Creative industry in the uk


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Creative industry in the uk

  1. 1. Creative Industry in the UK Sean Robertson Recent major Cultural What it is Synergy developments importance DifferenceWhat it is made Importance between Cultural Key issues up of to UK and Creative of music economy Industry sector
  2. 2. What it is• It is the industry that creates entertainment and products from imagination, thus being a low costing and high paying industry. Profit margins can be colossal. It is defined by the DCMS as „those activities which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.‟
  3. 3. What it is made up of• It is made up from different sections. These are:•• 1. Advertising• 2. Architecture• 3. Art and antiques• 4. Crafts• 5. Design• 6. Designer fashion• 7. Film and video• 8. Interactive leisure software• 9. Music• 10. The performing arts• 11. Publishing• 12. Software and computer services• 13. Television and radio•• Each covers different kinds of consumable creativity and art.
  4. 4. Recent Major Developments• Turnover in the sector in 2006 was £5.1 billion and it supports over 60,000 jobs. The Governments Economic Strategy identified the sector as one where Scotland has a comparative advantage that can be built upon to increase productivity and growth. (Scottish Government) Creative Industries continue to be seen as an important way to stabilise the economy. Always growing and always creating jobs.• The development of Creative Scotland was a significant step in supporting the creative industries within Scotland. “We invest in talented people and exciting ideas. We develop the creative industries and champion everything that‟s good about Scottish creativity.
  5. 5. Importance to UK economy• The creative sector in the UK is large and always growing. This creates many jobs and much wealth due to the fact that material is mostly created from the human mind with a low cost but high potential for success. “The Prime Minister‟s speech on supporting economic growth highlights the creative industries as an important growth area in rebalancing the economy.” (DCMS)•• The Creative Industries accounted for 2.89% of gross value added (GVA) in the UK in 2009• Relative to the UK‟s total GVA, the Creative Industries GVA has increase by 0.07% (from 2.82% in 2008), but in absolute terms the GVA reduced by 1% from 2008 (£36.6 billion to £36.3 billion)• Publishing has the largest contribution to the UK‟s GVA, accounting for 0.92% in 2009•• (Department for Cultural Media and Sport)
  6. 6. Cultural Importance• The creative Industries have become a good, if not the best, way to represent British culture. Film4 is an example of a scheme which funds and assists in the making of British film. The government also provides funds, loans and support. For example, recently the government has revealed its plan to enable school pupils to learn an instrument and also provide greater musical education. (Department for education) British creations are usually easily identifiable and can incorporate traits that show off our culture.
  7. 7. Difference between Cultural and Creative Industry• (Wikipedia) Cultural industries include industries that focus on cultural tourism and heritage, museums and libraries, sports and outdoor activities, and a variety of way of life activities that arguably range from local pet shows to a host of hobbyist concerns. Thus cultural industries are more concerned about delivering other kinds of value—including cultural wealth and social wealth—rather than primarily providing monetary value.
  8. 8. Synergy• Synergy within the Creative Industries is when one specific area of the Creative Industry Sector can work with another to create something that is a product of their cooperation. A film or video game will have a soundtrack. A video game can be based on a movie and therefore advertise each other, furthermore, these could be advertised on radio or television. Graphical designers will be required for the creation of these things also.
  9. 9. Key issue of Music sector• "Rock stardom will die because nobody will make enough money anymore to be rock stars. Everybody will be jobbing musicians. Its unbelievable. The music industry has changed beyond all recognition. The music business we signed into does not exist anymore." (Noel Gallagher)• There is a huge loss of money due to piracy. Most young artists cannot even hope to make money from the music business.• Massive Attacks 3D told the BBC how frightening it was to see the total amount of downloads on unlicensed sites. "This is how I make my living. It can be 25,000 [per site]. Multiply that by all the [unlicensed] sites in the world and that can be my whole profit gone. What does that actually mean for the future. It will cheapen music eventually. And it forces the business to take more drastic action, and I think that compromises the bands and the listeners out there."