Locsin, Ana Patricia J.
                                 PORTFOLIO: http://gudy2shoes.multiply.com/photos/album/1
Company Name :            Quadtron Technologies Inc.
Position Title   :        Creative Communications Manager
OJT Practicum Work:
Campaigns & Grey Advertising Agency
12th flr. Valero Towers, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
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  1. 1. Locsin, Ana Patricia J. PORTFOLIO: http://gudy2shoes.multiply.com/photos/album/1 General Work Description as a Graphic Designer • meeting clients to discuss their needs; • interpreting the client's business needs; • developing design briefs by gathering information and data clarification • thinking creatively to produce new ideas; • using innovation to redefine a design brief and meet the • multi-tasking: graphic designers often work on more than one design brief at a time; using a wide range of media, including photography and computer aided design; • producing accurate and high quality work; • contributing ideas and design artwork to the overall brief; • keeping abreast of developments in IT, particularly design programs. • working well in a team, with printers, copywriters, photographers, other designers, account executives, website designers and marketing specialists; • working to tight deadlines. Educational Background Highest Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts Company Name : 4Life Research Phils. LLC major Advertising Position Title : Creative Communications Specialist School: College of the Holy Spirit Specialization : Arts/Creative/Graphics Design Attended: June 1997-2001 Industry : Sales / Business /Retail / Merchandise Graduation Date: Mar 2001 Monthly Salary : Peso 22,000 Trainings / Seminars: Inclusive Dates : December 2006 - May 05, 2007 Short Course Certificate Work Description Field of Study : Graphic Design Application Major : Macromedia Dreamweaver ver 8 Experienced full time creative designer and developer. Excels at Institute : Informatics Computer Institute conceptual collaboration and communication, thrives on Inclusive Dates : August 2005 innovation & a fast paced problem solving focused environ- ment, has a grasp of both graphic design and Web design best Short Course Certificate practice and strives for excellence. Field of Study : Graphic Design Application Major : Macromedia Flash – Advanced Application Excellent organizational skills and a pro-active attitude toward Institute : Philippine Center for Creative Imaging work. Possess the dedication and commitment to produce Graduation Date : September 2006 results often under high production pressure. Short Course Certificate Have a detailed knowledge of multimedia (Keynote, iMovie Field of Study : Graphic Design Application (both Mac OS)) software, Photoshop, MS Powerpoint HTML, Major : Basic HTML and CSS Adobe Indesign, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustra- Institute : Philippine Center for Creative Imaging tor. Graduation Date : May 2007 Have knowledge of editing and creating video (MP4, MPG, AVI, Present Company etc), audio (MP3) and other files formats such as Adobe PDF 1. Company Name : Think Big Events Management and other image file types. Position Title : FREELANCE Graphic / Visual Display Designer Has solid experience in creating and producing business Specialization : Arts/Creative/Graphics Design presentations in video, audio and other file formats. Industry : Events Organization Monthly Salary : Peso 25,000 (project-basis) Creates business presentations from conceptualization, Inclusive Dates : May 2007 - Present planning, designing and implementing. A team player as she is Work Description: required to coordinate with the events and I.T. Specialists. • Creating Marketing Collaterals for clients such as Event Posters, Logo, Responsible for all creative tri-media such as print advertising, Flyer, Indoor/Outdoor Tarpaulins, Streamers, and other print materi- video presentations and training modules for clients and als. in-house use. • Designing of Event Stage. • Conceptualization and Brainstorming with the Production Manager and Events Specialist. • Designing, Layout of Floor Plan, Booth Design and kiosks for event use. • Preparing Studies in submission for approval of client • Creation of website and simple animation design. 211B Williamsburg St. Richmond Subd. Angono Rizal | Birth Date: 08.05.1980 | Female | Single Email: gudy2shoes21@yahoo.com | mobile: 0916.439.19.30 | Phone: 930.68.05
  2. 2. Company Name : Quadtron Technologies Inc. Position Title : Creative Communications Manager Specialization : Arts/Creative/Graphics Design Industry : Sales / Business /Retail / Merchandise Monthly Salary : Peso 25000 Inclusive Dates : Mar 2004 - December 2006 Work Description Responsible for creating flyers, Posters, Brochures, and catalogues of the company and its products. Develops marketing plans and marketing agendas for use for training Work Description and development of the company’s dealers’ or clients. As a Graphic Designer my job responsibility is to design book covers and Marketing kits for our client, AMT(USA). We Responsible for overseeing the development, cater to American book authors. www.1stbooks.com training and standing of the company’s promoters (Product Representatives) during events, tradeshows A plain book cover includes a front, back and a spine design. and even branch post duties. Handles all Merchandisers These covers are produced daily so we are on a production- and trains them in terms of sales and marketing of the type of work. I am the one who conceptualizes, do layouts, product. edit raster images and designs the covers. We are given only a maximum of 3 hours for every book we make, so pressure Responsible for meeting up with the company’s media is not a problem factor for me. Book covers must be or press to discuss possible tie-ups, promotions, advertis produced on a daily basis with a specific qouta everyday so ing and or participation in sponsored events. there is much room for creativity and speed-brainstorming. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Pagemaker is what I use for Reports to the General Manager and the company’s principal investor this kind of work. for marketing reports bi-monthly. Marketing kits however are "book add-ons". They include Responsible for designing the company’s website and its products’ postcards, bookmarks and business cards for American book website. Works with the company’s programmer for online support authors. Marketing kits are just book cover designs and maintenance. converted to desktop publications. I am using Adobe Page Maker and Adobe Distiller for this type of work. Company Name : Computer Devices Corp. Our graphics department have only 9 graphic artist and I am Position Title : Graphic Artist the only one in-charge of Marketing kits. I see to it that Specialization : Arts/Creative/Graphics Design these kits are "uploaded" to our US headquarters without Industry : Sales / Business /Retail / Merchandise any delay, and manage any problems that may arise to it. Monthly Salary : Peso 18000 Inclusive Dates : Jan 2003 - Sept. 2003 I have made roughly over a 100 books up to date. Work Description Responsible for all print, advertising and promotional materials and Company Name : Stefano Corporation exhibit designs that involves creative design manipulation and Position Title : Visual Artist ; graphic Artist interactive arts. Position Level : Fresh Grad Specialization : Arts/Creative/Graphics Design some projects: Industry : Manufacturing 1. print designs for PDA products like 02, clie', and hardware capture Monthly Salary : Peso 12000 cards like DV Storm etc. Inclusive Dates : May 2001-Aug 2001 2. exhibit design - Graphic Expo (2003) booth design and provisions Work Description: 3. packaging design Responsible for all advertising and print requirements of the to view samples log on to.... company. http://community.webshots.com/album/82287299eJxmWO Designs Van ads and/or mobile forms of Advertising. Collates magazines, newspaper clippings of various up-to- Company Name : I-Global Computing date design for use as reference tools. Position Title : Graphic Artist Designs below-the-line collaterals for the company. Specialization : Arts/Creative/Graphics Design Industry : Graphic & Data Processing (Offshore Client) Monthly Salary : Peso 16000 Inclusive Date : Oct 2001 - Jan 2003 211B Williamsburg St. Richmond Subd. Angono Rizal | Birth Date: 08.05.1980 | Female | Single Email: gudy2shoes21@yahoo.com | mobile: 0916.439.19.30 | Phone: 930.68.05
  3. 3. OJT Practicum Work: Campaigns & Grey Advertising Agency 12th flr. Valero Towers, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City Office Practicum Work – March to April 1999 Project: Television Advertising Concept for Home Cable Network; March 1999 Newspaper Print Ad Concept for JG Summit; March 1999 - under the OJT program, applicant participated in the daily conceptualization of actual projects of the agency – Del Monte, Willing to Travel : Yes (100%) Kenny Roger’s Roasters to name a few; went to actual commer- Willing to Relocate : Will Consider cial shoot and commercial editing Possess Own Transport : Yes Some Part-time/Freelance projects: Expected Monthly Salary : US Based Clients Peso 25,000 (Negotiable); USD 2,000 negotiable Contract – 6months AxelbLoom LLC (Overseas) http://www.axelbloom .com Web Design, Print Advertising and Collaterals Availability : Immediately after notice period of 1 month(s) Tea garden and Herbal Emporium LLC Http://www.teagarden.com Miscellaneous Web design, Print Advertising, HTML Awards: Dean’s Lister: 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Personal Strengths: Can work under minimal Axelbloom sleep technology supervision and under pressure Catalog, Brochure, and LA Times Ad Efficient, resourceful. Keen eye for detail, organized, Logo Design Client: Julio’s Café’ , Call Bravo Brekthrough Productions good foresight and responsible. Fast leaner. October 2000 Responds well to pressure and criticism. Photogra- phy inclined. Can adapt and adopt to environment. Promotional Brochure and Flyer Highly Creative. Can meet deadlines. Fast worker. Client: Julio’s Café’ November 2000 Character References Name Sheryll Mirra Koo Telephone No. 7226611 Position CEO/President Application Knowledge: Company Think Big Events Management Adobe Photoshop Relationship Former supervisor Apple Keynote Adobe Indesign Name Jason Teh Adobe Imageready Telephone No. 09063666996 Adobe Illustrator Position Former General Manager Adobe Premiere Company Quadtron Technologies Inc. Macromedia Dreamweaver Relationship Former Supervisor Macromedia Flash Name Allen Chan iMovie (Apple /Mac OS) Telephone No. 02- 8440804 Microsoftt FrontPage Position General Manager Microsoft Publisher Company Computer Devices Corp. HTML Relationship former Supervisor Basic CSS 211B Williamsburg St. Richmond Subd. Angono Rizal | Birth Date: 08.05.1980 | Female | Single Email: gudy2shoes21@yahoo.com | mobile: 0916.439.19.30 | Phone: 930.68.05