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FAST for SharePoint 2010: How and Why?


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In organizations with SharePoint, CIOs are wondering, “What benefits come with replacing SharePoint Search with FAST?” CFOs are wondering “Are these benefits worth the extra cost?” And SharePoint …

In organizations with SharePoint, CIOs are wondering, “What benefits come with replacing SharePoint Search with FAST?” CFOs are wondering “Are these benefits worth the extra cost?” And SharePoint administrators are wondering, “What does it take to implement FAST, and how hard is it to actually realize the promised benefits?”

At SharePoint Saturday Michigan 2011, David C/D/H took a crack at answering each of these questions—and provided real world tips and tricks for successful implementation of FAST for SharePoint 2010.

View the slide deck to find out more about FAST vs. SharePoint Search. And for more information on this or other SharePoint topics, visit our blog at

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  • 1. CDHCDH FAST Search Server 2010 May 2011
  • 2. CDH Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 21st Year • Vendor Neutral • Microsoft Gold • Central Region Client• Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller Experience Award Winner Royal Oak • Professional • VMware Enterprise• 30 Staff Services Only • Cisco Premier • Novell Gold • Citrix Silver
  • 3. CDH Expertise Project Management Infrastructure Collaboration Access & Identity Management
  • 4. CDH CDH Talks Tech
  • 5. CDH About David Tappan David Tappan IOAp | MCITP:EA | MCP:SharePoint
  • 6. CDH Agenda • Introducing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint • Customizing search to meet your business needs • Building search-driven applications • FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint architecture • Q&A
  • 7. CDH Agenda • Introducing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint • Customizing search to meet your business needs • Building search-driven applications • FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint architecture • Q&A
  • 8. Search connects people with informationCDH Making people more productive and driving business outcomes People & Expertise Business Data Information Services My Work Enterprise Content
  • 9. Search solutions can be broadCDH and deep Productivity Search-Driven Search Experience Applications Connect all of your people with Drive measurable ROI by helping a a broad set of information business group make the most of a specific set of information • Enterprise content and data • Intranet sites • 360o customer insight • Team workspaces • Competitive intelligence • People and expertise • Research portals
  • 10. The Enterprise Search challengeCDH Many businesses invest in multiple solutions, with unsatisfactory results Productivity Search Experiences Need to be less Need to be more complex & costly interactive & personal to use company-wide to satisfy expectations People Opportunity Software Costs Costs Costs
  • 11. CDH Introducing FAST Search for SharePoint A new choice for enterprise search that eliminates compromise Productivity Search-DrivenSearch Experience Applications A Single, Cost-effective Infrastructure
  • 12. User Interface is visual and actionableCDH Visual and conversational interaction with precise control Deep Refinement Sort on any field Thumbnails Similar Results PreviewsBuilt on SharePoint Search Center Visual results connects users with contentLeverages all of innovations in SharePoint Thumbnails for Word and PowerPointOpen Web Parts, Federation, query suggestions, Visual Best Bets highlight premium contentrelated queries, Did you mean? Preview in browser without leaving the results
  • 13. CDH Visual Best Bets Visual cues to highlight essential content Visual Notification Web Part FlexibilityBuilt on SharePoint Keywords Easy and quick to setupMatches keywords and synonyms that are Point and click setup for site admins. Set and forgetcontextually relevant to users. Include banners, with content expiration dates . Web Parts allow forvideos, external websites. easy page customization
  • 14. Deep Refinement CDH Enables precise control of results Sorted by frequencyEnables conversationalexperienceYou will never miss anycontent; enabling betterfindability and explorationacross the entire result setProvides a sorted viewEach refiner is sorted by Exact Countsfrequency, from highest tolowest, indicating theimportance of each termContains exact countsLeads to discovering non-obvious relationships, keydata trends, and deepanalysis of your content
  • 15. CDH Agenda • Introducing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint • Customizing search to meet your business needs • Building search-driven applications • FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint architecture • Q&A
  • 16. Customize search to meet yourCDH business needs Key ingredients to a great customized search experience Search in the language of your business Deliver results that are contextually relevant Tune relevancy to meet diverse needs Process content with advanced linguistics Customize the user experience to build engaging applications
  • 17. Search in the language of your businessCDHIntroducing PipelineThe Contentthe Use terms and language that are unique to your organization mobile workforce direct mail revenue mergerProcessing & refinementFAST Content Processing PipelineProcessing &communications Taxonomy refinement Location Location – Automatically generate metadata cloud computing REDMOND, Wash., and OSLO, Norway — Jan. 8, 2008 from your content supply chain Productivity Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) – Entity extraction with the FAST Mapper audit Content Processing Pipeline best practices XML today announced that it will make an archive Companystorage acquisition Fast Search & – Metadata is the key to findability … … offer to acquire cost savings ASAMedia“FAST”), a Social (OSE: Transfer Profit Strategy Development leading provider of enterprise Concept • Leverage corporate knowledgeConfigurable customer relations search solutions, through a cash assets to determine metadata to Stages tender offer IP Telephony quality market share for 19.00 Norwegian extract kroner (NOK) per share. This offer – Corporate taxonomies Entity Competition SOX compliance42 percent premium to – Business terminology represents a Date Extraction risk target markets the closing share price on Jan. 4, part numbers (the last trading day prior to this – Product names 2008 – Acronyms brand management Language Global presence Company announcement), and values the fully Detection Disaster Recovery diluted equity of FAST at 6.6 billion • Incorporate your language in the NOK (or approximately $1.2 billion search experience Format U.S.). FAST’s board of directors has Money – Users can quickly refine content using Any term can beConversion unanimously recommended that its familiar terms shareholders accept the offer. – Build confidence that you found the extracted and converted correct answers the first time to metadata
  • 18. Map metadata to Managed PropertiesCDH Automatic association of metadata to content Crawled Properties Location Redmond, WACrawled PropertiesManaged Properties Oslo, NorwayStandard or moreMap one document Companymetadata discovered byCrawled Properties to a Microsoftthe crawler or extractedsingle field. Enables FASTfrom therefinement, thesorting, full text byFAST Content andrelevance tuning DateProcessing Pipeline.fielded searching. January 8, 2008 January 4, 2008Maps automatically ConceptAny data can be found!!or through Central Cash tenderAdministration or Share pricePowerShell Index Profile Managed Properties Type DocId Title Author Date Size Location Company Concept Body 123 Press … 01/08/2008 26K Redmond Microsoft Cash … Release Tender 345 … … … … … … … …
  • 19. What can I do with a Managed Property?CDH Metadata quality is critical to a good search experience Enables Advanced Searching and File Formats Sorting Region Industry ExpertiseEnables deep refinement Enables precision relevancyMakes search conversational, guiding users to Managed properties are also used for relevancynavigate and refine, while summarizing the tuning & ranking, multi-level sorting, advanced (orresults that are found fielded) search
  • 20. CDH How does it work? Example: Create a custom entity extractor• Put your terms in the out of the box extraction dictionaries by modifying an XML file• Map the crawled property to a managed property• Index your content• Modify refinement panel web part Customized Extraction Dictionary
  • 21. How does it work?CDH Add refiners to user interface Built on a SharePoint List or custom extractor Edit the Search Center Results Page Modify the shared web part by adding tags to the refinement panel XML Create your own labels Save and Publish Custom Collections
  • 22. Context mattersCDH Users need to access multiple types of contentMarketing Customer Sales Manufacturing R&D Professional HR ... Support Operations Services Legal FinanceEnterprise Content Depends on role, location, responsibility and task. This can change day to day, or hour to hour.
  • 23. Deliver results that are contextually relevantCDH with search that can understands your business and role Role-specific relevance Targeted Best Bets / Visual Best Bets Business driven refinement ”What should I know ”What should I know about selling ERP?” about implementing ERP?” - Alan Brewer, Sales Lead - Renee Lo, Consultant
  • 24. Quickly build a contextual experienceCDH User based tools for creating results that are relevant to your users One-way synonyms Keywords map to other terms Two-way synonyms Keywords become equivalent to other terms Best Bets Highlights key resources that are always relevant to a keyword Visual Best Bets Extend Best Bets with pictures, video, Silverlight controls Document Promotion / Demotion Tailor specific document relevancy Pick the right ingredients Create new keywords user contexts Match the proper termscreate contexts boost Site Administrators have contexts to administrators and powerful and relevancy for targeted users to ensure your simple tools to configure deliver based on user profiles to the search users are always finding the userscontent experience for to the of right relevant resultsgroups right audiences
  • 25. Tune relevancy to meet diverse needsCDH A flexible solution for your organizations, groups and individuals Documentation, RFPs and Query results with theOptimizeQuickly tailor SOWs are now promoted default relevancy Same ResultsRelevancy forrelevancy New Default Sorting order differentbroad intranetmodels Users can selectuse the rightDeliver rank profiles in theresults to the right sort by box orpeople by creating create their ownnew Rank Profiles default views by modifying the web Promotes relevant Results part ”I want to know about my customer Woodgrove Bank ”I want to get right to the and customers in Financial technical documents" Services" - Renee Lo, Consultant - Alan Brewer, Sales Lead
  • 26. Rank Profiles CDH Tune relevancy without impacting the default algorithm Quality Also known as static rank, consists of multiple managed properties including site, URL depth (preference for shorter URLs), and relative importance of links to this document. Authority Applies when the query word falls in the link or anchor text. Query Maps the popularity of a document, or the click-through rate Authority when documents are clicked as a result of a query Freshness Increases the relevancy if a document was recently created or modified, based on the last modified property. Proximity Applies to where query terms fall and how close they are to each other within a document Context Increases the rank of a document if the query term is a managed property associated with that document Managed Effects relevancy when a managed property contains a Property specific value, such as Woodgrove Bank or Financial ServicesOut of the box relevancy Extend the default algorithmsTuned for great general productivity experience, Create new default relevancy models. Blend static andrelevancy improves with click-throughs and link text dynamic ranking parameters to instantly improveanalysis. search results.
  • 27. How to create a Rank ProfileCDH IT Pros are empowered to create new profiles quickly Rank Profiles created in PowerShell by extending the default relevancy algorithm… … and are exposed in the user interface by modifying the sorting web part.
  • 28. CDH Process content with advanced linguistics Automatic and detailed analysis creates a great search experience FAST Content Processing Pipeline Lemmatization Creates adatestherepresentationfile a identifyingFor text DateLanguage Identifiesplainnative specificlanguage them toencodings, to Map Crawled Maps all of theof a from multiplemaps document that Tokenization Analyzes theintext content torulesofdiscoveredpredefined Document Apply terms WebTime Finds the documents for forand standard representation, andEntity Extracts root metadatahyperlinks extracting anchor Format Converts language written aawasfor and locale specific Link unique word that given formats, bywords, and times language. the Encoding and reflects locale specific phrases. Also appliesexample,word Normalization encoding so Outrun, runs, running andofForback used by Conversion various pipeline stagesbox support for People, to a Properties concepts, maps of therepresentations. ranoccurrence. Extraction which reinforces the authority ranking of document. Analysis English importantthe proper dictionaries can be Vector and applications and and frequency a custom categories. that terms handle it idioms Detection Used to findandin part is equivalent telephone numbers. the tokenization Locations, but can stages 14, grammar breakers found anddocuments. or bespecific 2010. single lemma. Understands language extended to any Companies14-Mar-10 numbers knows that similar lemmatization March and context. category. – Breaks down content to the smallest addressable chunks to build meaning – Understands file encoding, data formats, and written languages – Supports 400+ file formats, 80+ languages
  • 29. Extending Pipeline capabilitiesCDH Safely add additional analysis and processing Configure Optional Processing Steps • XML Properties mapper • Offensive Content Filter • Pipeline Extensibility – Calls external applications for custom item processing • Field Collapsing • Add Custom Processing – Content classification – Geo-tagging – Machine translation – Sentiment AnalysisWhat is Custom Processing? Custom Processing is SafePipeline Extensibility is a specially defined stage that Executable arguments and temporary filestakes a set of crawled properties, as flat text as input automatically handled in sandbox with timeouts.and maps output to another crawled property Runs before Crawled Property mapping stage, making new metadata accessible in SharePoint
  • 30. Customize the user experienceCDH Extend the interface by modifying web parts or creating new ones Extend Refinement• Create custom interactive Web Parts – Primary search results Web Parts are extendable – Change the default query and result rendering behavior – All Web Parts communicate through the federation object model• Use Federation Object Model to: – Search multiple data sources simultaneously • SharePoint Search • FAST Search for SharePoint • Open Search (both synchronous and asynchronous) – Build customized locations • Connect to new data sources (e.g., Exchange) • Combine results from multiple locations.
  • 31. Robust query languageCDH Use FAST Query Language (FQL) for precise query development • FQL provides a robust and expressive query language – Wildcard support - *, ? – Numeric Data types (Integer, Float, Decimal, Datetime) • Operators – Direct field access (e.g., title:othello, author:shakespeare) – Numeric (COUNT, RANGE, <, <=, >, >=) – Boolean (AND, OR, ANY, NOT) – Rank (RANK, XRANK) – Proximity (NEAR, ONEAR) • String (operator support for strings) – Boundary (starts-with, ends-with, equals) – Filter
  • 32. CDHCDH Demo – FAST Search for SharePoint User Interface and Site Administration
  • 33. CDH Agenda • Introducing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint • Customizing search to meet your business needs • Building search-driven applications • FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint architecture • Q&A
  • 34. CDH FAST Search Server Architecture Common platform scales with your business need SharePoint SearchUser Experience FAST Information Search for SharePoint
  • 35. FAST Search Server 2010CDH Summary of architectural components11
  • 36. Secure, unified access to informationCDH Index or federate with content, applications, and services OpenSearch Federation Facebook Wikipedia LinkedIn Bing flickr The New York Times Dow Jones Factiva Search IndexUser Experience Enterprise Business Information Content Applications Services Indexing Connectors
  • 37. Connect to all of your enterprise content CDH Extend your reach with Business Connectivity ServicesQuickly connect to content Build custom connectorsUse a consistent framework to quickly connect both Use SharePoint Designer to configure data model andinside and outside of SharePoint including content connect to SharePoint. Connect to WCF services, ormanagement systems, web services, databases, and create your own .NET assembly connector with Visualline of business systems Studio.
  • 38. Simplified, powerful administrationCDH A high-end enterprise search solution that’s easy to deploy and manage
  • 39. CDH FAST Search for SharePoint Scaleout Back-end with extreme and flexible scale out options Query Scale-out multiple Volume Search and Indexing “dimensions” Query Volume Content Volume Indexing freshness Redundancy optionsQuery and Result Content Search Processing Volume Indexing Performance targets* 15M Docs/node 25 QPS/node 50 docs/secNo theoretical Crawling and Content Processingupper bounds! *Depends on content and hardware specifics
  • 40. CDH Enterprise Search from Microsoft A new choice for enterprise search that eliminates compromise Productivity Search-DrivenSearch Experience Search Applications A Single, Cost-effective Infrastructure
  • 41. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved