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Developing Strategy plan for implementation of NVEQF in Open Schooling- June 20-21,2013
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Developing Strategy plan for implementation of NVEQF in Open Schooling- June 20-21,2013


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Presentation by Prof Ram Takwale

Presentation by Prof Ram Takwale

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Skill Development and Adult Learning Presentation By Ram Takwale At the Workshop on Implementation Strategy for NVEQF in Open Schooling in India Kochi, 20 June 2013
  • 2. Presentation Overview 1. Need of New Education 2. New Education and Skill Development 3. Need For New Organisation & Management: Global + Local 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 2
  • 3. Need of New Education in A3-Connected Society. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 3
  • 4. Background & Context for today’s Adult Learning • New Education is essential for globally A3- connected society. • New concepts, methodologies and organisations are emerging today: OCW, MOOCs, Meta University etc., leading to Mass Education in A3- Connectedness. • Existing models of education and development are manifestation of the Industrial Age; Not appropriate for the Information Age. • Search is on for New Education for globally A3- connected people. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 4
  • 5. Digital & A3 Connected People are Creating Educational Revolution • New Processes: o Digitization, Virtualization, o Mass-Personalization, and Self-Organisation o Globalized Cyber Space for each one- Cyber Infrastructure. • New Social Organisation Processes: o Open Resource - OER Movement o Social Networks - Self-organized & self-governed groups • Internet Access: Processing Power o Network Services o Broadband Internet (2G/3G), Access- Table Top /Lap top/Mobile phone, Tablet pc • Internet Generations of Communications o Zero - Face-to-Face, Local Group/Community o Kbps – Snail Mail : Textual o Mbps - Multi-Media, A-V / Products Communication o Gbps - Virtual Labs,, Simulations, Analytics, Group / Social / Process Commutations 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 5
  • 6. Two Models of Education: Western & Indian (Nai Talim) • Western: Industrial Model o Knowledge Industry: Form of a Factory o Hierarchical and Centralized o Linear, Conformist and Class creating; Kills creativity (Sir Ken Robinson) o Hidden Curriculum: • Consumerism, Capitalism and Competition • Unsuitable for Equality and Justice for All • Fragmented Education into Academic, Professional, Technological/Vocational streams: • Creates Fragmented Humans; Stratified Societies. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 6
  • 7. Indian Model: Nai Talim • Mahatma Gandhi’s Nai Talim: o Life Centric Education (follows life value chain) o Work centric education (creates Wholesome Work and SUPW) • J P Naik’s Role Based Learning (RBL) o Goal is to identify OWN Role & unique functions, o Become Change Maker. o Find Learning and Development / Career Paths o Tried and failed. • Nai Talim was rejected as o Anti-modern, Of agrarian nature, and o Unsuitable for developing industrial society- the need of human development in the age of 19-20th century. • Third Industrial Revolution of 21st Century o Offers decentralized and autonomous energy and industry generation. (Ref:Jeremy Rifkin) 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 7
  • 8. New Education Process Links Issues in NOW Situations SOCIETY + ECONOMY New Education LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT (LAD) Self /Social Development CREATING FUTURES 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 8 Learning Activities in Life and Work Situations should lead to Self and Social Development with roles of Change Maker for Creating Futures
  • 9. New Education and Skill Development 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 9
  • 10. Work Centric Education in A3 Connected Society Learning Working Use of Technology Tools Wholesome Work: SUPW Wholesome Work has integrated Routine, Rest, Progress and Pleasure. Goal is to find Career and Create Social Value and Wealth 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 10 New Education is based on
  • 11. New Education is based on • Life Centric Education: Path of Value Chain creation 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 11 Education Development Value Creation Transformation Goals: • Play multiple roles and become a Change Maker. • Find OWN role and UNIQUE functions • Create a career path • Rise in Culture & Creativity Development.
  • 12. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 12 NFEQF Levels General Education Levels (Academic Levels) Tech-Voc Education Nature of certification (Skill Levels) Higher General & Vocational Education Levels Remarks 0 Primary School Education (6-8th standards) Life skills -- No job linkages; only life related skill development. Added to make skill learning scale complete. 1 & 2 Secondary Schools (9- 10th std) Trade Certificates- I & II levels School Board Exams Job and work related – Workers at lower levels of skill application. 3 & 4 Senior Secondary (11- 12th std) Trade Certificate- III and IV levels School Board Exams Job and wok related – Workers at intermediate levels of skill application. 5 Polytechnics & First Year of Degree Advanced Level Certification and FY of degree Technical Board / University Exams Job specific skills at higher levels of working in existing or emerging areas of apps. 6 Second Year of Degree Program Diploma University Exam Applied and job related application skills: Existing and Emerging areas. 7 Third Year -Graduation University Academic/Vocational /Applied Diploma/Degree University Degree Employment area related apps. Existing or new job related; Use of new technologies and applications in networked social / agriculture/ industrial applications. 8 Post-Graduate One Year- Honors PG level Diploma or Degree with Honors- First Professional Degree University Degree with Hons OR First Academic/ Professional / Vocational degree in the areas of apps. 9 & 10 Masters and Research degrees Master’s Degree/ M. Phil and Ph.D degree Research and higher level innovation skills Apps in socio-economic issues and pure academic and systemic research/ reform applications NVEQF- As Given By Dr S S Jena and slightly modified
  • 13. Summary of NVEQF • Aligns Academic (K), Skill (S-Conative) and Use of Technology Tools- Builts Capacity (K,S, T) • Links academics with applied developmental areas for finding use of working outputs (Vocation Skill Development)- Builts Capability (Apps, Social Behavior and Attitudes) • Needs methodology to add Building Co-creativity through small/big /community working together for coop learning and creation of Social Common Value / Wealth. • Needs A3 Learning and Developing paradigm in Networked Education system. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 13
  • 14. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 14 INPUTS • OER-Concept and Activity • Activities: Activity, Assignments, Projects • CENTRAL: Course Team-Teachers • Primary Provider Community PROCESS • LOCAL: Local Study Center Teachers • Situations - Virtual/Local linked to Life and Work • Local Consortium and LAD Community • Role Playing- Coop Working /Learning RESULT • Wholesome Work- SUPW- Social Value/ Wealth • Self and Social Development • LAD and Career Paths • LAD Communities Organisation HOLISTIC LAD IN A3 CONNECTED COMMUNITIES
  • 15. Performance Evaluation– Portfolio Based Developmental Components Human/Social Centric Educational Parameters Process-Result Self and Social Development Measures Self-Development Social Development Creation of Personal / Social Wealth Capacity building Knowledge, Skills, Tech-tool use Capability building Applications, Attitude, Social behavior Co-creativity building Small and big group working Creation LAD group organization; Personal, Social Wealth Creation 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 15
  • 16. Four Components in Student’s Evaluation • Course Work -Roles Played: o Finding OWN role, unique functions and being Change Maker. • Practicum and Field-Lab Work: o Linkages with working life, creation of livelihood and social position; path & goal for creating own/ group futures. • Student’s Initiative: Other Field Activities by a student and groups: Originality, creativity and leadership • Project Work: Role and Contribution to social value /wealth. E-Personal / Group Portfolio are the tools for performance results and CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 16
  • 17. Need of New Organisation & Management: Global / Cyber + Local/ Real 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 17
  • 18. • Cyber Space to create virtual infrastructure connected to all students, teachers and managements. • Central Consortium for providing Course /Role based learning services: Organizes LAD Provider Community • Local Consortium for Quality School Education at the Nodal Agency (SVERI) and covers 20 km radius region linked by NKN connectivity at Pandharpur. • Uses OER based education and social networking of L-groups / communities. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 18 New Education Uses
  • 19. Local Cillage Circle (LCC) of Villages Course Team Global / Central: e-PASS Course Delivery Open Education Resources Distributed Classroom Local School College University College Team Students Teachers School Team Students Teachers University Team Students Teachers CONCEPT OF META UNIVERSITY-META SCHOOL 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 19
  • 20. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 20 Param Intervarsity Faculty of Education and Social Development School for Developmental Learning (SDL) Param School: Partnership with Stakeholders Apps in Industry, Services and Social Work Other Faculties: IT, e-Media, Social Sciences,.. Courses related to Education/ Development
  • 21. Need of Third Model of Development THIRD MODEL SHOULD HAVE: • Search by linking learning with social development. • Autonomous, decentralized, human & society centric learning and situated development. • Global knowledge for local development. • Creation and innovation - create livelihood and FUTURES. • Value and ethics based social organisation; promoting Sarvodaya and Antyodaya for equality and justice. • Socially participative with swaraj • Self-governing groups and LAD* communities. Political, economic and knowledge powers to the people. *LAD: Learning and Development 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 21
  • 22. Shikshan Pandhari Project in Maharashtra • Pilot to establish New Educational Model: o Central –Local System of A3-Connected Communities • Partnership at National & State Levels: o National: NKN, IIT- Mumbai, TIFR- HBCSE, BARC, TIFR -HBCSE o State: RGSTC, MKCL –MKF, State Universities, I-CONSENT, Many Education Experts, • Schools with Local Engineering College form local node: o 5 Schools(proposed 10) participating in rural area- Pandharpur, Sholapur dist. o Local School Consortium for Quality Schools and Developmental linkages. • TWO Programs: o School Education (Links with University, school system and locality) o School Teacher Education (Links with the University) • Goal to create Replicable Model: o Central resources /content free for all; o Local content / services are to have economic/social business model. 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 22
  • 23. Education poses Fundamental Issues • Education shapes Self and Social Development. How to balance between self and social? o Samavaya in Learning and Development.(Adwaita in Dwaita) • My personal existence has social dependence. How do I learn it and make myself capable and creative to exist and progress? o Use Social Knowledge / Wisdom o Learn cooperatively and collaboratively. o Let work be wholesome and social value creating. • What is the goal of my learning and development? My Learning and Development Path? o What are my goals? Life Mission? Nirmanee? o How do I link them with social/national/global development goals? 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 23
  • 24. Thank you all 20/06/2013 Ram Takwale:Skill Dev & Adult Learning 24 Contact Email: Visit: Blog: