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The interest graph
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The interest graph


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA 2.0:THE INTEREST GRAPH or I know what you did last summer,so let me tell you what you should do this one
  • 2. A SIMPLE TRUTH• facebook: What are you thinking now?• twitter: What are you doing now?• foursquare: Where are you now?• instagram: What are you seeing now?• What are you listening to now? Int yo ern ur et is wi f e!
  • 3. HOW WE GOT HERE1. The age of Email & Directories: 1995...2. The age of Instant Messaging & Search Engines: ...1999...3. The age of Social Media: ...2004...4. The age of the Apps Ecosystem: 2008...
  • 4. ACCELERATED ADAPTATION RATE 150Rate of Adaption by users 113 75 38 0 Google facebook twitter foursquare instagram
  • 5. SOCIAL MEDIA 1.0: THE SOCIAL GRAPH the global mapping ofeverybody and how theyre related Source:
  • 6. THE SOCIAL GRAPH1.Social Media work as a platform for users to communicate and share content2.Each user is his/her own Brand3.Communication inside a social graph can become viral
  • 7. THE SOCIAL GRAPHIn 1992, BritishanthropologistRobin Dunbarcalculated that thehuman brains sizeshould lead to oursocial groupsnaturally averagingat around 150people.
  • 8. THE SOCIAL GRAPHIn Social Networks, it is commonfor users to have hundreds eventhousands of “friends” or“followers”The number of active“connections” neverthelessusually remains bellow150 Source: facebook Maintained Relationships on Facebook (1) How Many Friends Can You Have? (1)
  • 9. THE SOCIAL GRAPHTo truly harness the power ofthe social graph, we need morethan a platform that connects uswith everyone we know.We need a platform thatconnects us to the people &content we should know. Source: facebook Maintained Relationships on Facebook (1) How Many Friends Can You Have? (1)
  • 10. THE SOCIAL GRAPH& the technology is here...
  • 11. THE RECOMMENDATION ENGINESMarissa Mayer (Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, Google) “...card companies know with 98% accuracy two years beforethat youre going to get divorced...” (SXSW 2011)
  • 12. THE RECOMMENDATION ENGINESWhether or not the previous claim is true, on-line retailers inthe past few years have been betting their future on the ideathat they can harness the power of their user-basepreferences & consumption patterns, to bring more relativerecommendations with a higher probability of purchasing.Netflix on Sep 2009, offered a grand prize of 1.000.000 $ fora recommendation algorithm that bested their own.
  • 13. THE RECOMMENDATION ENGINESIt all ends up to answering a simple question: “What would you most probably buy?”...based on your own past actions & those of people withsimilar preferences and patterns to yours.
  • 14. THE RECOMMENDATION ENGINESIn a similar way the Social Graph could benefit fromanswering a simple question: “What would you most probably like to share/ read/ watch/ listen to?”
  • 15. SOCIAL MEDIA 2.0: THE INTEREST GRAPHthe network of people whoshare interests with you, butwho you don’t necessarily knowpersonally
  • 16. THE INTEREST GRAPHThe interest graph represents the convergence of themechanisms behind the Social Networks & the PersonalizedRecommendation Engines.It analyzes yours & your friends’ interests, compares them toall the other users with similar patterns of behavior, anddelivers new recommendations on content that is closer toyour likings.
  • 17. THE INTEREST GRAPHThe interest graph is the new way todiscover new content & people withsimilar tastes to you.It is the new way to get from yoursocial graph (& beyond), the contentthat will interest you personally, and notthe latest “cute little kitty” video, ormessage from a brand you wouldnever use.
  • 18. THE INTEREST GRAPHOne of the first areas where it is being implemented, is that ofthe “Social Magazines”.These applications aggregate content from a variety of socialmedia, and based on specific algorithms, present to the userthe content that is considered more relevant to his/herpreferences.The more the user uses the applications, the more accuratethey become.
  • 19. THE INTEREST GRAPHIt is already implemented in applications like ZITE & NewsMix and soon in Flipboard
  • 20. THE INTEREST GRAPHAs brands need to engage their existing and prospectcustomers in a deeper level and with a higher accuracy, theinterest graph introduces a new challenge and opportunity:To communicate your messages to those people that couldgenuinely be interested to what you have to say.The interest graph promises to deliver your message to thosethat interest you.
  • 21. THE INTEREST GRAPHIt is here to tell you: “I know what you did last summer, so let me tell you what you should do this one”
  • 22. THANK YOU!George Chatzopoulos @GeorgeDC