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Tolbrochureoct2010 101014090527-phpapp01

  1. 1. Unify & Simplify all your daily communications
  2. 2. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com2Unified CommunicationsMOBILITY MESSAGINGPRESENCEMOBILITY MESSAGINGPRESENCEGEORedundancyFMCMobilityINSTANTMessagingVIDEOEnablementMEET MEConferencingVOICE MAILReplacementUNIFIEDMessagingSPEECHRecognitionCRM/SFATelephonyMASSNotificationOFFICE-LINX Delivers:99 Access to your mobile workforce99 Secure access to messages andlive communications99 Enterprise, presence andavailability99 Increased employee productivity99 Improved customer servicesatisfactionOffice-LinX™ is here, and your business is about to become moreproductive, responsive and mobile.Just imagine how much more productive your business would be if callers were able toconnect to your workforce more reliably and consistently. Increased customer satisfaction,loyalty and sales would be the culmination if callers could actually connect with a liveperson more regularly. Office-LinX helps connect callers to your business. Office-LinXintegrates the 3 Key Pillars of Communications—Mobility, Presence and Messaging.You will never have to worry about your communication system becoming obsolete,hardware upgrades, large service contracts or integration with your e-mail and Internetservers—only simple software licensing on a single server platform with no additionalapplication servers or hardware to procure. Office-LinX grows with your business todeliver a future proof investment in communication. Taking advantage of your existingvoice network and providing you with technology that is ready for VoIP integration andimplementation.Looking to increase revenue and improve customer service, whiledecreasing communication costs?
  3. 3. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com3Unified MessagingOFFICE-LINX Delivers:99 Respond to any message,anywhere, anytime99 Security and convenience99 Enhanced productivity99 Increased reliability99 Considerable cost-savings99 Remarkable ROIOffice-LinX integrates voice and fax with all major messaging platforms, including hostedGoogle Apps, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010, Lotus Domino 6.0 and above, NovellGroupWise, and Zimbra. Office-LinX enables you to access, manage, and respond to anykind of message (voice, fax or e-mail), using any device (phone, PC, web or PDA), fromanywhere (office, road, home, etc.), at anytime. Eliminate user training, specifically withlegacy OCTel voice mail users. Office-LinX ships with templates created specifically forOCTel Serenade and Aria.Use Office-LinX to respond to any message, anytime, from anywhere — using any device!Office-LinX is all about security, convenience and choice!Delivering access to Enterprise Messaging from any deviceMicrosoft Outlook InboxGoogle Gmail InboxMicrosoft® Exchange 2007/2010Lotus Domino®Novell® GroupWise®Google™ Apps
  4. 4. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com4Real-time GEO Redundancy“High Availability has shifted froma mission-critical requirement toa general requisite that affectsall types of deployments. Fromsingle PBX deployment to thecentralized management of adistributed organization, our HighAvailability architecture has been akey differentiator in the value thatEsnatech’s Unified Communicationsplatform can offer largeenterprises.”—Mohammad Nezarati,CEO Esna Technologies Inc.The Office-LinX award-winning, high availability architecture allows organizations tomigrate from legacy voice mail to a cluster of geo-redundant messaging servers, providingan organization with the ability to deliver local survivability, auto failover and redundancyin a single system. Each voice node can manage up to 100 SIP sessions and providesmultiple PBX integrations through SIP pooling. Calls can come from any phone system,forward to any node, be answered and delivered to the appropriate mailbox, and enableMWI and UM support regardless of the location the call arrives on. This architectureenables the Office-LinX platform to manage up to 800 concurrent SIP sessions andmanage over 30,000 users in a single platform. The flexibility of the clustering architectureprovides organizations with their choice of deployment that achieves their goals forapplication consolidation and regional survivability. The voice servers can be centralizedin a data center, managing the complete PBX network, or dispersed regionally to offerlocal survivability, and at the same time still leverage the flattening and consolidation ofthe voice-mail systems’ maintenance management and annual licensing.Scalable, Redundant, and Highly Available
  5. 5. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com5MobilityAll employees can be moreproductive, responsive andflexible with Office-LinXservices like:99 Location based routing99 Find me/Follow me automation99 Call filtering99 Contact specific messaging99 FMC call handoff99 Virtual PBX extensionOne of the most prominent features of Office-LinX is accessibility, which leads to its othervalue—responsiveness. Regardless of whether you are a desktop worker (customerservice, inside sales, etc.), an executive, a mobile worker (field sales, technical specialist,marketing, etc.) or a home office worker—all employees can be more productive,responsive and flexible with Office-LinX. The Office-LinX platform provides serviceslike location based routing, find me/follow me automation, call filtering, contact specificmessaging, and so much more. Calls coming into your company represent a majorasset, your customers! Having customers call your staff directly on their mobile devicecompromises your control over these assets. If an employee leaves the company, thecustomer should be contacting the company’s main number, and not the mobile numberof the employee who has left. By employing a mobility server, a company retains controlof incoming calls and their distribution, ensuring that calls are promptly connected andanswered by a company member.Leveraging Esnatech’s Mobile UC application for SMART PHONES (BlackBerry,Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Windows Mobile, Symbian), staff will have remote accessto their enterprise presence and voice network. They can view co-workers’ availabilityand location, and from there initiate a live voice conversation or real-time secure instantmessage. Leveraging Mobile UC Client Manager, staff can move their mobile long distancerates off their mobile network and onto your enterprise voice network. This provides botha major cost-savings, plus consolidated call reporting/logging from your existing PBX andvoice network.Office-LinX powers intelligent office mobility—linking your mobileworkforce to your customers.
  6. 6. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com6Speech and MobilitySpeechLinK Key Benefits99 Boost employee productivity byproviding single-number accessto other employees’ offices andalternate phones99 Enhance organizationalcommunication, employeeproductivity and businessprocesses with a suite of autoattendant, directory services, andself-service applications99 Employees can simply dial onephone number and say a name toreach an individual, departmentor location within the company,anytime, from anywhere99 Increase employee productivityby reducing the time spentsearching through directories,looking up out-dated contacts,punching names into touch-tonesystems or waiting on-hold for anoperator99 Reduced Cost of Ownershipwith the integration of SIP, costlytelephone boards are no longerrequiredBusiness has predominantly become a messaging environment. Those companies thatfigure out how to increase live interaction with customers, and reduce messaging willdeliver the competitive advantage that will allow them to succeed in the current globalmarketplace!Office-LinX connects the mobile workforce to their office infrastructure through speechand presence technology, enabling them to answer calls live, in real-time despite theirlocation. Leveraging speech recognition technology from Nuance, callers and employeessimply say the name of the person or department they wish to speak with and dependingon that user’s availability, presence and location status—Office-LinX will connect thecaller in real-time, consequently lowering daily messages and significantly improvingoverall customer satisfaction.SpeechLinK for the Office-LinX UC platformSpeechLinK is the industry’s most accurate, SIP-based speech service available. Callerssimply have to speak the name of the person, department, service or location and areautomatically transferred based on the availability and location of the resource. Callersare also made aware of the live status and presence of the requested user, deliveringgreater customer service and satisfaction during their call. This SIP-based applicationeliminates the hassle and wasted time associated with directory lookups and live operatorrequests. For compliance and legal issues it delivers hands-free access to messages andcontact dialing while driving using any mobile device. There is no need for any specialhardware—simply call into your office voice mail.Speech applications that are supported:~~ Speech recognition—auto attendant and contact dialing~~ Speech navigation for hands-free access to unified messaging, contacts,calendar and presence over the phone~~ Speech biometrics for enhanced security and authentication~~ Text-to-Speech for access to data playback over the phone and readingback e-mail~~ Speech-to-Text to deliver visual voice mail to any device or e-mailSpeech Enabled Find Me/Follow Me Automation and Mobility
  7. 7. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com7Presence & InstantMessagingPresence and Instant MessagingOffice-LinX is a Presence Management Server integrated with Active Directory and otherLDAP interfaces, uniquely designed to deliver LIVE communications between voice anddata networks. Office-LinX enables organizations to observe the real-time status of theirworkforce and provide users with the tools to communicate with each other instantly fromany desktop or mobile device.~~ Presence management tools offer immediate notification of staffavailability and easy access for remote users to connect with office staff.~~ Missed calls can be pulled out of voice mail even while on the road, toensure real-time connectivity and reduce messages.~~ Users can identify a caller and consequently prepare for incoming calls—leading to a better customer service experience.~~ Instant messaging provides real-time ability to communicate with userslogged into the Internet or wireless network via SMS. Both internal andexternal users can send messages via IP to any user in/out of the office,dramatically lowering internal communication by eliminating cell phoneand long distance charges.~~ Voice messages display Caller ID so users can view messages andprioritize.~~ Click-to-dial from any application regardless of which phone you are using.~~ Integrate directly with core business applications such as,,Microsoft CRM and Outlook, etc.UC LINK Client Manager provides access to unified communications acrossany operating system, device and desktop interface. Delivering true unifiedcommunication services across any environment to meet the needs of today’sdynamic organizations.~~ Integrated MAC desktop client and web services that work across anybrowser and operating system~~ Secure instant messaging and corporate dialing with full auditing andreporting for all communication transactions~~ Enhanced Desktop faxing leveraging Windows enabled printer driver ore-mail to fax services.Rewriting the rules of business by simplifying the processand providing instant availability and connectivity, anytime,anywhere—with anyone in your company.Office-LinX enablesorganizations to observe the real-time status of their workforce andprovide users with the tools tocommunicate instantly.
  8. 8. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com8Unified CommunicationsOFFICE-LINX is the first stepin interconnecting all of yourcorporate communications.Simply put, it enables yourorganization and employeesto communicate quicklyand productively with eachother—and more importantlywith your customers!Reduce operational costs and improve organizationalcommunication capabilities with customers, staff and suppliers~~ Speech recognition technology streamlines access to any member ofyour staff.~~ Presence management tools offer accessibility to any distributedworkforce.~~ Mobile technology routes long distance charges off the mobile network toyour office PBX and least-cost routing (LCR) infrastructure.~~ Mobile messaging technology eliminates disparate voice mail chargesand enables a single enterprise inbox for all phones and endpoints.Lower your total communication costs throughOffice-LinX, resulting in:~~ Greater mobility and productivity tools with speech and DTMF access tomessages, contacts and presence.~~ Less IT-related support than is normally required for similar applicationsthat should be integrated together, for example, voice mail, fax mail,e-mail, auto attendant, CTI, IVR, wireless and mobility.~~ Integrated fax services, a solution incorporating all fax content into yourdata network, eliminating annual maintenance and printing costs.~~ Flatten and consolidate your UC applications across all of your locations,leveraging the Esnatech disparate PBX integration to eliminate localapplications with centralized geo-redundant architecture across all ofyour network environments.Facilitate employee mobility by:~~ Lowering the cost of communication with mobile staff, while increasingtheir ability to access critical information, and leveraging speechtechnology, such as contacts for dialing and e-mail from any telephone.~~ Enabling greater productivity without violating security concerns withwireless/unified messaging.Office-LinX provides your business with real-time communicationtools that will dramatically reduce costs and increase efficiencyand customer satisfaction—in addition to a great return on yourinvestment (ROI).
  9. 9. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com9ConfigurationsSmall Business Edition Standard Edition Enterprise Edition UC for Google AppsAuto Attendant Auto Attendant Auto Attendant Auto AttendantVoice Mail Voice Mail Voice Mail Voice MailBasic UM Basic UM Basic UM Basic UMCTI Services CTI Services CTI Services CTI ServicesText-to-Speech Text-to-Speech Text-to-SpeechAdvanced UM Advanced UM Advanced UMIMAP TSE IMAP TSE IMAP TSEASR ASRVoice Mail NetworkingMultiple CompaniesASR LanguagesAdditional Language LicensesSoftfax Fax MailOutbound FaxSpeech-to-TextOptional Add-onsASR ASR Multiple Companies Property Management SoftwareAMIS Integration Text-to-Speech Voice Mail Networking IVR ServicesProperty Management Software IMAP TSE Property Management Software High AvailabilityASR Languages Advanced UM ASR LanguagesIVR Services WAP Services IVR ServicesAdditional Language License SMS Additional Language LicenseSoftfax Faxmail Multiple Companies Softfax FaxmailOutbound Fax AMIS Integration Outbound FaxActiveX Property Management Software ActiveXVPIM Networking ASR Languages VPIM NetworkingSpeech-to-Text IVR Services Speech-to-TextAdditional Language License High AvailabilitySoftfax FaxmailOutbound FaxActiveXVPIM NetworkingSpeech-to-Text
  10. 10. ©2010EsnaTechnologiesInc.www.esnatech.com10SpecificationsandRequirementsSoftwareSpecificationsSmallBusinessEditionStandardEditionEnterpriseEditionUCforGoogleAppsPorts4-164-324-800UnlimitedUsers25UC,75Basicincluded5CTI,5,000Basicincluded20,00025—perusermodelMaximumMailboxes31,0005,00030,000330,0003HoursofStorageEvery10MBofHardDrivespaceequatesto1hrofvoicestoragePBXIntegrationInband/SMDI/DigitalSetEmulationInband/SMDI/DigitalSetEmulationInband/SMDI/DigitalSetEmulation/T1/E1/ISDNInband/SMDI/DigitalSetEmulation/T1/E1/ISDNIPIntegrationSIP/SIPCSTA/TAPISIP/SIPCSTA/TAPISIP/SIPCSTA/TAPISIP/SIPCSTA/TAPICSTASupport1OptionalOptionalOptionalPBXdependantMultilingualSupport21LanguageIncluded1LanguageIncluded1LanguageIncluded3LanguagesIncludedE-mailSupportSMTP/POP3/IMAPSMTP/POP3/IMAPSMTP/POP3/IMAPSMTP/POP3/IMAPFax1SoftFaxPortIncluded1SoftFaxPortIncluded1SoftFaxPortIncludedEnabledforallusersSystemRequirementsPentiumProcessor2.2GHzSVGAGraphicsCardDVDDriveOperatingSystemMicrosoft®Windows®XPProfessional/2003ServerMicrosoft®Windows®XPProfessional/2003ServerMicrosoft®Windows®XPProfessional/2003ServerMicrosoft®Windows®XPProfessional/2003/2008serverMinimumRAMMin3GBMin4GBMin4GBMin4GBHardDriveSpaceMin40GBMin40GBMin40GBMin40GB1PBXdependant,2Supportsupto9languages,3Greaterthan30,000mailboxespleasecontactEsnatech
  11. 11. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com11Esnatech AdvantageOFFICE-LINX is strategicallypositioned to be the leader inUC that focuses on businessproductivity, workflow andefficiency versus individualproductivity.The features of Office-LinX™ cover allcrucial aspects that make it the idealUC product. Users gain maximumflexibility in their communications,while making use of openess toachieve integration at the technicallevel.For more information, visit us online atwww.esnatech.comOffice-LinX Unified Communications is the glue that links enterprise and hosted phonenetworks with cloud based (SaaS) applications and other core business solutions todeliver unified messaging, phone presence, call control, and mobility. This deliverancedrives real-time communications and employee productivity, while cutting overall voicecommunication costs. Organizations are able to flatten and consolidate all of theircommunication costs with one simple, scalable licensing model built around the Office-LinX platform.CELEBRATING OVER 20 YEARS OF UNIFYING & SIMPLIFYINGBUSINESS COMMUNICATIONSEstablished in 1989, with head offices in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada—Esnatech is themarket leader in innovation for enterprise unified communications. Today, our resellers andpartners successfully install thousands of Unified Communication ports each month. Ourindustry leadership can be attributed to consistently developing and delivering innovativeproducts, while meeting the specific and ever-broadening requirements of businesses. Wespecialize in serving the needs of growing businesses and understanding their presentand future requirements. Esnatech offers a broad range of business communicationsolutions that give large and small organizations a competitive edge.Give your business real-time communications! Its simply the bestway to communicate!Copyright 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Esnatech and Telephony Office-LinX are trademarks of Esna Technologies Inc. All other trademarks mentioned or appearing herein arethe sole property of their respective owners.
  12. 12. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. www.esnatech.com12Partners & Awardspoweredbyesnauc unifiedcommunications uc4gapps or ucommunicate esnatechuc.blogspot.comCopyright 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Esnatech, theEsnatech logo, and Office-LinX are trademarks of Esna Technologies Inc. Allother company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.Printed in CanadaEsna Technologies Inc. (Esnatech)30 West Beaver Creek Rd., Suite 101Richmond Hill, ONL4B 3K11-800-565-3762