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FundRef, or Name That Funder!

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  • difficult for all stakeholders (funders, researchers, research institutions, publishers, and the public) to track or analyze published results.


  • 1. Or, Name That Funder!FundRef
  • 2. The ChallengesPublishing industryFunders2
  • 3. Publishers FundersBroad view of research producingpublications and sponsoringorganizations worldwideKnowledge of agency-fundedresearch, government programs andpolicies, and guidance granteesreceiveWell-defined publishing systemsand peer-review processWell-defined award systems andresearch management processRelationship with authors ofmanuscripts submitted forpublicationRelationship with researchers fundedby agency
  • 4. Pilot Report issuedhttp://www.crossref.org/fundref/FundRef_Pilot_Project_Report.pdfMarch 2012March 2013Approved by CrossRef• Publishers, Manuscript Tracking Systems captured funderinformation on submission• 40+ staff from all organizations.• The proof of concept was deemed successful.Finish
  • 5. The FundRef workflow
  • 6. 11Industry-wide methodology for connecting scholarlypublications to research funders demonstratedFunder name and grant number metadata depositedto CrossRefScival funder taxonomy (contributed by Elsevier) usedRequirements for ongoing Funder Registry definedCrossRef to run Funder RegistryFundRef Search created
  • 7. FundRefdataFundref Search
  • 8. Funders in data now
  • 9. http://doi.crossref.org/fundref
  • 10. CrossRefCoordinate and manage FundRefMaintain Funder RegistryInclude FundRef data in metadataCharter advisory group
  • 11. Modify systems to collect and display controlled funderinformation metadata;Work with manuscript tracking systemsWork with production vendorsDeposit funder and grant info to CrossRef with or afterbibliographic metadata deposits
  • 12. • Funders:• Educate grant recipients• Explore ways to use FundRef data and DOIs• Authors:• Supply accurate funder name(s) and awardnumber(s)
  • 13. 21Researchers Evaluate scholarly content based on standardfunding information across publishersResearchInstitutionsTrack productivity of researchers and funderssupporting themPublishers Track funders supporting journal contentFundersDemonstrate scholarly outcome fromexpendituresPublic Monitor research spending and outcomes
  • 14. To Do• Arrange to maintain Funder Registry(taxonomy of 4000+ funder names)• Finalize Terms & Conditions for publishers• Spread the wordCrossRef• Plan implementation• Coordinate with vendors (manuscript tracking,production, online)Publishers• Assess access paths for FundRef data• Define access and search requirements• Investigate assigning DOIs to grants, proposals,reportsFunders
  • 15. FundRef IntegrationPrototype Implementation
  • 16. Autocomplete InteractiveData EntryCandidate list updates as each letter is“Starts with”as well asembeddedmatching
  • 17. AutocompleteInteractive Data EntryCandidate list narrows as morecharacters are typed
  • 18. Grant Identity and Multiple Funders
  • 19. Downstream Accessto CapturedFunding DataGrant information transmitted onwards topublisher production systems, accordingto agreed XML schemae
  • 20. Submission FormQuestion28eJournalPress Confidential
  • 21. Auto-Completion29eJournalPress Confidential
  • 22. Hieratical Data / ParentOrganizations30eJournalPress ConfidentialParent Organizations “Short Name” pre-pendedCan be search string
  • 23. ConfigurationScreens31eJournalPress Confidential
  • 24. Want to know MoreAbout FundRef? Handout available The FundRef Factsheet with Workflow Sign up for Webinar: May 9 See FundRef page at:www.crossref.org/fundref Talk to us32
  • 25. I Can Name thatFunder in 3 LettersNameThatFunder!
  • 26. Shameless Plug
  • 27. cmeyer@crossref.org@meyercarol