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Eco cities energy

  1. 1. Local Environmental Taxation Incentives and/or Subsidies? Eco Cities Conference - OF4 Chris Cook Nantes 27th September 2013
  2. 2. “21st Century problems cannot be solved with 20th Century solutions”
  3. 3. Introduction - Resilience Resilience - the enduring power of a body or bodies for transformation, renewal and recovery through the flux of interactions and flow of events Resource Resilience – Natural Grid Financial Resilience – Open Capital
  4. 4. Resource Resilience – Natural Grid Since 1980 Denmark's GDP rose 78% Energy use has been stable Carbon fuel use has declined How did Denmark achieve this?
  5. 5. Resource Resilience - Natural Grid Least Energy Cost principle - not 'least Danish Krone cost' (or least $, € or £ cost) - minimum carbon fuel input for a given output of electricity, heat or power - investment in renewables, heat, transport, energy efficiency
  6. 6. Emerging Outcomes of Natural Grid policy - decentralisation - skills base of knowledge and knowhow: eg Vestas is the biggest global wind turbine a country of 6m people - trend to energy security and energy independence - not forgetting........reduction in carbon use
  7. 7. Financial Resilience – Open Capital Prepay – credit returnable in payment for value Protocols – Contrats de Société/social agreements
  8. 8. Prepay Tax
  9. 9. Tax Prepay Tax Prepay – credit returnable in payment of taxes Tax Return – 'stock' part of tally stick returned to Treasury Rate of Return - rate over time at which stock is returnable for cancellation eg Prepay £8 for £10 tax - £2 profit 25% pa rate of return - not fixed - depends on existence & quantity of flow
  10. 10. Capital Partnership Custodian (Community) Custodian (Community) InvestorInvestor UserUser Prepay % ManagerManager Value
  11. 11. Capital Partnership An agreement or Protocol: not an Organisation A consensually negotiated framework agreement for self organisation to an agreed common purpose Does not own anything; employ anyone; borrow anything; or contract with anyone A Co-operative of Co-operatives or Partnership of Partnerships
  12. 12. Energy Partnership Custodian (Community) Custodian (Community) InvestorInvestor ConsumerConsumer Prepay % % ManagerManager Payment
  13. 13. Energy Prepay – the Value Proposition Community - sells energy forward and locks in price - interest-free loan until prepay unit returned vs supply Consumer - prepays for energy and locks in price
  14. 14. Energy Prepay – the Value Proposition Investor - direct 'inflation hedge' investment in energy - Consumers buy credits from Investors at best price below physical energy price & return against supply Manager - shares in gross revenues or production - interests aligned with Investor - no 'Principal/Agency' problem
  15. 15. Energy Partnership - Outcomes Contrat de Société - relationship-based not transaction- based; costs transformed to revenue/production shares Neutrality – removes ego and politics Collaborative - stakeholder interests aligned Sustainable - shared interest in minimising cost over time
  16. 16. Nantes Green Deal – How it Works Investor pays €1k for Units in Nantes Energy Pool - 20 x 1 Mwh prepay Units @ €50 each; or perhaps - 2000 x 10 Kwh prepay Units @ 50c each Nantes Energy Pool invests at community level through energy loans eg community CHP/co-generation Loan repaid via energy bills through buying prepay energy units at market price in €
  17. 17. Nantes Green Deal Custodian Nantes Energy Pool Custodian Nantes Energy PoolInvestors Consumers Manager € Energy Loan Buy units @ market price € Prepay Prepay Units € €
  18. 18. Nantes Green Deal - Outcomes Cost-effective - interest-free return in energy to investor out-competes conventional € debt funding Incentives – consumers must save energy to save € Subsidies – energy dividend of energy prepay units replaces € subsidies Natural Grid - energy independence & resilience
  19. 19. 21st Century problems cannot be solved with 20th century solutions.........
  20. 20. …....21st century solutions pre-date modern finance