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Concerns with Technology


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Principals of Business and Finance

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Concerns with Technology

  1. 1. ConcernsWith Technology
  2. 2. Employment Trends There is a Shift in duties and skills needed in the workplace. Companies have to retrain displaced workers. Computer literacy (the ability to enter, store, process, and retrieve information) is vital.
  3. 3. Computer Crimes Computer viruses (a hidden program code in a system that can do damage to software or stored data) and piracy (stealing or illegally copying software packages or information) is a major concern for businesses.
  4. 4. White-Collar Crime An illegal act carried out by office or professional workers while at work including stealing money, information, or computer time through improper use of computer systems.
  5. 5. Health Concerns Possible health concerns for employees include eyestrain and vision problems, muscle tension and nerve damage, & carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. 6. Privacy Employees at companies have access to sensitive information of other employees and customers. Steps have to be taken in order to prevent identity theft (the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain).