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47th IATEFL Annual Conference. Liverpool, 2013

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  • There are many options and they can all be good depending on your objectives, the resources you have and your students’ interests.
  • Contextualised: history plays in Elizabethan theatre – England at war through history
  • Online summary‘The purse’ sceneBranagh’s versionE-text: MITOnline glossaryBlog
  • Will & the Web

    1. 1. Will & the WebShakespeare and the InternetChris Lima, Open UniversityIATEFL 2013
    2. 2. Overview Context and syllabus Using literature and new technologies Activities: Henry V Activities: Othello Extending classroom discussions Questions Links and bibliography
    3. 3. My Context English for Academic Purposes Undergraduate Erasmus / Study Abroad Programme B2 / C1 Two free-standing terms Two-hour session once a week Ten-week terms Two academic essays Credit bearing modules
    4. 4. The syllabus Language – literature – literary criticism Four skills (reading +) Academic writing Four genres Text - Performance Independent learning
    5. 5. ‘It is meat and drink to me’ As You Like It Make technology part of your everyday teaching Make it part of your lesson Make it match your objectives Make it simple Make it engaging Make it accessible Make it feasible Make it part of the homework
    6. 6. ‘It’s all one to me’ Troilus and Cressida YouTube Podcasts Google images Shakespearean websites E-texts Blogs Social media Discussion forums Online glossary Concordances Scholarly databases VLE Apps
    7. 7. What calls your attention? Message  Setting Language  Acting  Clothes  Colours  Music
    8. 8. DiscussWhat are thesimilarities anddifferencesbetween the twoscenes?
    9. 9. Find out What are the main  Circle at least 10 messages in both key words that are speeches? used in both texts. How similar is the  Underline at least 5 language they expressions or use? phrases that have similar meaning in both texts.
    10. 10. What would you do ifone of your best friendstold you that yourboyfriend/girlfriend ischeating on you?
    11. 11. What dost thou mean?
    12. 12. Discuss Isit easier to understand the dialogue after you watched it performed? Why do you think Branagh has adapted the text? How do the changes affect your understanding of the scene?
    13. 13. ‘Too much of a good thing’ As You Like It The Works Playing (with) Shakespeare Academic sources Resources for teachers & students Online Reading Group
    14. 14. ‘All that glitters is not gold’ The Merchant of Venice Technology can be unreliable Technology does not replace reading Technology does not replace the theatre Technology does not replace thinking Technology does not teach for you
    15. 15. ‘And farewell friends’ The Merchant of Venice Suggestions for further reading
    16. 16. Thank youchrislima90@yahoo.co.ukhttp://chrislima90.wordpress.com