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Curriculum Collection Tour


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A virtual tour of the Curriculum Collection on the lower level of the Dick Smith Library on the Stephenville campus of Tarleton State University.

A virtual tour of the Curriculum Collection on the lower level of the Dick Smith Library on the Stephenville campus of Tarleton State University.

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  • Shelves in the Curriculum Collection area contain (working outward from the Staff Offices):
    Posters and Pictures, Big Books, math manipulatives, science and social studies kits, Spanish/English paired paperback picture books (on low shelves)
    Reference and Periodicals (first two rows of tall bookshelves – a row is one side of a double-sided bookshelf)
    Children’s Fiction (PZ) and Nonfiction books – next nine rows of tall bookshelves
    Current State-Adopted K-12 Textbooks – next three rows of tall bookshelves
    Educational Resources (teaching guides, etc.) – next row of tall bookshelves
    Agricultural Education resources and Grassburrs – next row of tall bookshelves
    Out-of-date (out of state adoption) K-12 Textbooks – last six rows of tall bookshelves
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 Lower Level Tour From the stairs or elevator, we will circle to the left.
    • 2. You may check out any items on display behind the reference desk. Librarian Amanda Pape is usually on duty here 9 AM- 5 PM Monday through Friday, except when she is in meetings, teaching, or out of the office. 2
    • 3. Curriculum Workroom What it Contains: • Trudy’s Books • ENC Materials • Kathy Smith Books (KS) • Binder with combs • Laminator • Die Cuts * Patrons must bring their own paper for die cuts * Materials in this room can only be hand checked
    • 4. Laminating • Laminating must be done by Special Services staff. • Laminating costs $1.00/ft (minimum charge $1.00) • Patrons can pay with cash, check, or Texan Bucks • Laminating hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM • Largest width for lamination is 25 inches • Anything larger (i.e. some posters) need to be folded and sent through twice. Patrons will be charged for this plus $1 for extra labor to cut open and refold items for second pass. 4
    • 5. Trudy’s Books and Kathy Smith Books Trudy’s Books • Method and activity books donated by Trudy Carlson • Subject index is available • Lots of bulletin board & center ideas! Kathy Smith Books (KS) • Math and science items donated by Kathy Smith • Lists of items are available *These items must be hand checked 5
    • 6. The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) Obtained with grants, these include math and science: • books, magazines, and reading materials • kits with supplies for experiments *All items must be hand checked *Special permission is required to check out kit items. Consumables are NOT checked out. 6
    • 7. The Curriculum Collection Contains (in this order): • Big Books & paired Spanish/English picture books • Math manipulatives • Science & Social Studies kits • Education Reference books • Education Resource books • Ag Ed books & Grassburrs • Children’s books • State-adopted K-12 textbooks • Out-of-date K-12 textbooks (these will soon go away) 7
    • 8. Short Stacks near the Office • Big Books* • Math, science, social studies materials, tools, and manipulatives • Spanish and English picture book pairs* * most items are barcoded and check out for 7 days. New books are often on display on top of these stacks. 8
    • 9. Reference - Building Use Only - Includes resources for Author Studies & Math in Literature lesson plans 9 EDUC Resource & EDUC AG - Teacher resources (curriculum guides, etc.), including Agricultural Education resources - Items can be checked out for 4 weeks
    • 10. Children’s and Young Adult Books In Library of Congress call number order • two rows of nonfiction (A – PY call numbers) • six rows of mostly fiction (PZ call numbers) • one row of nonfiction (Q – Z call numbers) 10
    • 11. Textbooks • Current State Adoptions o Grade levels are at the end of the call number o Teacher editions are designated with a T • Out of Date Textbooks – have a red X on the spine; will soon be going away NO college textbooks! 11
    • 12. Check Out at Circulation - Main Floor 7-day checkout: children’s books, current K-12 textbooks 4-week checkout: out-of-date textbooks, EDUC AG, and EDUC RESOURCE materials. 12 Students can have up to 20 items from throughout the library checked out at one time.
    • 13. Hand Check Materials • Trudy’s books • ENC Kits and Books • Kathy Smith Books (KS) • Some manipulatives and other tools and materials These items do not have bar codes. Hand checks are done by Amanda ONLY Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. 13
    • 14. 14 Contact Information: Amanda Pape Coordinator for Archives and Special Services Dick Smith Library Tarleton State University Box T-0450 Stephenville, TX 76402 254-968-9251 Office: Lower Level, Room B05B I'm in Facebook! Twitter: @AmandaPapeMSLS Above: QR Code for my wiki home page: or