Nicole photoshoot analysis


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Nicole photoshoot analysis

  1. 1. Photoshoot Analysis - Nikki Mundy -
  2. 2. This image was taken at a skatepark, on a half pipe and was originally going to be used as the image for my double page spread however on review I think it would be better off as the front cover image as it is eye catching and breaking the rules and therefore similar to the format in kerrang. This image has had no effects added and simply the background removed however if I do use this as a cover page image I will most likely either add colour to the background or a different background to create a more eye catching image.
  3. 3. I think this image has a lot of story behind it, I believe the frustration on the models face illustrates the idea that todays education system adds a new kind of pressure to the teens and students of today. Continuing I added the whisky bottle as it not only illustrates the common alcoholism linked to the punk rock genre, I think it could also show the students need for a relief or as if they’re using the alcohol to cope with stress. I am considering using this for the double page spread as I think it highlights the issue spoken about in the article however it is under consideration.
  4. 4. After consideration I have decided to use this as my double page spread image, I think it highlights a lot of the factors in the article as well as illustrating the common punk ethos and views on schooling and partying. I think the image is fairly clear however could use some more depth.
  5. 5. I originally took this image to be used as a possible double page spread to represent the punk rock fight against the social norm. I edited the image using the water colour affect as well as adjusting the brightness and contrast of the images. However on review I have decided not to include it within my magazine as I believe the image itself wouldn’t fit the idea.
  6. 6. This image is fairly simple and doesn’t have much depth due to the camera used. However with the addition of the ‘Dark Strokes’ filter. This filter added depth and colour to the image as well as enhancing the colour contrast. I also changed the colour of her eyes from a light blue/green to a crimson red. I intend on using this image as a poster image for the magazine as I think the editorial effects have made it more of a poster image than that of a front cover or double page spread.