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How To Read a Tweet


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An intro to basic Twitter literacy.

An intro to basic Twitter literacy.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. HOW TO READ A TWEET by @ellsbeth October, 2009
    • 2. Space is at a Premium Each post, or Tweet, on Twitter can only consist of a maximum of 140 characters. Therefore, space is precious. This means that many things get abbreviated in order to conform to the space alotted. cc licensed flickr photo by gtrwndr87:
    • 3. @ The @ symbol is put before a Twitter username at the beginning of a tweet in order to “address” the tweet to that person. cc licensed flickr photo by cindy47452: http:// Tweet “Address” Tweet by @geowashington
    • 4. RT Credit your sources by using RT at the beginning of a tweet to indicate that you are “Retweeting” information, resources, or ideas you received from some someone else. Put your source’s username after RT. Retweet Source Tweet by @smithsonian
    • 5. via Another way to credit your sources. Via appears in parenthesis at the end of a tweet, followed by the source’s username. Tweet by @stevecase Indicates info is from another source. Source cc licensed flickr photo by Lin Pernille ♥ Photography:
    • 6. Links Many tweets contain live hyperlinks to different resources on the internet. They are often shortened from their original form to take up less space in 140 character tweets. Tweet by @nasa Live Hyperlink cc licensed flickr photo by Kenny Miller: http://
    • 7. Background Knowledge: Tags In order to understand the next term, be sure you understand the concept of Tags on the internet. A tag is a label used for the purpose of identification or organization. Twitter, blogs, and many other websites use tags to cc licensed flickr photo by cambodia4kidsorg: http:// categorize and organize information.
    • 8. #hashtags Developed as a tag to organize and filter tweets, #hashtags are searchable and agreed upon by a group. They can be used to: -Filter search results for a topic -Participate in a live chat -Find information from a conference -And more... Clickable, Searchable #hashtags Tweet by @ted_talks Tweet by @jswiatek
    • 9. Some Education #hashtags Feel !ee to search for these tags to get an idea of how they are used. Conferences: Search & Filter: Live Chats: #iste2010 #historyteacher #edchat International Society for Resource shared by and for A live education that occurs on Technology in Education history teachers. Tuesday evenings. Anyone can Conference in Denver, 2010. participate by including the hashtag. #teachertuesday #gls2009 Used on Tuesdays to Games+Learning+Society recommend good teachers to Conference in Madison, WI, follow on Twitter. 2009 #eci831 #tedtalks Common tag used by credit & Annual conference on “Ideas non-credit students involved in worth sharing.” A large amount the University of Regina’s Social of the high caliber presentations Media & Open Education are recorded & available on the course. internet.
    • 10. Emoticons A representation of a writer’s mood or facial expression using text. :) Emoticon Directory: cc licensed flickr photo by somegeekintn:
    • 11. Ever Evolving Each of the examples given here were not included in the original use of Twitter. They are all user created and adapted by Twitter developers. Language on Twitter will continue to evolve as new needs are recognized by the cc licensed flickr photo by jurvetson: community.