Virtue, vice, ambition, duty


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The visual part of the Human Strengths and Weakness' Project.

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Virtue, vice, ambition, duty

  1. 1. “With this as your standard, you shall have victory!”
  2. 2. Duty The Medieval empires were known to be large followers of the catholic faith, and from time to time, the Pope would call forth a crusade, a holy campaign, to take forth land and convert the nation of that country to the Catholic belief, many empires would come forth due to their loyalty to the Vatican and the pope to help in the Crusades. This was the ultimate duty for these empires. On the Previous Slide I have a Holy Crusade Soldier, bearing the Cross and symbol of Templars. Beside a Cruesade cross and saying, “In Hoc Signo Vinces” Meaning, “with this standard, you shall have victory” taught to every soldier, these people would unite and show the greatest sense of Duty, in all of the medieval times “Something you have to do because of a commitment”
  3. 3. “Murderisbornoflove,andloveattainsthegreatestintensityinmurder”
  4. 4. Vice • The red patched background symbolizes the dark and evil (red often symbolizing evil in modern society) things that create the reason for a murder. The Handle is one holding the blade which is created of a couple words (bolded letters spell murder) others symbolize some of the feelings for both the victim and the murderer (Punish, Pleasure, Shoot, etc. Symbolizing the murderer and Fear, innocent, etc. Symbolizing the victim.) “Doing something, that would be considered bad or wrong by others.”
  5. 5. “Ambition is slowing down one day, and realizing where you want to be.”
  6. 6. Ambition • Ambition is portrayed in boh the quote (which i have related to the image itself) in a way that one man has stopped in his tracks, while others around him hurridly move past him in a blur. The man is starring at the top of a building. Symbolizing that he wants to get at the top, unlike the others he took the time to stop and realize, that he wants to be the one in charge. The warmer neutral colours in the picture bring out a sense of greatness (especially the top floor which is accented with a brighter glow around it) attention is brought to the man because he is taller then the others (or portrayed to be) and not in a blur, so more attention is brought to him and not the people around him. “Something that you want to do so badly that you will do anything in order to accomplish or to do it “
  7. 7. “Saying you will help and rise up among the others is nothing, compared to those in which physically rise up and help others.”
  8. 8. Virtue • In the past picture you have a red hand among blue hands, the blue hands symbolize those which say they will get out and help, while appearing to help they have no strive to stand among the others and actually help, or stand out above the others, while the red hand (red is a sharper colour which brings attention to it a lot faster the blue) is higher then others, not in power as it’s the same as the others, it just strived to reach further in the people, animals, or places it’s helped, it’s reach surpasses those around it so it can physically help those that need a helping hand. “Doing something that you think/feel is right.”