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A virtual tour of the Curriculum Collection on the lower level of the Dick Smith Library on the Stephenville campus of Tarleton State University.

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  • Lots of changes on the library’s lower level this year
  • Librarian Amanda Pape’s office is in B08. Feel free to knock and come in if she is in there.
  • Trudy’s books and the ENC collection are in the last shelves in the Curriculum Collection, after the state-adopted K-12 textbooks.
  • The Curriculum Workroom is now back in the AV area.
  • Curriculum Collection Tour

    1. 1. Dick Smith Library Curriculum Collection Tour
    2. 2. Lower Level Display Area Reference Desk
    3. 3. You may check out any items on display behind/on the reference desk. The desk is staffed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 3
    4. 4. The Curriculum Collection Contains: • Children’s books - fiction and nonfiction • Textbooks (K-12) • Education Resource Books • Grassburrs that circulate • Reference Books • Big Books • Teacher Resources • Agriculture Education Books • Spanish/English picture book pairs
    5. 5. Lower Level C H A N G E Sara Tyler Area
    6. 6. Sara Tyler Memorial Area • Big Books (some English/Spanish pairs) • Spanish and English small picture book pairs • Some math manipulatives • Science and social studies teacher resources Some items have bar codes, but many items here are hand-check items. New Book displays are often found on top of the short stacks – feel free to check them out!
    7. 7. English –Spanish Small Book Pairs
    8. 8. English –Spanish Big Book Pairs
    9. 9. Reference* Materials here include: -Reference books for Author Studies -Math in Literature lesson plan books *Building Use Only – cannot be checked out 10
    10. 10. Education Resources, Agriculture Education, and Grassburrs Agriculture Education section contains high school textbooks and A&M materials with EDUCAG in the call number. Grassburr section has yearbooks that can be checked out. Education Resource section contains K-12 curriculum guides and activity books, as well as career guides. Most have RESOURCE in the call number.
    11. 11. Children’s and Young Adult Books In Library of Congress call number order • two rows of nonfiction (A – PY call numbers) • six rows of mostly fiction (PZ call numbers) • one row of nonfiction (PZ 10.3 – Z call numbers) 12
    12. 12. Textbooks Current state-adopted textbooks for Kindergarten through 12th grade, with teacher’s editions. All have “GR” near the end of the call number and indicate the grade level(s). Almost all teacher’s editions have a “T” after the grade.
    13. 13. Lower Level C H A N G E Trudy’s, ENC, and Kathy Smith Books
    14. 14. Trudy’s Books and Kathy Smith Books Trudy’s Books* • Method and activity books donated by Trudy Carlson • Subject index is available Kathy Smith Books* (KS) • Math and science items donated by Kathy Smith • Lists of items are available *These items must be hand checked Barcoded K-12 curriculum guides and activity books are found in the Resources section. 15
    15. 15. The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) Obtained with grants, these include math and science: • books, magazines, and reading materials • kits with supplies for experiments *All items must be hand checked *Kits are in librarian’s office and special permission is required to check out kit items. Consumables from kits are NOT checked out. 16
    16. 16. Lower Level Curriculum Workroom
    17. 17. Curriculum Workroom What it Contains: • Comb Binder & Plastic Combs (in desk drawer) • Free Book Exchange • Die Cuts & Machines* * Limited paper available
    18. 18. Freebies! - Lots of reading-related posters and advance reader editions. - Auxiliary sample material, workbooks, etc., from K-12 textbook adoptions.
    19. 19. Check Out at Circulation - Main Floor 7- day checkout: • Children’s books, • Current K-12 textbooks 20 Students can have up to 20 barcoded items from throughout the library checked out at one time. 28-day checkout: • EDUC RESOURCE items • EDUCAG items
    20. 20. Materials That Can Be Checked Out at Circulation Almost everything with a bar code on it! Building Use Only: Reference Books
    21. 21. Hand Check Materials – Items Without Barcodes • Trudy’s Books • ENC Kit Items and Books • Kathy Smith Books (KS) • Some math manipulatives and other resources Hand checks are done by library staff ONLY, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 22
    22. 22. Here to Help YOU: Yeidi* Rios *(pronounced Jay-dee) User Services Assistant At Lower Level Reference Desk M-F 8-10 a.m. Office in B05
    23. 23. Here to Help YOU: Amanda Pape Coordinator for Archives and Special Services (aka Lower Level Librarian) Office in B08