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Welcome backtoschool!!


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Welcome backtoschool!!

  1. 1. Welcome to Our Classroom!Please enjoy your breakfast as you complete the activity on your desk. Thank you! 
  2. 2. About Me!
  3. 3. My Classroom Expectations!You will learn in this classroom!You will be held accountable for your learning!We are family!We are the best!
  4. 4. Give Me Five!• Eyes on Speaker• Lips Closed• Hands and feet quiet• Sit up or stand up straight• Ears listening
  5. 5. Class Rules• Follow directions the first time they are given.• Keep hands and feet to yourself.• Use an inside voice.• Respect your class, teacher, and peers.• Keep your area and classroom clean.• Do not touch Tim, Eiki ,document camera and teacher’s desk.• No bad language, bullying or put downs
  6. 6. Consequences for your Actions!3rd Warning- No Recess/ Note Home4th Warning- No Recess/Phone Call HomeReflection Letter5th Warning- Trip to Office
  7. 7. Good Behavior!• Prize box• Free time• Extra Recess• Computer Time
  8. 8. Procedure: Lining up and walking in the hallway!• Hands and feet to yourself!• Quiet at all times!• Looking forward at all times!• In number order!• One behind the other• No partner walking• Practice
  9. 9. Procedure for bathroom/water
  10. 10. Morning Routine• Turn in Homework Folder• Get Breakfast/Clean up Breakfast• Sharpen pencils and have supplies ready• Handwriting Practice• DOL• Writing Journal (during announcements)• No talking during announcements
  11. 11. Dismissal• When the bell rings• Clean up your area- make sure no trash or supplies are on the ground near or around your desk• Stack chair• Grab Homework folder• Line up
  12. 12. Turning in Assignments• Please number your paper and place in order!• First and last name on all papers• The date on all papers
  13. 13. Keep it Clean!!• Your desk• Computer tables• Book shelves• Floor
  14. 14. Classroom Helpers• Computer Center• Bookshelf Crew• Breakfast Crew• Light Monitor• Passing Supplies• Trash Patrol• Homework Patrol• Teacher Helper• Library Crew
  15. 15. Hand out Resources/Book InventoryPlease write your first and last name on allbooks!• You are responsible for your books!• Do not take any books home (only library books)• Move into your desk
  16. 16. Set Up Homework Folder• Pass out school forms!• Place them in proper place!• Make multiplication cards to study!
  17. 17. Make your Study Cards!• 2x0=0 • 2 x 6= 12• 2x1=2 • 2 x 7= 14• 2x2=4 • 2 x 8= 16• 2x3=6 • 2 x 9 = 18• 2x4=8 • 2 x 10= 20• 2 x 5 = 10 • 2 x 11= 22 • 2 x 12= 24
  18. 18. Set up Journals and folders• Set up Math Folder/Target Math• Make Place Value Vocabulary Foldable• Quiz- addition and subtraction• Reading/Poetry Journal• Read only first page of My Diary from here to There
  19. 19. You are an Author!!• Set up Writing Journal/Writing Folder• First Writing Prompt- The best day of summer was when I …
  20. 20. All about Me Activity!!• I am good at….• My favorite subject is…• I love to…• I can….• I live with…• My favorite color is…• My favorite sport is…
  21. 21. Science Journal• What does a Scientist look like?
  22. 22. Nouns Lesson• Brainpop- g/word/nouns/