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  • Thank you Cathy. Today we are pleased to share some exciting insights around social analytics and measurement.
  • The evolution of social platforms are clear to many of us, starting with, Friendster to MySpace and Facebook…All of these sites are the same and are also very different. While different sites enable different activities, and usability experiences, the core activities remain the same.
  • You can Like, comment and share content, share comment on many of the different social sites.
  • As mentioned earlier, all social platforms enable users to share and like different types of content. Key metrics such as Likes, Comments, Shares still remain the same to track, measure and standardize. However, from a brand perspective, social platforms vary in terms of value provided and metrics available to evaluate content. Metrics are great (especially from a researcher’s point of view) but they must help to drive some sort of action. As we look at some of the social metrics that we all receive today, (e.g., # of likes, +1, etc.) what value can we derive? What story can we tell? The most important metric of social media is share. But how do we measure it? Counts do not give us enough value to take further actions.
  • Social comments & sentiment are important to keep conversation going and your brand top of mind. However, items 2 and 3 are tied to branded content and therefore have potential reach to increase audience and drive value (be it watched content, ad monetization, registrations, etc.).
  • While sharing is a unique action you can take, its done by close to 1B people…How many of you shared content, brand, liked a page or brand to your own FB page?
  • Fox teamed up with trueAnthem to better understand the performance and quality of our content in these online social settings. Their Earned Intelligence Solution enables us to measure the social footprint of our content and associated value of earned media. Raise your hand if you shared something in the past 12 months.
  • It’s important to measure shares because social shares create earned media and help us identify influencers and content hierarchy. The value of earned media became clear when we done the first industry study, Momentum Effect, but it was based on surveys, which was not an optimal industry wide turn-key solution, trueAnthem’s share tag system is.
  • Talked enough about sharing, and earned media, but there are many other reasons and metrics to think about as far as what you can capture with a completed share.
  • All in real time
  • Easily implemented into short form FOX video content on
  • Think about social sharing as the ‘Great American Road trip”. Knowing your social metrics, besides keeping an eye on total quantity, with trueAnthem we are also able to see the path of sharing. Knowing the most used social platforms to share will further allow us to message future social marketing content and reach out advocates/influencers on the platform they choose to share. Per platform we could also see the most shared content, which can vary show by show or even within a show – clip by clip.
  • Important for 2 reasons –recommendation engine, longer engagement, longer ad video views and adding to curiosity.
  • Emotional connection between viewers and lands itself to be sharable content. Share – endorsed content.
  • The right metrics to use to value social media.
  • Another example
  • The value set we get with social media, the social media metrics eco-system measured the right way. New metrics, new echo-system. Create norms and compare categories, etc.If the ecosystem is intact, and understood by its inhabitants, the possibility of conflict is dramatically reduced. The organisms that make up ecosystems change over time as the physical and biological structure of the ecosystem changes.
  • Omma social 1345 judit nagy

    1. 1. Measuring What Mattersin Social MediaOMMA SocialOctober 2012
    2. 2. While different sites enabledifferent activities, andusability experiences, the coreactivities remain the same.
    3. 3. Like Comment Share
    4. 4. Traditional Social Metrics What actions can I take as a result? Count Count Count Count Total Total Total Total Likes Social Twitter Social Comments Followers Shares?
    5. 5. Metrics mustdrive action.
    6. 6. What is the Valueof Social Sharing?1 Billion+ people are using social sites.
    7. 7. What is Earned Media?Earned Media is the Did you know? Ratings/Measuremedia that is shared ment companies DO NOT provideor liked to a connected intelligence on Earned network.
    8. 8. Enabling +Measuring SocialSharingFox and trueAnthem Partnership:Real-Time Tracking and Measurementof all So You Think You Can Danceshort form video (and pre-roll)originating from
    9. 9. Fox & trueAnthem PartnershipEnablesocial sharing / audience promotion of contentTrackviral spread & social lift across paid, owned, and earned mediaMeasure“earned” audience (growth) & other earned media metrics all inIdentifytop performing video content (most engaging, shared, viral lift) REALIdentify timeadvocates (sharers) & influencers (sharers who drive engagement)Quantifythe value of earned media
    10. 10. How It Works: Plugin
    11. 11. How it works: Track the Path of Social Sharing
    12. 12. Finding: Earned Audienceis more engagedand spends more timewith content
    13. 13. 40,000 2m 1s Initiated Shares Earned Avg. Time/Video *Campaign Range vs. 1m 23s Owned *Campaign Range50%Earned Social Engagementvs. 33% Owned*Campaign Range8.5%Earned Lift“The Exorcist Style” Clip
    14. 14. Social Media MeasurementMethodologies
    15. 15. Snapshot of the Findings
    16. 16. Social Genome:Mapping content’ssocial footprint
    17. 17. trueAnthem Metrics – Social Metrics Ecosystem
    18. 18. How will you valueearned media onceit’s measured?