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11 comms info_bl_final 11 comms info_bl_final Presentation Transcript

  • Framework for CPWF  information and  f d communication  services  Emerging ways to  strengthen information  t th i f ti and communication at  all levels  all levels
  • Objectives of the sessionObjectives of the session  Provide Basins  with Provide Basins with Scope of  information &  communication within CPWF Overview of information and  communication services  Address issues related to  Add i l t dt information & communication  that have already been raised that have already been raised
  • Why information & communicationcommunication  Learning  Learning Access to  information & ideas Empowerment &  Ensuring voice g
  • We take a broad view of information and communicationinformation and communication  g ,Focused on behavior change, learning, facilitationInformation & data management tKnowledge Sharing (use of IT  glearning tools))Communication for Development Process facilitationPolicy advocacy /working w/mediaBranding/terminology
  • Networked approach, Decentralized & contextualized  • Internal communication & coordination • Outreach (media, news, intelligence, networking)Program  • Corporate Communication  • Synthesis and documentation of research level  • Coordinate and support basins, projects and topic  working groups • Develop guidelines and standards for use across • Develop basin communication strategy Basin  • Coordinate communication & info management in basin • Outreach (communication products, website media, news,  intelligence) i t lli )level • Policy advocacy /process facilitation/networking • Support projects to integrate communication  • Sharing information with other projectsProject  • Develop communication plan linked to OLMs • Documentation of research level level • Internal communication
  • Strategic Communication linked to defined changesdefined changes & M&E Assess & Analyze y (reflect and revise  (Who/What) based on learning) •Objectives, assessment KAS •Identify changes and how to  best achieve Design (how) Use & Implement  •Design of messages, media,  appeals and channels  Produce and  develop • Test  • Adapt
  • What services we can provide What services we can provide Internal sharing Global  Influencing the  knowledge  global agenda sharing  Info and  Comm support  Program  Support to Basins communication 
  • Internal sharing/communication Internal sharing/communication Info to manage What for Potential systemPublications & reference Collect, capture and present Currently in-built into site, D-materials our explicit knowledge space under considerationFinalized documents Collect & document internal Knowledge tree g documentsWorking documents Develop ideas and concepts Google docs mutually with several peoplePowerPoints Collect our explicit SlideShare knowledgePhotos FlickrVideos, films, etc YouTubeCPWF Contacts Networking and info sharing zohoResearch data sets Focus on meta-data. Feed Website for Phase 1, open into suitable not time-bound for an improved system (i.e. institutional systems. i tit ti l t D-space) D )Events Know who is doing what. Google calendar
  • Global knowledge sharing  What we can provide What ForDocument repository and  Disseminating International Publication Goodslinkages to global knowledge  (CPWF publications)banks System to be linked to CG system and others (i.e.  Google books, etc)Negotiation with publishers  Support to negotiating access and reuse rights to (journals and books) ensure we can use widelyCPWF Publication series Working Papers Briefing Notes  Outcome stories Case studies Links to other service providers/  Intelligence gathering on ways to link with other knowledge banksk l d b k similar networks  i il t k Facilitating access to information 
  • Support to basins  pp What we can provide What ForSupport to Basin Comm/Info  •Guidelines and standardsstaff staff •Support in conceptualizing targeting and developing Support in conceptualizing, targeting and developing  communication products to different audience  •Provide tools and approaches (or share between) •Developing network to learn and share/capacity  build Process facilitation and  •Support to facilitating meetings, designing workshop documentation supportdocumentation support processDocumenting results •Writing, use of  vide and other materials  •Writeshop processes Writeshop processes Links to other service •Intelligence gathering on ways to link with other pproviders/knowledge banks g similar networks 
  • Program Communication Program Communication What we can provide What ForKey messaging identification •Identify key messages of work and how they can be  packaged for different audiences and.or adapted to  regional/national levelsPromotional materials •Consistent use of terms/identity  •Production of Brochures, posters, etc to get out  messages to donors investors and others to donors, investors and others. Website support • to show what the working group has been producing Contact and partners support •Intelligence on potential partners, contact  information etc 
  • Influencing global agendaInfluencing global agenda What we can provide What ForLinkages to media •Linking to media through our own contacts or  media service companies, writing support to get  messages out, etc.  •Global progamming on rivers Gl b l i iMaintaining events calendar Providing intelligence on strategic meetings that are  held globally and regionally held globally and regionallyStrategy support •Ideas for getting messages more broadly heard at  g global processes.  p
  • DiscussionDiscussion  Clarifications on overall  Clarifications on overall focus and scope?  Anything missed? y g