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A Game of Positioning
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A Game of Positioning


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Marketing 6621,

Marketing 6621,

Published in: Marketing, Technology

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  • 1. Every company is looking for ways to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • 2. The set of unique features of a company and its products that are perceived by the target market as significant and superior to the competition.
  • 3. Unique features can show quality and status; such as crafted by top artisans or using expensive materials.
  • 4. Or unique features can show a commitment to certain principles; such as locally grown/made foods and goods.
  • 5. Developing a specific marketing mix to influence potential customers’ overall perception of a brand, product line or organization in general
  • 6. Marketers use positioning to find a place for the product in the marketplace and to distinguish the product from competitors.
  • 7. However, the actual position is how the customers see the product. The positioning and the actual position of the product are the same if marketing has been successful.
  • 8. Example Walmart has positioned itself as the place buy products at the lowest price. Even though this is not always the case, customers have made the positioning and actual position the same.
  • 9. Example Internet Explorer has tried to position itself as the best web browser for internet users, however consumers have made its actual position one of the worst.
  • 10. It is important to use positioning to your advantage. You want to position your product so that customers will continue to purchase from you rather than the competition.
  • 11.
  • 12. Positioning a product to highlight a product feature or attribute.
  • 13. Example Hotels may use the attribute positioning strategy by listing the amenities that are included with their rooms; such as being spacious and having an excellent view.
  • 14. Stresses high price as a sign of quality, or emphasizes low price as an indication of value.
  • 15. Example Car companies like Jaguar and Porsche use the price and quality positioning strategy, giving their customers a sense prestige.
  • 16. Stressing unique uses or applications can be an effective means of positioning a product.
  • 17. Example Verizon uses the application positioning strategy by advertising that it has more coverage that other cellular providers.
  • 18. Encourages use of a product or service by associating a personality or type of user with the product.
  • 19. Example Apple uses the user positioning strategy by giving their customers a sense of being intelligent, creative and free thinking.
  • 20. The objective is to associate the product with a particular category of products.
  • 21. Example Subway uses the classification positioning strategy by trying to classify itself as a healthier alternative to fast food.
  • 22. Demonstrate how they are positioned against the competitors that hold a strong market position.
  • 23. Example Samsung positions its phones against the iPhone to try to show superior features and benefits.