Weeding for School Libraries by Kristy Gates


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Presentation by Kristy Gates at the Librarian's Luncheon by the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library on August 8, 2014.

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Weeding for School Libraries by Kristy Gates

  1. 1. Weeding your Collection Kristy Gates Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library
  2. 2. Why we weed • “A good library collection is like a good haircut. It’s not what you cut—it’s what you leave.” • Anne Felix, Grand Prairie (Texas)Public Library System
  3. 3. Why we weed • The school library supports a curriculum and materials must reflect this fact. • Your collection should be age and developmentally appropriate. • It should support the learning goals of your school.
  4. 4. The benefits of weeding • You save space • You save time • You will keep your library current and exciting • You will have a greater knowledge of your library’s collection
  5. 5. Shelves examples CRAMPED Nice and Neat
  6. 6. Getting Started • Review your Collection Development Policy • Consider your school district’s policies and standards • Check for curriculum updates • What are your goals for the collection?
  7. 7. Getting started • Take a close a look at your library’s collection. Consider cluttered areas, books shelved too high or low, or items that look ragged and shabby • Gather statistics
  8. 8. Our adventures in weeding
  9. 9. Crew Method of weeding • M-misleading :Look for “dated” popular fiction, obsolete information, books containing racial, cultural stereotypes • U-ugly :Books that are worn-out frayed, dirty and are unable to mend • S-superseded: Look for duplicates, almanacs, yearbooks, encyclopedias superseded by newer editions • T-trivial: Look for poor writing, inaccurate information, inappropriate interest or reading level for your students • Y-your collection has no use for book • https://www.tsl.texas.gov/ld/pubs/crew/index.html
  10. 10. Crew Method of Weeding • Easy Readers/Picture books-Weed any book that has not circulated in the past two years. Picture books are so heavily used that every title should go out at least once in a two-year period. • Juvenile Fiction-Copyright is less important than use, but consider weeding anything that hasn’t circulated in the past two years. • YA Fiction-Keep this section very current. Any item that has not circulated within two years should be considered.
  11. 11. Non Fiction/Copyright Considerations • 000’s-2-10 years • 100’s-10 years • 200’s-5-10 years • 300’s-5-10 years • 400’s-10 years • 500’s-5-10years • 600’s 5-10 years • 700’s-5-15years • 800’s- flexible • 900’s-15 years • Biographies-flexible • Enclyopedias-5-7 years • Periodicals-5 years • Almanacs/Yearbooks- 3 years in reference, 3 additional years in circulation • Fiction-10 years • Reference- requires constant evaluation
  12. 12. Keepers • Classics • Award Winners • Local History • Annuals/School Publications • Biographical sources
  13. 13. Quick tips for weeding • Everyone has at least 15 minutes at some point during the week to weed • Take a section at a time, pull books that at first glance look like they might need to be weeded. • Look at each book and apply the selection and weeding principles to each title.
  14. 14. What to do with your weeds • Book Sales • Donate to other groups (Nursing Homes, FOL Book Store) • Distribution or selling through various organizations http://www.betterworldbooks.com/ • Recycling centers/Disposal • Switch with others • http://bookmooch.com/ http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php
  15. 15. Get Creative • Be an artist! Scrapbooks, decoupage, furniture, etc. http://tinyurl.com/ppd6q65 http://tinyurl.com/nkbbvph
  16. 16. More Creative ideas • http://www.care2.com/greenliving/20-ways-to-reuse-old-books.html • http://savedbylovecreations.com/2012/04/50-things-to-make-from-old- books.html • http://www.funforever.net/archives/dont-try-this-at-home/ • http://www.ninakatchadourian.com/languagetranslation/sortedbooks.ph p
  17. 17. Looking for a way to boost circulation? • A great way to get books to circulate at your library is to put them on display
  18. 18. Book Displays
  19. 19. Book Displays Suggestions • Student’s Picks • People you should meet • Good books you may have missed • Last Chance Reads
  20. 20. Questions? • What are some problems you encounter with weeding? • What are your weaknesses when it comes to weeding? What do you have hard time letting go of? • Any helpful suggestions for first time weeders?
  21. 21. Concluding thoughts • “Weeding, when viewed as a normal part of a school library’s routine does not involve hot summer days or brown paper bags surreptitiously stored in the trunk of the school librarian’s car.” • http://awfullibrarybooks.net/
  22. 22. My Info • Kristy Gates • Information Services • kgates@libraryinjonesboro.org • http://www.libraryinjonesboro.org/what- read-next • http://ccjplbookchats.tumblr.com/