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  • 1. Barter 3.0A Flight to Simplicity Chris CookIRTA Convention Ocho Rios 14th September 2012
  • 2. Barter 3.0 - Asset-based Credit Direct Peer to Asset investment in the use value over time of productive assets Production and/or revenue sharing between investor and user of investment for as long as the investment is used There is a return on investment in moneys worth but no money purely for the use of money Sharing of risk and reward – no default Two key classes: land/location based credit, and energy-based credit
  • 3. Capital Partnership – Nondominium Users Payment Use Custodian Custodian % % Investors Managers
  • 4. Capital Partnership reinvents Equity
  • 5. Equity Shares - % age shares in flows of revenue or production03/04/10 5
  • 6. Stock – returnable in payment for use value eg rentals, Kilowatt Hours
  • 7. Capital Partnerships are not Organisations 03/04/10 7
  • 8. They do not own anything, do anything,employ anyone, or contract with anyone...03/04/10 8
  • 9. Nondominium requires no legislation Users Users Payment Custodians Custodians (National) (National) % % Financial Capital Financial Capital Human Capital (Money, IP etc) (Money, IP etc) (Developers, Operators)03/04/10 9
  • 10. Land-based Stock – undated credits returnable in payment for occupation16/06/10 10
  • 11. Custodian is appointed or incorporated Houses Custodian Custodian
  • 12. Rental is agreed Occupiers Rental Custodian
  • 13. Proportional Share allocated to Manager Occupiers Rental Custodian % Manager
  • 14. Balance available for unitisation and sale Occupiers Rental Custodian % % Investors Managers
  • 15. Units of rental stock are sold to Investors at a discount to the rental value 16/06/10 15
  • 16. The discount and actual rental flow determines the rate of return16/06/10 16
  • 17. Investors lend direct to the land – not to the owner16/06/10 17
  • 18. Energy Pool User User Energy Custodian CustodianEnergy Energy Investor Investor Manager Manager
  • 19. Stock - returnable in payment for energy05/04/10 19
  • 20. Mega Watts: renewables funded by issuing stock from future production.05/04/10 20
  • 21. Nega Watt energy savings - the cheapest energy - funded by an Energy Loan09/03/10 21
  • 22. Energy Loans in KwH made to properties & repaid via utility bills out of energy saved09/03/10 22
  • 23. Funded by investors through buying Units of energy stock – energy loans 09/03/10 23
  • 24. Energy Loan of $5,00050 Units of 1 Megawatt Hour @ $100 per Unit 09/03/10 24
  • 25. 5,000 Units of 10 Kilowatt Hours @ $1.00 per Unit...and so on09/03/10 25
  • 26. Reduced energy bill paid to power supplier for energy consumed 09/03/10 26
  • 27. Energy loan repaid through buying unitsof stock from the Pool at the market price09/03/10 27
  • 28. Saving energy is saving money09/03/10 28
  • 29. Outcome – local stock exchanges? Dollars worth of Land-based credit/stock will be acceptable in settlement of obligations within a geographic area Dollars worth of energy-based credit/stock is acceptable in settlement everywhere Possibility of community level stock (not share!) exchanges with settlement in dollars worth – not dollars The barter industry is perfectly placed to lead the transition to Market 3.0 A networked and resilient economy may be built from the ground up with no change in any law
  • 30. Summary NewClear architecture enables extension of B2B to B2C through what present itself as a community-owned VISA 21st century forms of stock open up the possibility of community-based stock exchanges The barter industry could lead both What are you waiting for?
  • 31. Thank You03/04/10 31