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Discovery PR

  1. 1. CASAColumbia 90 Day Public Relations Plan Discovery PR
  2. 2. Objectives  Raise awareness of CASAColumbia through aggressive media outreach across a broad media landscape  Reduce the stigma of addiction through a comprehensive, emotional campaign that ties in with the digital initiatives
  3. 3. Insights  Getting rid of anonymity and celebrating recovery will give hope to those who are suffering and reduce the stigma to those who have not been affected by it  Time to Change: a UK non-profit that is dedicated to ending mental health discrimination says that talking about it and being open is one of the biggest way to end the stigma/discrimination  Huffington Post and HBO say that by sharing stories of recovery it gives hope to family, friends and colleagues and lets them know that recovery and treatment IS possible  The three key ways to reduce a stigma are through protest, education and interaction  Focus on interaction through personal and emotional stories
  4. 4. Case Study: To Write Love On Her Arms  An American non-profit organization that aims to present hope to people struggling with addiction, depression, self injury and thoughts of suicide  A very emotional brand that started with a story  Has many similarities to CASAColumbia  Stigma against addiction  Wanting to give a sense of hope
  5. 5. Case Study: Strengths of TWLOHA  Relating to their target audience through popular culture  Building an emotional brand through personal stories  Creating a social movement and building brand awareness through storytellers, campus programs, street teams
  6. 6. Audience Insights  Young adults are most affected by addiction  1 in 4 Americans first used an addictive substance before the age of 18 become addicted  Blogging and social networking are effective ways to gain audience attention  23% of Internet time is spent reading blogs and social networking  77% of internet users read blogs  Pop culture is extremely influential to Americans, young adults in particular
  7. 7. Strategy  Focus on young adults, ages 18-24  Target those affected by addiction and celebrate their recovery and give them hope  Reduce the stigma to those who have not been affected by addiction through breaking the barrier of anonymity by using popular culture references and social media outlets  Incorporate bands into the concert who have battled addiction and who are advocates for recovery  Celebrate recovery through an aggressive digital media campaign, primarily through Twitter and CASAColumbia’s blog, in order to give those affected hope and reduce the stigma to those who have not
  8. 8. Tactics: Kickoff  Partner with the major television network, HBO, to raise awareness of CASAColumbia and create a group effort of raising awareness for addiction  HBO has strong ties to addiction as they have made multiple documentaries and have a good portion of their website dedicated to understanding addiction and reducing stigma
  9. 9. Tactic: Kickoff  Hold a concert in NYC to raise awareness of CASAColumbia and reduce the stigma of addiction significantly increasing their social media presence  Concert goers will follow and retweet CASAColumbia in order to get into the concert  CASAColumbia and HBO will live tweet the event  Find musicians who are emotionally tied to the cause, telling stories about their struggles with addiction or people they have known  HBO could host and promote the concert
  10. 10. Tactic: Kickoff  Promote the concert at universities around the city  Since CASAColumbia does not have the followership it needs to promote the event, they will have to rely on HBO and university partnerships to promote the event
  11. 11. Tactics: Kickoff  Generate content for digital media campaign launch  Create content for CASAColumbia’s blog, focusing on emotional stories, advice, and interviews  Continue building the CASAColumbia twitter account  Make a transition from factual tweets to inspirational
  12. 12. Tactics: Ongoing  Conduct a 60 day emotional digital media campaign on Twitter following the concert  #HopeBreaksTheChain  Tweet emotional and inspirational posts
  13. 13. Tactics: Ongoing  Blog more on CASAColumbia’s website to share emotional content  Weekly success stories  Advice on how to be a friend to a recovering addict
  14. 14. Campaign Evaluation  Measure the attendance of kickoff concert event  Evaluate the success of University street teams  Amount of University media attention for the kickoff event  Assess the success of high intensity media campaign  Twitter followers  Twitter likes/retweets  Hits on CASAColumbia website/blog  Evaluate the overall media attention gained from the campaign  Volume of media articles written
  15. 15. Budget
  16. 16. Team Bios Bernadette Dombrowski, Senior Account Executive, Discovery PR Bernadette is a public relations major with minors in equine management and agricultural business management. She has interned with two national equine associations in Texas and has held leadership positions in multiple student organizations throughout her collegiate career. As Senior Account Executive for Discovery PR, Bernadette manages all team projects and consults with clients to ensure satisfactory campaigns with measurable results.
  17. 17. Team Bios Amanda Gonzalez, Junior Account Executive, Discovery PR Amanda is a public relations major with a sports communication minor at West Virginia University. She has interned with a lifestyle and wellness company in New Jersey and has used her public relations and communication skills in previous work as well. Amanda is interested in entertainment and fashion PR and hopes to work in those industries.
  18. 18. Team Bios Dustin Kmetz, Junior Account Executive, Discovery PR Dustin is a public relations major with an economics minor at West Virginia University. He has interned with small PR/Advertising firms in the Pittsburgh area. Dustin is interested in the sports PR industry and hopes to one day work for a professional sports organization. Dustin has focused his time on the digital media campaign involving Twitter and CASAColumbia’s blog.
  19. 19. Team Bios Stasha Burpee, Junior Account Executive, Discovery PR Stasha is a public relations major with a minor in communications at West Virginia University. Having completed multiple internships in communications, public relations, and marketing, and served as Vice President of Public Relations on the PanHellenic Council, Stasha will be graduating in May as a well rounded PR professional. Upon graduation, she wishes to pursue a career at a large PR or marketing firm in NYC.
  20. 20. Team Bios Maria Servedio, Junior Account Executive, Discovery PR Maria is a public relations major with a communication studies minor at West Virginia University. She has had various internships ranging from nonprofit organizations to small beauty public relations firms. As Junior Account Executive for Discovery PR, Maria has helped create many aspects of this campaign with special attention to the tactics, insights, and strategy.
  21. 21. Thank You Please direct all questions moving forward to: Bernadette Dombrowski, Junior Account Executive, Discovery PR Phone: (609) 972-6140 Email: