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Seth Lieberman

  1. 1. Seth LiebermanCEO Pangea Media / SnapApp.comslieberman@pangeamedia.comTwitter: @SethWLieberman#pubappx
  2. 2. "While the old Web was about sites, clicks and eyeballs, the new Web is about communities,participation and peering," -Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics 2
  3. 3. ContentMarketing Ads Social
  4. 4. Goals Vision • Marketing Goals • Sales Goals • Content + EditorialStrategyTacticsActions
  5. 5. BE ANALYTICALIf you can’t measure you can’t repeat. If you can’t repeat you can’t scale.
  6. 6. “Plans are great. But missions arebetter. Missions survive when plans fail”
  7. 7. “Engagement”
  8. 8. Content is King The King is DeadLong Live the King
  9. 9. Content Types• Now• Soon• Forever
  10. 10. “Game Mechanics”CollaborativeCompetitive / ComparativeCash
  11. 11. Anatomy of EngagementDon’t bury the lede Create reason to participate Set the hook Make the participation interestingCapture the value Drive the desired eventDeliver the payload Make it worth it
  12. 12. Use “Hourglass” ContentExposure Viral Image: Watercrest
  13. 13. Facebook vs Your Website photo Original photo credit: geile/leon
  14. 14. What’s a “like” worth Image credit
  15. 15. Cross Pollination: Web + Social • It takes the web and social to bear the most fruit • Mix and match content • Blend the experience, don’t box users in (or out)Photo via Andy Mayer
  16. 16. What’s What on Facebook• Timeline: Replaces the profile, makes historical status updates, Likes and app installs more visible.• Ticker: The Ticker replaces the "All Stories" vs "Top Stories" distinction that use to exist. Now only high quality stories go on the News Feed, and everything else goes in the Ticker. The Ticker is the firehose of data for everything your friends and the pages you subscribe to are doing and saying. Everything goes into the ticker, but then the EdgeRank algorithm determines which things get promoted to appear in the News Feed.• OpenGraph API: The OpenGraph API is a new way to manage “gestures” (i.e., like, read, listen to, cook, write, etc.), and permissions for posting about those gestures/actions that the user makes. The Ticker gives OpenGraph API something to post into other than your News Feed.
  17. 17. Drive Engagement Through a Funnel Where Web FB twitter display mobile localscit Whatyl Customa Why email Lead GennA Win
  18. 18. Case Study:
  19. 19. Case Study:• 31,000 Entries• 78% Entry Rate• 20% Share Rate• 77% Marketing Conversion
  20. 20. SOCIAL LUMAscape Social Marketing Management URL Shorteners Stream Platforms Twitter Apps Social Publishing Platforms Content Curation Analytics Facebook Apps Social Promotion Platforms Social Commerce PlatformsM Social Advertising Platforms Facebook Gaming CA OR NK Social Ad Networks Social Data Social Search SE U Social TV Social Networks - OtherT Social Intelligence Social Scoring ME ER Social/Mobile Apps & Games Social Shopping Content Sharing (Reviews/Q&A/Docs) R Blogging Social Business Software Platforms Social Referral Photo Sharing External (Customer) Facing Plug-ins/Widgets Traditional Publishers Community Platforms Internal (Employee) Facing Denotes acquired company © LUMA Partners LLC 2011
  21. 21. Have a planMeasure your resultsBe clever with your contentCross pollinate
  22. 22.• Seth Lieberman• CEO Pangea Media /•• Twitter: @SethWLieberman• #pubappx