  1. 1. Family Reach Foundation RFP 4 C O R N E R S FAMILY ORIENTED, CANCER DEDICATED
  2. 2. 4 Corners PR will have 1 primary point of contact who will facilitate day-to-day communication between our agency and Family Reach Foundation o SAE and Team Leader: Kristina Smith o Phone: 412.760.5083 o Email: o We will provide FRF with a contact and title reference list in the event that Kristina is unavailable 4 C O R N E R S
  3. 3.  Family Reach Foundation competes in the nonprofit pediatric oncology arena FRF a large window of opportunity to establish itself as a leading national nonprofit pediatric oncology organization 4 C O R N E R S
  4. 4. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY o Not child specific KIDS CANCER FOUNDATION o Local organization, not national AMERICAN CHILDHOOD CANCER ORGANIZATION o National & international presence 4 C O R N E R S
  5. 5.  The main priority of Family Reach Foundation’s audience is oncology/pediatric oncology care and support. They are focused on providing and receiving quality cancer care and have professional as well as personal experience with the illness that drives them. There is also a common emphasis among most audience members centered on family and maintaining child-friendly atmospheres. The organization’s family audience desires a strong, trustworthy network of relationships that will support them emotionally, financially, and medically in their time of need. 4 C O R N E R S
  6. 6. Family Reach Foundation’s core audiences divided into five main groups: ◦ Pharmaceutical oncology companies ◦ Pediatric oncology arena ◦ Children’s hospitals ◦ Cancer hospitals ◦ Families, children, and individuals currently and/or previously battling cancer 4 C O R N E R S
  7. 7. We also have identified specific current and previous audiences as well as established hospital partners of Family Reach Foundation o Current and Previous Corporate Donors/Partners of FRF o Current and Previous Individual Donors/Partners of FRF o Established Hospital Partners of FRF 4 C O R N E R S
  8. 8. Current Corporate Donors/Partners of FRF to target include: ◦ Agios Pharmaceuticals ◦ My Pillow Pets ◦ Small Can Be Big 4 C O R N E R S
  9. 9. Current Individual Donors/Partners of FRF to target include: ◦ Entire network of FRF Ambassadors and Reach Athletes Established Hospital Partners of FRF to target include: ◦ Entire established hospital network 4 C O R N E R S
  10. 10. 4 Corners’ new Corporate Donors for FRF to target include: ◦ Target ◦ CVS ◦ Rite-Aid ◦ Walgreens ◦ Toys “R” Us 4 Corners’ new Individual Donors for FRF to target include: ◦ Sean Lee: Linebacker for Dallas Cowboys ◦ Dom DeCicco: Linebacker for TB Buccaneers and former linebacker for Chicago Bears 4 C O R N E R S
  11. 11. Current Targeted Areas of FRF: ◦ New Jersey ◦ New York ◦ New England ◦ California ◦ Pennsylvania ◦ Maryland ◦ Illinois Planned Area’s of Expansion of FRF: ◦ Texas ◦ Florida ◦ Los Angeles ◦ Colorado ◦ Georgia ◦ Arizona ◦ Ohio 4 C O R N E R S
  12. 12.  Twitter  Facebook  Radio stations in target areas  Newspapers in target areas  Cancer Today Magazine and companion website  Newsroom section of FRF’s website 4 C O R N E R S
  13. 13. o Our agency has developed a tailored PR strategy to bring Family Reach Foundation’s organizational objectives into fruition. 4 Corners’ ultimate objective is to achieve and exceed Family Reach Foundation’s positioning, differentiation, and financial diversification goals. We have identified two goals of Family Reach Foundation and have made them ours as well. o The first goal we will tackle is brand recognition and distinguishing Family Reach Foundation from its competitors as a leading national organization in the nonprofit oncology arena. We will do this through rapid-fire distribution of informational material to media outlets in targeted areas and increasing FRF’s social media presence. We also will secure two celebrity spokespersons to endorse the organization. o Our second goal for Family Reach Foundation is to diversify funds and break away from pricey events. We will do this through establishing an annual fundraising campaign that uses exposure from the celebrity spokespersons and embarks in new partnerships with corporate donors. 4 C O R N E R S
  14. 14. Primary Message ◦ Family Reach Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial relief to families coping with pediatric oncology care coast-to- coast. In order to facilitate every family in need, Family Reach Foundation relies on generous contributions and donations from community members, corporations, and individuals nation wide. 4 C O R N E R S
  15. 15. Secondary Messages ◦ Only have established presence in New Jersey, New York, New England, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Illinois ◦ Planned expansion to Texas, Florida, Los Angeles, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, and Ohio. ◦ Although there are organizations in the same market as FRF, they are the only organization that has a national footprint ◦ FRF obtains 80% of funding from events ◦ FRF does not want to turn away assistance due to lack of annual funding 4 C O R N E R S
  16. 16. Goal 1 Distinguish FRF from competitors as a leading national nonprofit organization in the nonprofit oncology arena Objectives ◦ Increase brand awareness, recognition, and exposure ◦ Increase FRF’s twitter followers 75% by January 1, 2014 ◦ Increase FRF’s twitter followers 100% by February 23, 2014 4 C O R N E R S
  17. 17. Tactics o |Immediate-No End Date| Use of logo and slogan: Family Oriented, Cancer Dedicated o |October 21, 2013| Launch of 90-day social media campaign, get tweets promoted o |October 25, 2013| Rapid-fire distribution and publication of informational briefs to editors of newspapers in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Rhode Island, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Tampa Bay, Denver, Atlanta, Arizona, Ohio, and surrounding areas of all listed cities as well as publication in Newsroom section of FRF’s website, and Cancer Today magazine/website 4 C O R N E R S
  18. 18. Tactics cont’d o |October 25, 2013-November 8, 2013| Radio PSA aired on radio stations in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Rhode Island, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Tampa Bay, Denver, Atlanta, Arizona, Ohio, and surrounding areas of all listed cities. o |Start Date: TBA| Use of Sean Lee of Dallas Cowboys as NFL celebrity spokesperson o |Start Date: TBA| Use of Dom DeCicco of Tampa Bay Buccaneers as NFL celebrity spokesperson 4 C O R N E R S
  19. 19. Goal 2 ◦ Diversify FRF’s source of funding to maximize annual contribution ◦ |January 1, 2015| $1.5M raised Objectives ◦ Acquire and secure new target corporate donors ◦ |November 24, 2013| Launch 3-month annual fundraising campaign to diversify donation options  Campaign nationREACH  End Date |February 23, 2014 (repeat annually)|  Dollar Amount: $500,000 4 C O R N E R S
  20. 20. Tactics o |October 28, 2013| Extend invite to meet and greet to CVS, Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and Toys “R” Us in target areas o |November 9, 2013| Host banquet meet and greet with new target corporate donors to establish partnership o Social Media  |November 24,2013-February 23, 2014| Twitter hash tag: #nationREACH  |November 24, 2013-February 23, 2014| Facebook Challenge: individual donors pledge to donate dollar amount depending on number of likes a picture of a FRF child/family gets on Facebook. One picture per donor  |November 24,2013-February 23, 2014| Sean Lee and Dom DeCicco tweeting on behalf of FRF’s nationREACH campaign  |November 24,2013-February 23, 2014|T-shirts ($20) and stickers ($4) with FRF logo and campaign hash tag sold on FRF website and given as a ‘thank you’ gift to contributors |November 24,2013-February 11, 2014|Corporate and individual donors donate generous dollar amount per Dallas or Tampa Bay touchdown/field goal/point o Sell Dallas and Tampa Bay t-shirts ($30) with FRF logo and campaign hash tag on FRF website and at games 4 C O R N E R S
  21. 21. Tactics cont’d ◦ |December 1, 2013| Have at least 1, if not more of the new target corporate donors on board to participate in Facebook challenges and score donations. Ask for contributions of $50 or more ◦ |November 18, December 15, January 15, February 15| Rapid-fire press release distribution and publication announcing nationREACH campaign and it’s progress in target areas as well as publication in Newsroom section of FRF’s website and Cancer Today magazine/website ◦ |Immediate-No End Date| Workplace campaigns with option of payroll deductions. Sign-up and registration on FRF website 4 C O R N E R S
  22. 22.  To kick off our plan for Family Reach Foundation, 4 Corners PR will launch a 90-day social media blitz campaign, starting October 25, 2013  We will manage FRF’s twitter account and monitor it daily. We will use the slogan we created for FRF as a twitter hash tag #FamilyOrientedCancerDedicated to use in most tweets and plan to have the hash tag trending November 11. As well as tweeting from FRF’s twitter, each member of our agency will tweet from our personal accounts using the hash tag and we will ask the members and partners of FRF to do the same  We will offer merchandise giveaways to the first 150 (roughly) re-tweets to encourage participation  In addition to launching and monitoring a social media campaign, we will also begin chipping into our long-term PR plan outlined in our program recommendations. Through constant monitoring and rapid-fire tweets with use of the hash tag, we expect to increase FRF’s twitter followers 50% by November 11, 2013, and 75% by January 1, 2014. C O R N E R S 4
  23. 23. SPROUT SOCIAL: social media management tool o Standard- $39 per user per month o Deluxe- $59 per user per month o Premium- $99 per user per month** STAT COUNTER: web tracker o Free ROI & OUTPUT/OUTCOME: standard measurement of ROI combined with the output and outcome method. We will conduct an analysis of benefits, metrics, value, and financial calculations as follows: o Social Media Campaign|90-Day|: ½ point and end o Fundraising Campaign|3-Month|: ½ point and end o Entire Plan|October 21, 2013-January 1, 2015|: Quarterly with final written analysis of ROI at end 4 C O R N E R S
  24. 24. ROI & Output/Outcome  BENEFITS ◦ We will evaluate and interpret how our plan implementations are improving the overall organization, increasing overall funding and social media presence, working within the budget, the amount of families helped, and how FRF and 4 Corners are each benefiting from the working relationship.  METRICS & VALUE ◦ Based on our analysis of benefits, we will then distinguish the tangible benefits from the intangible benefits. The metrics we will use to measure the tangible benefits are dollar amounts and time. Intangible benefits cannot be converted to monetary units, and will instead be quantified by their direct link to our PR plan.  FINANCIAL CALCULATIONS ◦ We will examine all cash flows directly associated with our agency’s implemented plan. We will determine the direct cost of the plan investment, the value of any expenses, the value of intangible benefits, and the amount of funding raised.  ANALYSIS ◦ The final step will be to consider and evaluate our results based on our goals for FRF. We will compare our evaluation to similar organizations in the market in order to always have an eye on our competition and stay one step ahead. Finally, we will discuss what, if any, changes need to be made and how to carry out those changes. 4 C O R N E R S
  25. 25. Glasgow Life & Sprout Social  reporting-scheduling/ BronxWorks & Changing Our World Inc.  agename=ow_fundraisingcase 4 C O R N E R S
  26. 26. 4 C O R N E R S
  27. 27.  Our team at 4 Corners PR would like to thank you for your time and interest in our agency. We hope you have seen our vision and that it corresponds with yours. We would love the opportunity to be a partner of Family Reach Foundation. Thank you!  We will now answer any questions you may have for 4 Corners 4 C O R N E R S