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How to plan your Modern Workplace Project - SPS Denver October 2018


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Join Ammar Hasayen as he speaks at the SharePoint Saturday Denver, Colorado - October 2018 about how big organizations should plan their modern workplace project. Learn how to get executive sponsorship, create clear vision, drive adoption, and adopt a success plan to maximize the impact of the modern workplace.
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How to plan your Modern Workplace Project - SPS Denver October 2018

  1. 1. How To Plan Your Modern Workplace Project @AmmarHasayen Digital Transformation | Cloud Architect | Cybersecurity | Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Author Ammar Hasayen SPS– Denver | Oct 2018
  2. 2. Welcome to SharePoint Saturday Denver! 6th of Rocktober
  3. 3. Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible! Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors
  4. 4. Special thank you to For your support and that of your awesome people! !
  5. 5. Why Modern Workplace? Project Initiation The Pentagon Framework Case Study OUTLINE
  6. 6. Why Modern Workplace?
  7. 7. Old Way Customer Static Hierarchies Scarce Information Transactional Systems Siloed Productivity Security in the server room New Way Brand Ambassadors Dynamic Networks Accessible Insights Systems of Intelligence Collective Value Creation Security in the board room The Shift Happening
  8. 8. “Reimagining how you bring together People, Data, and processes to create value for your customers and competitive advantage in a digital-first world” Digital Transformation
  9. 9. Digital transformation Outcomes Empower Employees Engage Customers Optimize Operations Transform Products
  10. 10. Outcome Enabler Empower Employees Engage Customers Optimize Operations Transform Products Modern Workplace Business Applications Applications & Infrastructure Data & AI
  11. 11. Modern Workplace Challenges Demographic Change By 2020, 50% of workforce will be millennials Remote Workers People spending more time working remotely Cyberthreats are at all time high 74% businesses expect to be hacked in the next year Compliance Requirement to comply like GDPR and more. Data Governance Label, Classify, Protect, Track, Retain, Dispose External Sharing Provide a culture of new way of sharing externally and securely New Content Types Video, Forms, Sway,..
  12. 12. Project Initiation
  13. 13. Business Drive Project Best results as business buy-in is guaranteed IT Initiated Common scenario, lot of work to involve management and buy-in Modern Workplace Initiation
  14. 14. Modern Workplace ENVISION ONBOARD DRIVE VALUE Pick a Framework Onboard People Technical Onboarding Stakeholders Executive Sponsorship Business Scenarios Create a Vision Change Management Drive Adoption Measure & Share
  15. 15. safe sharing performance Trey Travel Agency ENVISION
  16. 16. “Store and share files inside and outside your organization to work seamlessly across organizational boundaries” - Business Scenario ENVISION
  17. 17. How Does It All Fit Together? ENVISION Vision Business Scenarios Business Scenarios Solution Solution Solution A vision includes the areas where an organization needs to evolve in order to successfully execute against the current business strategy Business scenarios have a tighter scope than the corresponding vision, and illustrate the desired goals that a company or department is going to achieve in a short period of time. These can have an impact on a certain team or across the organization. Solutions will help light up Office 365 capabilities to enable each scenario and ultimately reach your business strategy and goals.
  18. 18. Pentagon Framework
  19. 19. Modern Workplace Design Patterns Simplify Infrastructure User Centric Design Integration Over Preference SaaS First, PaaS follows Outsourcing & Partnership
  20. 20. Modern Workplace Solution Areas Modern Workplace Productivity Devices Identity Security Culture
  21. 21. Modern Workplace Transform the way you work The Pentagon
  22. 22. New intelligent workplace Unlocks productivity, built for teamwork.
  23. 23. Productivity Modern Workplace Solution Areas
  24. 24. Productivity Solution Area New Video Experience MS Teams [Hub of Teamwork] Task Management Intranets and Team Sites Email Communications • New self service. Office groups. • PST Import. Project. • New mobile app experience. • Introducing Video content. management solution [MS Stream]. • Video Conferencing Platform • Introducing MS Teams Powered by Office groups. • Integration with Skype Online [Teams Online]. • Introducing Office 365 Planner for task management. • Investing in Project Management Solution. • New Page authoring experience. • New model of web parts. • Team & Communication Sites.
  25. 25. Devices Modern Workplace Solution Areas
  26. 26. Devices Solution Area BYOD Cloud Management Mobile AppsWindows 10 • Windows 10 as a Service. • Change and release management. • Azure AD domain join & Intune MDM. • Author a policy for BYOD. • Protect data and provide limited experiences on devices. • Cloud management solution for devices. • Auto-Pilot for provisioning a new device. • Azure Domain Join. • Enroll the new Office mobile application. • Apply App level protection of data on devices. • Office Click to Run • Change management channels. Office C2R
  27. 27. Identity Modern Workplace Solution Areas
  28. 28. Identity Solution Area Modern Authentication B2B Identity Federation Identity Management SSO All Over • Azure AD as our identity as a service provider. • SSO for all business application using Azure AD. • Moving from classic authentication to modern authentication (Claims Based Authentication) • Leverage Azure AD to enable B2B identity federation, to invite outside identity to consume internal apps and collaborate internally. • Invest in new identity management platform. • New scenarios for cloud deprovisioning and provisioning using Licenses • Introducing Biometrics and multi-factor authentication for certain business cases. Biometrics & MFA
  29. 29. Security Modern Workplace Solution Areas
  30. 30. Security Solution Area Device Security App Security Data SecurityUser Security • Risk Based Conditional Access. • Behavior based security. • Shadow IT. • Just in Time Administration. • Windows Hello for Business. • End Point Defense in Depth using Windows Defender, Advance Threat Protection, and more. • Data Labeling, Classification and Encryption using Azure Information Protection. • Office 365 DLP. • Windows Information Protection. • Threat Intelligent. • Azure Operations Management Suite for log analytics. • Collaboration Behavioral Security. • Office 365Secure Score. Cloud Security • Apply Azure AD Conditional Access before accessing apps. • Cloud App Security. • Email ATP - safe links. • Office 365 Security
  31. 31. Culture Modern Workplace Solution Areas
  32. 32. Culture Solution Area User Training Program Communication Strategy Change FrameworkChampions Program • Develop a champion program. • Assemble a team of volunteers. • Train and empower champions. • Author training materials for IT and business users. • Part of new hire training. • Lynda, online training,… • Partner with Microsoft Fast Track team for resources and communication plans. • Yammer groups, flyers,.. • Work on platform to introduce a change. • Work with regional IT and Enrollment teams. • Office 365 analytics and adoption PowerBI Pack. • Share adoption stories. • Engage in business conversations. Drive Adoption
  33. 33. Case Study
  34. 34. Resources Modern Workplace Trends & Solutions Microsoft Cloud Security Architecture [Depth in Defense] Secure Modern Workplace with Microsoft365 Advanced Threat Protection protection/
  35. 35. Thank You @AmmarHasayen Digital Transformation | Cloud Architect | Cybersecurity | Microsoft MVP | Speaker | Author Ammar Hasayen SPS– Denver | Oct 2018
  36. 36. Join us for following the event Pint Brothers Denver Marriott Tech Center 4900 S. Syracuse Street Denver, CO 80237