Ss fonality connect and connect+ solutions brief mar 11


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Ss fonality connect and connect+ solutions brief mar 11

  1. 1. Fonality ConnectPowerful Unified Communications for Your BusinessAs a business owner or manager, you know what it takes to remain competitive in the markettoday. Speed, simplicity and affordable solutions are the pillars your business needs to ensure thatcompetitive edge. Your business communication capabilities should reflect this same ambition. With theaverage knowledge worker employee wasting 17 hours a week waiting for information to make decisions ortrack down co-workers through faulty or disparate communications, time is money. The Fonality Connectsolution is a robust, all inclusive cloud-based unified communications solution that provides a suite ofcommunication and collaboration features to meet your business needs.A Simple VoIP Solution: Built on a secure and Seamless Mobility: Whether you are building The Advantages ofreliable platform, Fonality Connect is an intuitive flexibility into your work schedule, or trying VoIP in the Cloudplug-and-play solution that does not require to increase productivity away from the office,any technical expertise to implement or scale. Fonality Connect has a suite of mobility VoIP (Voice over InternetWhether you’re adding employees, features, or solutions to ensure business continuity. Protocol) allows voice calls to beservices, Fonality Connect is the communication Leverage the same intuitive desktop client, transported over a data network,system your business can leverage now and regardless of where you are, from your iPhone or such as your Local Area Networkcontinue to successfully grow with. Android smartphone and make outbound calls or the Internet, also known as virtually for free. the “Cloud”. Fonality providesA Cost Effective Model: Eliminate the the same calling experience asfluctuation of monthly phone bills with a fixed, Ongoing Customer Support: The Fonality a landline at your home or work.affordable per-user monthly fee that includes customer care program is designed to get you By delivering voice informationphones, advanced calling and routing features, up and running faster. Inclusive of your Fonality in digital form, it can be sentand a powerful unified communications solution, a unique Customer Care Specialist will through the cloud, which is lessclient for secure chat and drop-and-drag call be assigned to assist in every step of setup and costly than traditional telephonemanagement. installation of the system, as well as monitor and service. offer specialized assistance for the first month ofAn Enterprise-Grade Feature Set: With service. Additional customeradvanced feature sets like auto attendant, technical support is availabledial-by-name directory, and voicemail to email, for the life of the serviceyour customers will know they are dealing with a at no additional costcompany that is serious about its business. including 24 x 7 emergency assistance.Unified Communications Client: FonalityHeads-up Display (HUD) is a powerful businesstool that connects your phones, desktop andimportant business applications into a single,unified, easy-to-use interface. HUD streamlinesyour communication and collaboration needs forevery medium directly at your fingertips.
  2. 2. Fonality Connect Solution FeaturesFonality Connect Solutions enable your company to present a professional-grade experience to callersincluding greetings and call management with an auto attendant. Make unlimited outbound local andlong distance calls between 10 countries with an unlimited calling plan. Excel productivity with a suiteof mobility features including Find-Me options, transfering calls to and from your mobile device, and theability to call out from your voicemail. Quickly view, listen and even forward voicemails directly from yourdesktop. Leverage click-to-call features within Microsoft Outlook or phone numbers within your MozillaFirefox browser.Fonality Connect Fonality HUD• Fonality IP Phone or Softphone • UC Desktop Client• Unlimited Inbound Calling • Secure Instant Messaging• Unlimited Outbound Calling • Drag-and-Drop Call Management• Dedicated Phone Number • Color-coded Employee Status• E911 • User Locations — Office or Mobile• Phone Number Porting • Photo Caller ID• Virtual Number • Visual Voicemail• Voicemail • Visual Conference Rooms• Voicemail to Email • Desktop Screen Pops• Call Transfer • Microsoft Outlook Integration• Call Forwarding • Click to Call, Email, SMS• Call Hold • Call Transfer to Voicemail, Hold, Park• Call Waiting • Breakout Contact Groups• Do Not Disturb • Busy Ring-Back Feature• Caller ID• Mobility: Find Me/Follow Me• Boomerang Mobile Integration• Call Screening• Call Out from Voicemail• Call Return from Voicemail• SMS / Pager Voicemail Notification• Scheduler• Night Mode• Music on Hold• Single Ring Group• Company Directory• Call Log Reporting• Outbound Caller-ID Number• Outbound Caller-ID Name• Extension Busy Lamp Field• Web-based Admin Panel• Multiple Auto Attendants• Paging and Intercom• Upload Custom Voice Prompts• Inbound Caller ID Name Tagging
  3. 3. Fonality Connect+Built to Better Serve Your CustomersIt is easy to forget that the purpose of a call center is to allow your customers to talk to your employees inthe most efficient and effective manner. With customer service and sales efficiency at its core, companies,especially small and medium sized businesses, are turning to a hosted VoIP environment to provide acompetitive advantage in the marketplace. Fonality Connect+ is a robust, all inclusive cloud-based unifiedcommunications solution that provides an extensive suite of communication and collaboration tools, plusadditional call center productivity enhancement features to meet your business needs.Real-time Data at your Fingertips: HUD Advanced Communications Tools: Take Enhanced MobilityQueues is a powerful, intuitive client that advantage of further productivity enhancingprovides a 360-degree view of real-time call communication tools within the Fonality Extend the power of yourcenter metrics, and helps to ensure your Connect+ solution including secure conference unified communication desktopcompany’s service level agreements are met. bridges, additional virtual extensions, and client (HUD) to your iPhone or multiple auto attendants each with their own Android smartphone to increase music-on-hold options. productivity and the ability to seamlessly work from anywhere. Advanced Call Routing: A full-featured advanced call routing system, ACD, allows you to customize your call queue distribution even further. Distribute queue calls via several preconfigured rules such as ring all, ring random, or ring in order. Monitor key performance indicators and ensure you meet your SLAs. HUD Queues: Fonality HUD Queues simplifies call center operations for both agents and managers by quickly identifying agent’s status, easily logging in and out of queues, and proactively monitoring call metrics in real-time on your desktop. Integrated Screen Pops: Provide higher levels of service to your existing customers as well as Monitor, barge, and record any agent save up to 20 seconds per call by processing call with a single mouse click. requests through computer telephony integration (CTI), activating a caller’s detailed information prior to answering the call. See the status of every agent in the queue with full call details.
  4. 4. Fonality Connect+ ProvidesFonality Connect+ Fonality HUD Queues• Inclusive of Connect Features • Unlimited Call Queues• Secure Conference Bridge • Automatic Call Distribution• Build Extension Groups with Permissions • View Agent Status• Voicemail Groups • Skills-Based Routing• Additional Mailboxes • Graphical Queue Reports• Export Reports • Agent Call Recording• IVR Authentication • Agent Variable Log-off• Virtual Extensions • Real-time Queue Stats• Suite of Call Center Features • Agent Hot Desk• Toll Restrictions • Call Barge, Monitor, or Whisper• Create Ring Groups • On-the-fly Recording • CRM IntegrationHUD Smartphone • Call Alerts • Agent Broadcast Alerts• Intuitive Interface • Reset Queue Stats as Needed• Mirrored Display of Desktop Client• Integrated HUD Softphone• WiFi Call Placement• Office Contacts Browsing• Employee Status View• Secure Chat / Instant Message• Visual Office VoicemailWhy Choose Fonality?Fonality Connect is an all-inclusivebusiness communication solutionto meet your growing businessneeds. With no long-term contractsand low monthly plans, Fonality Connectis a risk-free solution that allows you to keepyour existing phone numbers and current Internet serviceprovider. Although feature-rich, Fonality Connect is a simple plug-and-play solution enabledby 24 x 7 emergency support. Fonality provides the power of Unified Communications to supportyour dynamic business needs.To learn more please visit or call (888) 768-3770