Textual analyses


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Textual analyses

  1. 1. TEXTUAL ANALYSES Music video Georgia Wilson
  2. 2. MIND MAP-The main purpose of a music video is to promote the release of a new album.A music video will often represent a group or individual. For artists musicvideos establish the artist into the genre, it shows the audience what they’reabout and what music messages they incorporate into their music. It increasesthe fan base of that artist.-To gain popularity some producerspair big artists with upcoming artists,which helps them gain their own fanbase. This was done with Emeli Sandein Professor Green’s ‘Read All AboutIt’, since the music video release shehas re-released her own version of thissong and her increase of popularityled her to perform at the closingceremony of the Olympics.
  3. 3. MIND MAPMusic videos can be promoting sales of notonly albums but films too.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk4qJ3bzt5U Will Smith made this video topromote his film ‘Men in Black’, this videowas made for his large fan base that will thenwant to see the film.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4-732dLRCw This video is promoting a bandname Skindred, they have taken intoconsideration that the creativity of the video isa talking point. Also using attractive dancersfor visual pleasure that draws in maleattention, this is more commonly know as theMale Gaze Theory.
  4. 4. Phaeleh –Lament http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuzHBSa_FDsCodes and ConventionsThe genre of this music video is Ambient/downtempo. The video is slow paced andfilmed in exotic places such as the dessert, thisis because they are wide open spaces and theyconnote with peace and freedom.The women featured in the video are young and attractive, they draw in themale attention noted from The Male Gaze Theory – Laura Mulvey, the menwant to be with the actors and the women want to be them. Maybe not justthrough looks, but in freedom, these actors appear to be living a care freelife.The use of exotic animals in this video may draw in viewers as it makes thevideo more exciting.The colours used in the video are very earth based and they connote peacewith mankind and nature. Although I believe black is used to show thatthere will always be a mysterious or down side.
  5. 5. NarrativeAs the music video progresses in a chronological order it is alinear narrative, although as there is no real comprehensive storyit could also be viewed as non-linear.There are fiction and non-fiction elements to the video thatmake it somewhat relatable for instance the real meaning ofwanting a peace between nature and mankind and also everyonelongs for freedom. Yet, the fictional interaction between theseexotic animals and attractive women in slow motion almostmakes the video humorous as it isn’t believable.
  6. 6. AudienceAs I have spoken about before, the video has a sense of the MaleGaze Theory. Men will watch the video and want to be with thewomen actors where as the woman will want to be them.In other Phaeleh music videos I believe it is aimed at a youngeraudience, yet the actors in this music video seem to be around 25-30. I still think that Phaeleh’s audience in general are freethinkers and carefree, those in the younger generation. But thecontent of this video suggests freedom and I believe it is sendingthat message to those who are older.The content of the video also suggests that the audience attractedwill be those who want to help the earth and are very natureorientated. They will also want to bring peace to mankind.
  7. 7. Editing techniquesThe music video demonstrates a slow motioneffect that is used continuously through thevideo. It adds to the atmosphere and thesurreal ambience.There are many camera angles usedthroughout, such as the wide angles shot thatestablish the landscape, the close up of theactresses faces which put across the emotionwithin the scene and the many mid shots ofanimals, shot in HD. These elements makethe audience not only appreciate theprofessionalism of the video but the emotionthey are trying to display.There is also fading between shots, thiscompliments the slow tempo of the musicvideo and is more dramatic, making the videomore interesting.
  8. 8. Boards Of Canada –Everything You Do Is A Balloon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQEmaj9C6koCodes and conventionsThe genre of this music is Ambient/ Electronica.It’s this genre that suggests the video will be slowpace as ambient music is about the calming andintriguing effects of visual aids.The music video was originally a safety awarenessvideo for bike riders, although there were elementsadded and removed for the video itself such as thenarration as it is a music video and they added inanimations to show the drop in the number ofpeople, which is eerier than the original as it’sbasically showing a count down to death.The last animation and the end of the video is a 1, representing the last child standing.The children wear monkey masks and tails to represent the misunderstanding of communication,in the way that if it were monkeys being told they would not fully understand just like thesechildren didn’t.There is an antique grain added to the film that has been added to make the video look older,this effect goes strongly with ambient music because it adds to the hazy ambience that the musicmakes you feel.
  9. 9. NarrativeThis video shows a ‘situation’ to the audience. It is non-fictionalobviously due to the content of the video. Although the video is veryconceptual as it is about events that could happen. Visually the videois linear because the ‘events’ happen in chronological order, there iseven a animated count down that allows the viewer to follow everystep of the video. Yet, as the video is non-fictional and has beenadapted to the music it had a non-linear element as it is a videoabout a concept: awareness.The original video tells the whole story of each child and what theydid wrong to end up dead. The music video has made each clipmore mysterious and quite sinister as you never find out what thatchild did wrong to die. And then the one child who lives eats theother children’s lunches, by not seeing the original video makes themusic video very dark.
  10. 10. AudienceThe original video was made in 1963 and was aimed at children and parents, it wassending a message of safety awareness. The video was then constructed to fit Boards ofCanada’s music in the 90’s, it brought in an audience as the video was considered vintage.Due to the content of the video it was seen as quite visually stimulating as the band wereassumed to use psychedelic drugs, the way the video had been edited is considered to beweird, dark and exciting. The word ‘trippy’ has been used widely by people who havecommented on Youtube , this refers to the psychedelic trips induced by drugs, a term usedsince the 60’s, when the original video came out.The expected audience to this music video are the creative and soulful people, maybe theyoung generation with minds of their own, this is evident as the music video has beenadapted in such a way that it is matter of opinion of what the music video could mean.“The monkeys are the wild creative desires born into us all. Over time, they die out. Fromthe cars, societys machines of system. From exhaustion; our natural state cannot keep upwith the artificial speed of the life. The pothole, a man-made danger, built-in to society. Itsa warning that the hustle and bustle of modern life is not at ease with our spirit andnature.” – comment on Youtube
  11. 11. Editing techniques As the music video is built by extracts from a safety awareness video made in 1963, there aren’t many editing techniques that are the work of those associated with Boards of Canada. The narrative of the original video has been moved, removed, switched and edited. So that the music video is more mysterious and would not make sense if it was not for the music itself. Also, the voice over to the original video has been removed. The fact that these editing techniques did not come from those who work with Boards of Canada shows that they already had a meaning that they thought would fit well with the visuals of the original video. However, they did add an animated countdown in between clips, they do look like very old drawing, using soft colours, that fit with the video well. I believe they added this countdown to make the video more intense and ‘creepy’.
  12. 12. SummaryLooking at both videos I have learnt that I need to becareful with planning what I want to example within myown video.From these videos my partner and I have decided that wewant to make a video that will not only be enjoyed by ourtarget audience but by everyone, thus widening the ‘targetpool’.I really like the old-time grain effect used on the Boards ofCanada video and hope to be able to include it within myvideo.
  13. 13. TEXTUAL ANALYSIS Digipak Georgia Wilson
  14. 14. Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right To ChildrenThe genre of this album is electronic ambient.The digipak sticks to the normal conventions such asthe album art on the front, a track list on the back andthe track list printed on the hard disk as well.In a shop the first thing people will look for is the titleso they are able to find out what the album is calledand who it is by. The title is a simple text as it reflectsthe calmness of the artists personality. The track list onthe back is so that people are aware of the song titles, itis also printed on the front of the hard disk as manypeople lose the cases and if that was the case then it ishandy for them to have the track list on the front asthey wouldn’t know which song was playing.The album art isn’t bold and in yourface like many mainstream albums itis subtle and it stands out because itis different from all the other albums.
  15. 15. Lettering - The font is rounded and small which, like the imagery, also doesn’t stand out. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s good because it’s different and it shows that this band are more interested in their music than their image and as a music lover I respect that. And that is why Boards of Canada have earned so much respect from their fans. The modern text could represent the electronic sounds to their music. They also haven’t used capital letters to show that they are different and to add to the relaxing vibes from the artists.
  16. 16. ImageThere is an odd familiarity to theimagery Boards of Canada use. It iswarm and calming, which isnoticeable straight away. The blue/green hues that are present are usedin a very different way to what theyusually are. Normally these coloursconnote coldness and sadness butthe colours present here showcalmness and clarity of thought,even though there is a haze to theimage. The haze connotes memoriesand with the content of the image Iwould say it is a fond memory. Thefact that they are faceless in theimage suggests it is for the audiencebenefit. That they will be able toplace themselves as the model in theimage. This relates to personalidentity of the Blumler and Katz’stheory of Uses and Gratifications.(1974).
  17. 17. Representation Boards of Canada are known for their thoughts and views on society. It is evident with their music. What they represent is what the new generation are missing. Appreciation for the way we live. They example all of our behaviour and how we worry for the little things in life. This is what Boards of Canada are trying to show. That society needs to relax. The imagery represents the ‘old days’ where things were simpler. They aren’t trying to show that their music is better than others of their genre or that they have more money, girls, tangible objects, their digipak shows that they are about their music, where as other genres are trying to shove what they have done society’s throat. The blurred out faces could represent the new generation that have lost their selves.
  18. 18. Audience- As mentioned before Boards of Canada make their music because that is what they love. It’s not for the money or popularity, it’s for their genuine love of music. The audience will be those who agree with their views and those already fans of the genre. There music is noticed by recommendation of those who listen to this genre of music. There isn’t much advertisement for Boards of Canada as they don’t try to persuade people into listening to their music. This is why they are respected as they respect the fact that not everyone will want or like to listen to their music.- Those who will buy their music is people who example the thoughts and views of Boards of Canada. They will be people who look to relax and will be calmed by the music.
  19. 19. Aphex Twin- Window lickerThe genre of the album is considered ‘electronic’ yet AphexTwin are also considered ambient. The thing with AphexTwin is that they love to confuse and shock the audience,which is how they gained their audience in the first place.It’s as if Aphex Twin are mocking the usual conventions ofa digipak, they have taken a woman with an attractive bodyto put on the front linking to the Male Gaze Theory statedby Laura Mulvey, yet they have used Aphex Twin’s (RichardD. James) face, which has been superimposed onto the body.This is comical and shocking it grabs the attention of peoplewho are just passing by.These comical and shocking elementsare also evident on the back as it isplain white with a barcode . Thisshows that Aphex Twin is abouthaving fun and confusing theaudience. Which is why people like it.
  20. 20. Lettering- It is obvious that Aphex Twin doesn’t take himself to seriously. Which is what people enjoy about him and his music. The album is a single so there wouldn’t be much text anyway but I think the reason there is next to no text is because it is supposed to be confusing.- There is the small text of the title, it is a modern text and it does reflect the music.- There isn’t much to say about the lettering for obvious reasons but the simplicity of it all could be argued more effective. It’s shocking which makes it memorable.
  21. 21. Image The image straight away allows the audience to see the oddness and humour of Aphex Twin’s personality. And strangely it does example the music, it shows that it will be different. The reason for this picture I believe is to make the audience uncomfortable. Applying the Male Gaze Theory, Men will look straight at the woman’s body but will then realise Aphex Twin’s face which will be disturbing for them but after that the humour of the picture is what they will like about the image. I think it is women who will appreciate the humour of the image more as they may be envious of the body they certainly won’t be envious of the face. Overall, the image is so odd that people will want to know if the music reflects it, so it is in fact a selling point.
  22. 22. Representation- Aphex Twin challenges normal stereotypes by using himselfon the front of his digipak, where as other artists from this genrewill most likely use a piece of artwork.-He has used a woman on the front that has a lot of skinshowing this is not commonly seen in electronic/ambient music,where it is regularly seen in hip/hop, pop and generalmainstream music.-I think what he is trying to show is that not everything needs tobe so serious. I think he does share a similar view to Boards ofCanada.
  23. 23. AudienceThe people most likely to buy this album are those who enjoy ajoke and don’t take themselves too seriously. ‘Life lovers’. Theywill be young as stereotypically this genre is seen as just ‘noise’ bythose of an older generation.People who will buy the CD will be those who like Aphex Twinor are major fans of the genre, it is rare that people would buy aCD because they liked the image or the front or that the textlooked interesting. With this genre making a digipak is just aboutwhat the artist likes, instead of trying to make people buy it.
  24. 24. TEXTUAL ANALYSISPoster
  25. 25. Aphex Twin I would say that the poster somewhat portrays the genre of the music as it has visually conceptual elements to it that has been thought carefully by the producer but there is the unfamiliar elements in there to promote the artist. The blues and the star are there to connote peace which is usually in ambient music but the red hues and the very industrial looking background are there because they are different just like Aphex Twin. There seems to be a anti- establishment theme to this poster that I think many of the young audience will like.
  26. 26.  There is a website on the poster that informs people that allows the audience to know that there is extra information available. The layout of the text makes it easy to read and makes sure the the audience will see everything on the page however, I find the background too distracting and think takes attention away from it.
  27. 27. Boards of Canada  This poster is eye-catching not only because it’s bright and plain but because it will take a while for the audience to read the text. In fact some people won’t know what it says until they read the name underneath. I think this is clever because it grabs the attention of the audience and keeps them there for long thus making the poster memorable.  This poster reflects the music very well because it challenges the audience just like their music does.
  28. 28.  There is a ‘seeing double’ effect to the art work that may link with Boards of Canada’s positive views towards psychedelic drugs, they may have used this to symbolise the dreamy and odd sounds to their music. The pink and blue used may be to symbolise the audience and how it is not aimed at one sex. I think it symbolises their effort to connect everyone. Even though the artwork may be crazy I feel the poster is very simple and straight to the point which I like as it shows that they care more about their music than promoting it, they are in it for their enjoyment which I think is inspiring.