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1001tech i pvox-call-contact-centre-solutions-overview

  1. 1. 1001tech IPvoxDiscover the true value of communicating with your customers. IP Telephony Software-Based : Customer Management & Call / Contact Centre Solutions www.ip-vox.com 1001tech IPvox
  2. 2. Why Us? Small Business Pricing for big business, enterprise-class solutions — rental options / pay-as-you-go / zero capital expenditure / low total cost of ownership Speed of implementation Flexibility / Scalability to mix & match hardware / upgrade according to needs Efficiency increase of customer management operations We Understand Cost overhead Your Communications Needs reductions At 1001tech IPvox, we believe that the art and science of communications is at the core of all that we are as both individuals and complex organisations. Customer satisfaction Our range of solutions is aimed simply at enabling you to build increase effective relationships; forging those special and robust connections that make your business a success. Profit through proactive Maximising value for our clients has always been our philosophy, customer contact and so you can be sure that the sophistication we provide does not retention come at a heavy price and delivers full flexibility for your specific requirements. Talk to us.
  3. 3. What We Can Do For You All-In-One Call / Contact Centre Solution1001tech IPvox’s EzyTouch is the flagship IP-based all-in-one softwaresolution for all your call / contact centre needs. Face the challenges ofcustomer interaction with utmost confidence as we deliver unbeatablevalue and quality at truly affordable prices. The cost of talking to your customers is much lower than you think.Key FunctionalitiesAuto Attendant Skills-Based RoutingAnswers calls 24/7 with personalised greetings and Match your agents’ skill-sets to your callers’ needsroutes calls to the right people. via an algorithm-based call distribution. • Reduce the receptionist overhead of repetitive • Get the right calls to the most qualified agents call-answering. available every time. • Enhance your company image by ensuring calls • Distribute calls efficiently to your agents, are answered in a consistent manner. maximising labour efficiency and minimising operating costs.Voice Logger ReportingImprove your agents’ performance and customer Get access to comprehensive, real-time statisticalservice by recording and logging all calls that come reports relating to agents, skills, productivity andthrough your contact centre. Voice Logger detailed contact activity for management analysis.reports let you know the date, time, duration, CallerID (ANI) and number dialed (DNIS).
  4. 4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) EzyTouch Outbound CampaignCall Routing ManagerAutomated self-service makes it easy for your If your business makes outbound calls for anycustomers by using automated voice menus that functions such as telemarketing, collections or billgather call routing information and deliver payment notification, our Outbound Campaignpre-recorded announcements. Manager will optimise that process for you. • Improve customer satisfaction and increase • Maximise financial returns from proactive revenue with efficient call handling that lets your marketing campaigns. customers reach you all the time. We make it • Build goal-oriented outbound campaigns simple for customers to make enquiries, place targeting distinct customer groups. orders or schedule service 24/7. • Leverage on real-time data to increase the hit ratio of marketing campaigns.Agent SupervisorDesktop DesktopOur The Supervisorproprietary Desktop enablesAgent supervisors to turnDesktop is a their contact centreuser-friendly into a well-oiledGUI that ensures your agents have all the right tools machine with all the intelligence they need to reactand information to make the right decisions during instantaneously.all situations. • Monitor complete activity within the contact • Call management and telephone control via a centre: queue status, service levels, graphical user interface. abandonment rates and traffic volumes. • Real time visibility of queuing and agent activity. • Monitor the status of every local and remote • Informative screen pops - as calls are delivered. agent in real-time over the LAN or WAN. • Information delivery to as many PCs on the • Adjust agent skills on the fly (supervisors can network as desired. change skills-based routing for agent whenever necessary).
  5. 5. IP PBX Our IP PBX solution is a cost-effective, robust and fully expandable business telephone system that’s designed to deliver voice and video over a data network. • Eliminate long-distance toll-charges and reducing wiring costs. • Use any combination of hardware that meets your needs and budget. • All the features of standard PBX (call transfer, waiting, forwarding etc.) with advanced features to enable call centre style handling and distribution.Customer ManagementLeverage on the power of CRM applications through the ability to fully integrate with ourEzyTouch contact centre solution. Enjoy the best of both worlds as we enable you to reach yourcustomers armed with the best knowledge possible. • Fully supported EzyTouch integration with any CRM application of your choice. • Improved analytics and real-time access to customer data from your CRM.
  6. 6. Corporate Profile1001tech IPvox Sdn Bhd is a member of 1001tech Group and is Multimedia Super Corridor(MSC)-status.We specialise in IP telephony software-based customer management and call / contactcentre solutions. Our prime focus is in the delivery of high quality solutions at competitiveprices for organisations across the region.Incorporated in 2000, the company has grown to be a leader in providing solutions for bothsmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as large companies through itsEzyTouch product lines.We have also been under awarded Malaysian Development Corporation’s (MDeC) MSCMalaysia R&D Grant Scheme (MGS).To date, we have successfully built a network of channel partners in 13 countries across Asia,the Middle East and Europe.Visit us at www.ip-vox.comV1001tech IPvox1001tech IPvox Sdn Bhd (537018-X) (formerly IPVox Sdn Bhd)Lot 7.16, Level 7, 1 Tech Park,7 Tanjung Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya 47800,Selangor, Malaysiap: +603 7722 1001 f: +603 7722 3001sales@1001tech.com.mywww.ip-vox.comSubsidiary of:1001tech GroupTalk to us.We understand your ICT needs.