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Take your business anywhere with Fonality Heads Up Display Mobile. Now, you can chat, manage your business contacts, and manage your contact center from anywhere on your mobile device.

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Fonality HUD Mobile

  1. 1. Stay Connected Away from the OfficeWith employee mobility becoming the rule rather than the exception, it is important for employees to remainproductive and available even while they are away from the office. Whether you’re a sales road warrior or areal estate professional, mobile and home-based employees should expect the same communication featuresand functionality as your counterparts who are in the office. It’s one thing to never miss a customer call byforwarding your desk phone to your mobile device, but Fonality has taken mobility to a whole new level. Business Owner Sales or Call Agents Call Center ManagerSingle touch call routing Log in and out of call queues Real time call queue reportingQuickly access work voicemails Never miss another prospect call View agents availabilityAccess your company directory Instant message with colleagues Monitor agent activity and callsView employee productivity Conference in sales support staff Barge, monitor, whisper agent callsCall out from your office number Record calls on the fly Record agent callsFonality Heads Up Display Mobile allows you to stay connected and manageyour employees from anywhere. Exclusive to Fonality phone solutions, HUDMobile provides access to your company’s directory, chat, employeeavailability, visual voicemail, conferencing, and free Voice over WiFi callingdirectly on your smart phone.For those companies who use call center features, HUD Mobile allows agentsto log in and out of call queues directly from their smartphone while managershave access to real-time call reports and the ability to record, monitor, andbarge agents’ calls. To learn more, please visit or call 1.877.366.2548
  2. 2. HUD Mobile Features General Features Call Center Features Free Voice Over WiFi Calling Queue Status Route Inbound Calls Queue Login/Logout Internal Compay Chat Queue Logout Reasons Company Directory Monitor Agent Activity Employee Availablity/Presence Barge/Monitor/Whisper Visual Voicemails Record Agent Calls One Touch Conferening And More “I use my personal cell phone when I’m away from my office. With HUD Mobile, I can make customer phone calls look as if they are coming from my office, therefore never providing my personal phone number and retaining a high level of professionalism.” - David Chernay, Advanced Integrated Technologies "As a business focused on customer service, it is vital for my employ- ees to be responsive to customers’ needs regardless of their location. HUD Mobile chat and visual voicemail allows my field agents to quickly resolve any customer inquiry without the typical one to two day delay.” - Kristine Passons, InteGreenTo learn more, please visit To learn more, or call 877- FONALITY please visit or call 1.877.366.2548