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Reported speach-1

  1. 1. Reported Speech we use when we want to tell another person about a conversation that took place in the past. We often use reported speech to . . .1. Give someone a telephone message2. Tell someone news that we heard fromsomeone else:3. To report something that happened:
  2. 2. How to usereportedspeech:When we use reported speech, we are usuallytalking about the past.Therefore, verbs usually change to the pasttense in reported speech.
  3. 3. am / is was are werehave / has had couldcan / can’t couldn’t wouldwill / won’t wouldn’t
  4. 4. Reported speechtypically uses thefollowingstructure:Someone said (that) she was very happy ORSomeone told me (that) they were talking on the phone
  5. 5. SIMPLE PRESENT----SIMPLE PASTShawn said: Reported“I want to buy a new speech : dress” Shawn said that she wanted to buy a new dress.
  6. 6. PRESENT CONTINUOUS--PAST CONTINUOUSTina said: Reported“My sister is speech: coming to visit Tina told me that me soon.” her sister was coming to visit her soon.
  7. 7. Simple Past--Past Perfect Reported speech:Tina said: Tina told me that she had seen a“I saw a movie.” movie
  8. 8. Present perfect -- Past PerfectEdu said:“I’ve read interesting books” Reported speech : Edu said that he had read interesting books
  9. 9. Carla said: Will ---- Would“The new computer will help you” Reporte d speech: Carla told me that the new computer would help me.
  10. 10. CAN--COULD Reported speech : Susan said thatSusan said: they could learn a“They can learn a lot” lot.
  11. 11. REPORTED INSTRUCTIONS The nurse said: be quiet! Reported speech :  The nurse told me to be quiet!
  12. 12. REPORTED QUESTIONS André asked : Where are you?  He asked me where I was.
  13. 13. Rewrite the sentences in Reported Speech1- ‘I want a bite of your sandwich!’ she said. She said that she wanted a bit of my sandwich2- ‘They are waiting outside the museum for hours’ she said. She said that they were waiting outside the museum for hours. 3- ‘A florist prepares the bouquets,’ she said. She said that a florist prepared the bouquets
  14. 14. 4- I’ve been to the theatre five times’ he told them. He told them he had been to the theatre five times 5- ‘They will get into trouble’ he said. He said that they would get in trouble.6- ‘I’m studying martial arts,’ she said. She said that she was studying martial arts
  15. 15. 7- “Leave the building!’ he ordered. He ordered me to leave the building. 8- “Don’t cross the road there!’ she said to us. She said to us not to cross the road on that place. 9- ‘ Close the windows immediately!’ she ordered. She ordered us to close the windows immediately 10- He asked: Who is that girl? He asked me which girl was that
  16. 16. Correção p. 95 n 4 • 1 The tests with dolphins didnt teach us anything. (Dr. Henry Smith)He said the tests with dolphins hadn’t taught them anything • 2 My work has been very useful. (Professor Silvia Black)She said her work had been very useful. • 3 Humans.will never be able to talk to animals. (Dr. HemySmith).He said humans would never be able to talk to animals.
  17. 17. • 4 In the future, I will learn to understand all animals.(Professor Silvia Black)She said that in the future she would learn to understand allanimals.• 5 I can copy bird song, but I can’ t communicate withbirds. (Dr. Henry Smith) He said that he could copy bird songs, but he couldn’t communicate with birds.
  18. 18. Correção p. 95 n 6• 1 Give the bananas to me.She told him to give the bananas to her.• 2 Don’t eat the flowers.She told him not to eat the flowers.• 3 Show your picture to me.She told him to show his pictures to her. • 4 Don’ t bite me. She told him not to bite her.
  19. 19. • 5 Don’t climb on the table.She told him not to climb on the table. • 6 Put me down!She told him to put her down.
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