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  1. 1. 1929Nazi party has over 178,000 members60,000 members of Sturm Abteilung attend Nuremberg RallyThe beginning of the dirty thirty’s looked for the rise in popularity of the Nazi Party, mainlycaused by people wanting their country to be back on the world stage like it was once before.http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/images/michaelwalford/2006/10/06/triumph_of_the_will_stadium_shot.jpg?maxWidth=800&maxHeight=6001930Nazi Party wins 107 seats in ReichstagUnemployment reaches 4 million (estimate)As unemployment rises people are becoming more and more desperate, they’re no longerlooking up towards their old government but towards a new one, people are wanting to savethemselves.http://econ161.berkeley.edu/PageMill_Resources2/PageMill_Resources/image13.gif
  2. 2. 1931Ernst Rohm appointed SA LeaderSA has 4 times the amount of soldiers as the German ArmyPeople were looking for ways to support their political choices, and what better way to helpand support the Political party of choice then to join the army backing it. This showed thatyou were willing to fight for your cause and for your country.http://www.militaria.name/thumbnail.php?pic=uplimg/img_A_480377_77c301ea3cf3afb4c8110be7a62ecd13.jpg&w=500&sq=Y&b=Y1932Paul von Hindenburg Beats Hitler in electionsSA BannedHitler wanted to change Germany forever, and if he was going to do this he couldn’t lose topeople in becoming the Chancellor of Germany. He banned the SA and in doing so many weremad at him, including SA members.http://www.wdr.de/themen/kultur/stichtag/2007/10/_img/bild1002_400h.jpg
  3. 3. 1933Hitler becomes German CitizenEnabling Bill passedhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-14439,_Rede_Adolf_Hitlers_zum_Erm%C3%A4chtigungsgesetz.jpg1934Night of the long KnivesHindenburg dies, Hitler becomes chancellor and Presidenthttp://warrelics.eu/forum/military_photos/photos-papers-propaganda-3-reich/23507d1230915856-hindenburg-death-newspaper-hdz.jpg
  4. 4. 1935Germany rejects treaty of VersaillesHitler creates the Luftwaffe once morehttp://ww2germanhelmets.com/images/M35-Luftwaffe-DD-Snakeleg_decal.jpg1936Hitler and Mussolini form AllianceHitler and German Army enter the Rhinelandhttp://www.histories-humanities.tcd.ie/extramural/images/HitlerMussolini.jpg
  5. 5. 1937Guernica Spain is bombed by the LuftwaffePro-German riots arise in Sudetenland Czechoslovakiahttp://moviesovermatter.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/1937-guernica.jpg1938Hitler orders German army into AustriaNeville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler sign the Munich Agreementhttp://www.toytowngermany.com/munich/chamberlain-munich-conference-1938.jpg
  6. 6. 1939German Army invades CzechoslovakiaNazi-Soviet Pact signed between Hitler and Stalinhttp://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2009/01/03/images/Joseph-Stalin-Adolf-Hitler.jpg
  7. 7. Germany rejects treaty of Versailles 1935:This is the number one event which nationalism played a role in because the fact that inorder for a government to work you need the support of the people. When Nazi Germanyrefused the treaty it showed that it’s [people believed in their country and their leader. Theyall thought that the treaty was too harsh on them as a nation and felt that they needed to dosomething about it.SA has 4 times the amount of soldiers as the German Army 1931:This is the 2nd event which nationalism played a huge role because of the huge support thatthe Sturm Abteilung received from its people. If the people did not believe in their countrythey would not be willing to fight for it, and the size of the SA clearly showed how far peoplewere willing to go to win and fight for their country.Hitler and German Army enter the Rhineland 1936:Nationalism played a huge role into this event because Hitler was able to get everythingorganized with the help of his followers and believers in his country, he was able to produceweapons and ruck sacks for his soldiers armour and everything from the people in Germany.He was able to persuade the people to go back to war after suffering such a loss in WWIGuernica Spain is bombed by the Luftwaffe 1937:Not only was Hitler able to rebuild his Air Force he was able to get pilots and gunners into itquick. He convinced multiple men to join and be trained. It gained the fourth spot because itwas not a huge movement like the invasions were, but it did play a crucial role in showingthat Germany was ready to pick a fight, along with its people and nation behind it.Enabling Bill passed 1933:Getting this act signed by the then President Hindenburg was a big step towards nationaldominance of Germany for Hitler, It meant that the Cabinet members could create lawswithout the Reichstag, meaning once Hitler came into power he could create laws without theapproval of the rest of the government, this meant Hitler could easily accomplish what hewanted to. Such as trying to make his nation a “Better Place” by removing people which hethought were an infestation to it, and those who did not help it.
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