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26" x 14.5" 4 color Process  of all production color pages  are printed on Xerox presses.                                 ...
Put us together and have results        like this
Building on your success.In the past, your success could be digital or it could be litho. Going forward inchallenging cond...
We can help you get there.We can share our experiences from helping printing partners around the world.iGen4™ uses patente...
Specifications for the Xerox® iGen4™ PressPrinting Speed                                         SmartPress™ Paper Handlin...
Digital Your Way
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Digital Your Way


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Have the need for some great looking over sized digital print in a hurry?

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Digital Your Way

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  4. 4. 26" x 14.5" 4 color Process of all production color pages are printed on Xerox presses. IGEN 4
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  6. 6. Put us together and have results like this
  7. 7. Building on your success.In the past, your success could be digital or it could be litho. Going forward inchallenging conditions, it will likely be both. Trends show that business is looking fora complement to traditional offset printing—a solution that matches your output tothe right technology efficiently and cost effectively.You’ll know that you’ve found success when your customers come to you every time—and you are able to meet all of their requirements quickly and easily. M D B K F A C L EA C D F HFeeder module (up to Gripperless transport Easy-to-load, high- Intelligent fusing adjusts Top tray for interrupt jobssix), two paper trays mechanism allows capacity dry ink for differences in stock;each; load while run; up printing to within 1 mm containers; replace runs every sheet at Ito 30,000-sheet capacity of sheet edge; enhances while run rated speed Electronic collation with Duty Cycle: 3.75 million feeding reliability across offset stack delivery per month B a range of coated and E GLargest digital cut-sheet uncoated paper stock Single-point image Stacker module (up to J Speed: 6,600 4/0 iphformat, up to 14.33" x transfer to paper with four); (2) wheeled carts Optional document (110 ppm)22.5" (364 x 572 mm) speeds up to 6,600 per stacker; unload finishing interface (110 prints per minute) while run enabling various inline 4/0 impressions per hour finishing devices6
  8. 8. We can help you get there.We can share our experiences from helping printing partners around the world.iGen4™ uses patented innovative technology and the power of automation to deliverthe world’s most productive digital press with 25 – 35% productivity gains, highermonthly volumes, and high definition image quality to capture more pages and profit. K L MAuto Density Control Inline Spectrophotometer Auto Carrier DispenseEvery press, be it digital or litho, can be susceptible We integrated a spectrophotometer into the This new method of combining dry ink andto density variations and streaks. The iGen4 Auto iGen4 paper path and made some pretty carrier yields consistent color uniformity fromDensity Control is patented technology designed remarkable things automatic—things like High the first print to the last and from job to detect streaks in output before they occur and Definition Linearization, Advanced Color Profiling, With Auto Carrier Dispense, operators no longerfix them without operator intervention. Spot Color Calibration and Color System Check. have to stop the machine and change the Those, in turn, give you more accurate color developer, resulting in greater machineThe system automatically measures the image faster, more stable color over time, PANTONE® availability and productivity.density for a series of test patches from the matching, and a level of productivity you’vetop and bottom of the page. If it detects a never experienced.difference, it digitally compensates for anyinconsistencies—ensuring consistent imagedensity across the page. H J G I 7
  9. 9. Specifications for the Xerox® iGen4™ PressPrinting Speed SmartPress™ Paper Handling Dimensions • Mixed stocks in a single run (up to 12)• Up to 6,600 full process color A4 (letter) Overall standard press dimensions iGen4 (image • Same-edge perfecting registration 4/0 impressions per hour (110 impressions tower, two feeders, one stacker) • Straight paper path per minute) • 23 8" x 6 x 8 (L x W x H) 7210 x 1829 x • Wide-radius inverter for second-side imaging• 1,500 A3 (tabloid) 4/4 sheets per hour 2438 mm (L x W x H) • Collated sets • 7,892 lb (3580 kg)Image Quality • Wheeled stacker cartResolution • Load-while-run paper capability and unload Xerox FreeFlow® Print Server SmartSize™ Technology (iGen4 exclusive)• 600 x 4800 dpi • Throughput from 40 to 120 ipm based on image/ • Integrated Parallel RIP technologyLine screens paper size • ICC Device Link Capability• 150 lpi, 175 lpi, 200 lpi, 300 lpi, • Seamless interoperability with FreeFlowProcess colors Input Capacity Product Suite• Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black • Adobe® PostScript®, PDF 1.7, PCL5, TIFF, FRF • Up to six feeder modules/12 trays • Adobe® Acrobat® 8Paper Format • Up to twelve trays • ConfidentColor Technology • Each tray holds 10"/254 mm (2,500 sheets• Maximum sheet size: • Job and production management GUI 80 lb coated text/120 g/m2) 14.33" x 20.5" (364 x 521 mm); • Concurrent receive, RIP, print • Any supported stock in any tray optional 14.33" x 22.5" (364 x 571 mm) • AFP/IPDS • Up to 30,000-sheet capacity or more• Minimum sheet size: 7" x 7" (178 x 178 mm) • VIPP®, PPML, Optimized PostScript®, Optimized Delivery PDF for VDPImage Format• Maximum image area is 2 mm less than sheet size • Up to four stackers Xerox CX Print Server, • Two carts per stacker (1 mm border on all sides) • Stacker cart holds 12"/305 mm (3,000 sheets Powered by Creo™ • Intel®/Microsoft®-based platformPaper Weight (all trays) 80 lb coated text/120 g/m2) • Creo™ Spire™ workflow • Stacker top tray• Uncoated: 16 lb bond to 130 lb cover, • Collated offset stack delivery • Ethernet support 60 g/m2 to 350 g/m2 • Up to 12,000-sheet capacity • Adobe® PostScript®, PDF 1.5, PDFX3, TIFF,• Coated: 60 lb text to 130 lb cover, 90 g/m2 TIFF.IT, EPS, RTP, Adobe® Acrobat® 6 to 350 g/m2 Optional • Color management features Roll Input • Job management GUIPaper Flexibility • Concurrent receive, RIP, print • DocuSheeter™ iG provides up to 50,000• Coated, uncoated, textured, specialty stocks additional sheets per roll (based on • VPS, VIPP®, PPML, caching support for variable• Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide 8.5" x 11"/A4; 20 lb bond/75 g/m2) data printing variety of labels, synthetics, DocuCard®, Never • Delivered directly into the paper path Tear, DuraPaper®, UltraMagnet, DocuMagnet • Sheets per roll varies based on core size, Xerox EX Print Server,• Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed• No drying time cut size, and paper type (coated/uncoated, Powered by Fiery® caliper weight, etc.)• Transfer overdrive (optional) Features Inserter • Increase profits through faster setup and • One inserter module, two traysTechnology Features processing of high margin, complex jobs • Enables the addition of specialtySmartPress™ Imaging • Ensure color accuracy and consistency sheets to a job after the fusing process• ICC Source and Destination and Network Standard Interfaces (i.e., embossed stocks) Fast Path Profiling • TCP/IP, Novell® iPX (NDS), IPP AppleTalk®, Inline Finishing• Color check for color monitoring EtherTalk® Phase II, LPR/LPD • Booklet making with Xerox SquareFold™ Booklet• Single-point transfer printing • SMB print sharing (over TCP/IP) Maker or C.P. Bourg Document Finisher (BDFx)• Closed-loop controls with Inline File Support with Square Edge Option (SQE), Duplo® inline Spectrophotometer • Adobe® Postscript® Level 1, 2, 3 Adobe PDF 1.5, 1.6 Booklet Maker• Benchmark gamut of CMYK dry inks and 1.7 (Acrobat® 6, 7 and 8) • Perfect binding with Xerox Book Factory• Load dry inks while running • PDF/X-1a and 3 • Lay flats with GBC® Fusion Punch II™ • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) DCS 2.0, CT/LW • UV Coater Tagged Image File Format (TIFF and TIFF/IT) Variable Information Solutions • JPEG • FreeFlow Variable Information Suite, XMPie® and other industry partners 460 West 34th Street New York NY 10001