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A collection of some of our best works over the years

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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. a division of Premier Supplies
  2. 2. Brief bios of team members ed sanders Lead Project Manager & Project Consultant designing award-winning collateral with a focus on nonprofit As the founder of Print by Premier Ed’s philosophy stems organizations. Jen has also worked as a Marketing Communi- from a 30-year history in the professional services industry. cations Consultant for a top Fortune-500 company and held As a former professional pressman, certified e-marketer posts at other prestigious design firms in New York. Jen heads and business consultant, Ed is committed to delivering the up our work with Environmental Defense Fund, The Museum Bio's best client solutions, while maintaining strict adherence to at FIT, The American Club, A.I. Friedman and more. Jen is a budgets and timelines. Ed also believes in taking environmental Cooper Union alumni, where she focused on studying color responsibility for everything that is produced through Print by theory and composition, laying the ground work for the ability Premier—printed marketing materials utilize environmentally to develop strong visual communications solutions. friendly inks, FSC Certified Papers, and renewable energy resources. Ed is also committed to delivering exceptional sara Heyl Art Director & Production Specialist creative solutions, great service and competitive prices— Sara has 8 years of design and art direction experience. Sara all with a smile and a “never-say-no” attitude. has the proven ability to deliver high-level visual solutions within tight timelines. Sara joined us as a design/production andrew Hurewitz Project Manager & Strategist specialist and worked her way up to art director after showing Andrew has 15 years of experience in high-level print an exceptional ability for strong visual communication and communications, project management, and new business design. Sara works exclusively with some of our most development. Andrew is the definition of an entrepreneur, important nonprofit clients, such as The Doe Fund, Food having grown a small print & design business to a large visual Bank, and Fountain House. Sara studied art and design at communications firm in 8 short years. Andrew has a proven Clarion University. ability to multi-task seemlessly and deliver products and services with speed and accuracy. Andrew heads up our work Matthias Kern Art Director & Digital Production Specialist with Mercedes Benz/OSK, Johnson & Johnson and The New Matthias Kern has 20 years of experience in art direction, Museum of Contemporary Art. design and digital production. Matthias has exceptional skills as a Flash animator, with expertise in html for web Jen Pressley Creative Director & Strategist development. Matthias also creates high-level presentation Jen has 15 years of agency experience and marketing/project projects (via PowerPoint with Flash integration) for prestigious management experience. Prior to this position, Jen worked as clients such as Clarins, Estee Lauder, Fusion Brands, Aramis, a senior Art Director with the prestigious Suka Creative Baruch College and more. Page 2
  3. 3. We have previous experience in integrating and developing projects for international organizations. Print by Premier has delivered global brands and worked with international organizations such as: UNFPa (Project # UNFPA/CPH/10/031) (global/Copenhagen) UNICeF (global) UNDP (global) Newsweek (global) Mercedes Benz/smart Car (germany) Bulgari (Italy) snohetta (Norway) Barclays (global) INg (global/Dutch) Weil gotshal (global/London) Citrin Cooperman Wealth (global) Commerze Bank (global/germany) Natixis (global) Prudential (global) IMN (global) Print by Premier global assets also include: german-speaking employee in-house Spanish-speaking employee in-house Detailed knowledge of the varying needs of international organizations and specific marketplaces Detailed knowledge of cultural fit, values, and identity as key influencers on taste and brand appeal Detailed knowledge of global graphic systems, such as varying standard paper sizes, and metric conversions Page 3
  4. 4. case study Community service society rebrand and identity guidelines Community Service Society had a strong brand identity they did POWERPOINT TEMPLATE not want fully changed. They did, however, want to change their overall color palette, devise a comprehensive brand standards document, and have templates for all collateral created so that they could better manage their brand internally and externally. We updated core colors, developed a brand identity system, and delivered a 50-page brand standards document (with templates) that breaks down all components of their brand and collateral. FINAL LOgO WITH PRIMARY BRAND COLORS BRAND STANDARDS MANUAL ExCERPTS CAPABILITIES BROCHURE Page 4
  5. 5. case study Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine Zero brand promotional launch The Johnson & Johnson Listerine dilemma: The Print by Premier solution: Johnson & Johnson contracted a designer to produce a targeted We rolled up our sleeves and followed our motto: never promotional box for Listerine Zero (a new Listerine product) approach design before immersing yourself in a client’s to be sent to an exclusive group of beauty editors. The J & J complete brand and always research everything related branding team had very clear brand guidelines, including color to that brand. Putting pen to paper (or mouse to screen) palettes, typography, logo lock-ups and other visual guidelines. is the final step in any concepting, not the first. Unfortunately, the design team they hired to create the box had all but disregarded these brand guidelines. They came to us in Our solution was strong, on brand, and a big success: search of a solution after hearing about our reputation. Here is the unsuccessful box art we were presented with: please welcome our newest edition Page 5
  6. 6. case study Rebrand for Citrin Cooperman Wealth Management Citrin Cooperman rebrand challenge: The Print by Premier solution: Citrin Cooperman Weath Management came to us looking to We developed an identity solution that works well for the rebrand themselves and to apply that to new print collateral. client’s needs. Strong supporting collateral and business papers Their old logo was out-dated and did not serve their needs well. were also developed with new brand goals in mind. Old logo/challenge: a strong, contemporary solution: CFF C PA , B E R, G. WE HE W M AT T r m Partne co op er man .co in r@ citr mwebe Page 6
  7. 7. case study Rebrand for POTs and Capital Campaign POTS (Part of the Solution), a social services organization in the Bronx, was seeking to rebrand their current logo and collateral. They also needed a capital campaign look with a distinct look and accompanying collateral, as well as a small, consolidated brand standards document. We delivered solutions that resonated with their clients and donors that expressed their core values and services through powerful graphic assets and imagery. C Page 7
  8. 8. History/Portfolio PORTFOLIO {summary} “good design has the power to affect sustainable behavior and bring about cultural change that impacts our planet, populations and our future.” – THE LIVINg PRINCIPLES, produced by AIgA Page 8
  9. 9. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral UNICeF Capabilities brochure Page 9
  10. 10. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Community service society Complete rebrand of identity and resulting brand standards document (excerpts) Page 10
  11. 11. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Cuttone & Company Complete brand identity design, business papers, folder, brochure and web design Page 11
  12. 12. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Nomura Brand standards document (excerpts) Page 12
  13. 13. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Fountain House Employment Brochure and Event Posters Page 13
  14. 14. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral The Doe Fund Rebrand and collateral design Page 14
  15. 15. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral THE LTH MENTAL HEA Mental Health Project PR OJECT g Lives. hts. Protectin Brand identity design Enforcing Rig and Fundraising mailing TO.COM y: rk John’s stor alth Project at wo He The Mental PHOTO BY BUD GLICK: BUDGLICKPHO At one foster homes. 17 different aCe I grew up in beating every day — received a of them, I father though t e my foster Fundraising and every tim he would put me to run away, I was going John mailing design in ankle bracelets. sion er; my depres getting ill years lat an/Porter’s I started 32BJ Doorm resign from en the govern ment years ago, , I had to 16 years. Wh committed 30 was so bad worked for a crime I where I had s because of reinstated. Union, benefit my benefits off my disability old warra nt and got tried to cut ared up the place on the e Center cle m a very high Urban Justic er. I fell fro ting disability back togeth skates. Get trying to get my life other sid e on roller I just want I am 51 and going down the sically fit. and I was tally and phy ladder of life get myself men ortunity to s me the opp re for me.” benefits give for being the an Justice to thank Urb l Health the Menta , he turned to John’s benefits s will receive n suspended erly American urity Administratio e, dis abled and eld d on the table When the Social Sec tory in Ma rtinez v. Astru rely on to put foo ks to our vic istance they Project. Than benefits — ass in disability llion dollars over $500 mi backs. on their York and clothing son, that New r alone, we: s, Inc. v. Pater n as “adult ity Advocate titutions know In the past yea sel in Disabil ess in large ins ark rulin g, as co-coun th mental illn for the m; • on a landm W sing people wi g appropriate ce of warehou egrated settin State’s practi in the most int urity right to live the Social Sec homes” violates their lawsui t challenging s of retired an d e, a class action nefits of tens of thousand Clark v. Astru be • revailed in P of suspending the n’s policy s warrants; g court-mand ated Administratio ften-erroneou ey are receivin le based on o ensure that th disabled peop ntal illness to York; ners with me City of New page 15 • et with 1,7 00 priso to Brad H. v. rs with menta l M es pursuant e New Yorke nning servic fifty low-incom hcare for 300 more; discharge pla y benefits for ong-t erm disabilit n, ho using or healt out • btained l O come, nutritio y members ab
  16. 16. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Focus Integrated Fitness Complete brand identity design, folder, brochure and business papers Page 16
  17. 17. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Citrin Cooperman Wealth Management Complete brand identity design, folder and business papers Page 17
  18. 18. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Johnson & Johnson / Listerine Zero Brand Promotional packaging Designed to be an exclusive promotional box for beauty editors to introduce the new Listerine product. Page 181
  19. 19. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in america Exhibition brochure series Page 19
  20. 20. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral PTs Consulting Design of folder, business cards and business papers Page 20
  21. 21. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral International Center for Photography Cuba in Revolution Exhibition catalog Page 21
  22. 22. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral elton John aids Foundation Auction Brochure Page 22
  23. 23. E. History/Portfolio Large Format/ Exhibitions Mercedes Benz/OsK Promotional Exhibition Creation and production of event signage and exhibition artwork APage 23
  24. 24. E. History/Portfolio Large Format/ Exhibitions The Museum at FIT Japan Fashion Now Exhibition Art direction, design and creation of surrealistic 6 backdrops Page 24
  25. 25. E. History/Portfolio Large Format/ Exhibitions New Museum of Contemporary art Ambitions Exhibition Installation Page 25
  26. 26. Imagination…