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Hard Work.

It\'s the what, how, and who of what we do... hard work; good work.

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BlackDog Hard Work

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  2. 2. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book We align, merge, morph, evolve, cluster, & humanize Brands for Distinction align BlackDog aligns brands. We clarify, focus, and integrate the people, processes, departments, and systems that come together to meet organizational objectives and customer needs. What do we do? BLACKDOG merge BlackDog merges brands. Aligning cultural compatibility, management methodologies, collaboration and innovation levels, sales strategies, HUMANIZES customer synergy, and marketing values ensures long-term viability. BRANDS morph BlackDog morphs brands. We ready cross cultural brands to interpret diverse contexts and gracefully straddle multicultural boundaries. evolve BlackDog evolves brands. We transform brands that have diversified, grew up, sold out, took off, shifted course, have been bought, merged or neglected. cluster BlackDog amplifies clusters. We position clusters to be recognized by ambitious companies, start-ups, investors, skilled work forces, and support industries. BlackDog humanizes brands. We operationalize signature strategies humanize across touchpoints that reveal a distinct people-centric approach to service that are experienced and persuasive.3 4
  3. 3. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book The goal is to align what organizations do and how they do it around a simple and meaningful purpose ensuring delivery of a relevant and differentiated brand promise, consistently. 1 Define the outcomes expected Outcomes must be meaningful and measurable. 2 Clearly identify the working culture Interpret the beliefs that hinder the anticipated results. Identify the silos, performance & communication gaps. Identify the core ideology: driving purpose, values, motivations, & aspirations. How do we do it? BLACKDOG 3 Define organizational synergy and purpose Such an approach translates into a meaningful and adopted mission that ultimately produces a differentiated and remarkable customer experience. OPERATIONALIZES 4 Clearly identify market segments Isolate the true needs, real expectations, and demands of customers. BRANDS Identify untapped markets. 5 Define products and identify services Distinguish services and products. Explicitly define differentiators. 6 Identify processes and systems Identify gaps in services, processes, systems; define improvements and efficiencies to adopt. Every role, process, and system must be advantaged by a sense of purpose; a reason to exist. The purpose may contribute to the internal operating flow of work or directly impact customers. The goal is to simplify and distinguish the operational experience internally for enhanced delivery of service externally. 7 Identify suppliers Define the new needs to be met by vendors. 8 Define continuous improvement approach How will the organization identify issues, collaborate and innovate, evolve and adapt, enhance the working culture, measure and tweak performance agilely? 9 Define the brand story and ongoing awareness around a simple, relevant and meaningful concept (brand promise) that contributors take pride in and customers believe5 6
  4. 4. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field BookOUR ... Aligns your business around a simple and meaningful purpose that provokes interest and participation. We have found that outrageous talent united around a common identity and a shared sense of purpose, engaged inWORK meaningful work and working to their strengths with enough resources to accomplish their agreed upon objectives, are not going to find themselves at the center of the next corporate scandal. The inherent goal of branding is not to be something else, but rather to become the best of yourself. BlackDog’s Big !deas cultivate new realities that disrupt the mundane, routine and vague existences of unrealized potential focusing on limited outcomes.7 8
  5. 5. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book The better you are, the better you look. A brand is simply the central organizing BlackDog principle that engages teams internally and customers externally. Brands shape and Aligns are shaped by both the working culture and relevant markets, reflecting the broad ambitions and reinforcing the Big !dea Brands behind the business strategy. To have any real impact and return the brand must be integral to the guiding strategy. The brand must be explicitly understood, believed, and adopted by the working community entrusted to breathe the strategy to life one decision, interaction, touchpoint, and experience at a time. Outrageous promotional budgets are the mark of a flawed brand strategy. Savvy organizations are not devoting disproportionate amounts of money to noise campaigns. Investments that engage employees, define operational distinctions, and amplify brand differentiations yield returns, results and rave reviews.9 10
  6. 6. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book When you buy companies, BlackDog you buy cultures. Merges BlackDog integrates brands. Aligning cultural compatibility, management methodologies, customer synergy, marketing values, collaboration M&A Brands techniques and innovation levels ensures long- term viability. Introduced in a timely manner, these brand factors unite the previously separate (and possibly competitive) teams into a cohesive and formidable organization. Ignored or half-heartedly addressed and the resultant mob limps by quarter after quarter, spending more time and resources GLOBAL VALUE OF M&A DEALS on internal combat than on external market A thoughtful and well-timed brand penetration. analysis is critical PERCENTAGE OF 24% to the success of DEALS WITH BlackDog applies an adaptive process that M&A ventures. POSITIVE ROI identifies the current realities in light of the Ignorance is bliss REPORTED 1.CULTURE strategic ambitions throughout the M&A process. MISMATCHED ...and failure. CAUSES FOR 2.ALIGNMENT FAILURE 3.VISION CULTURE + ALIGNMENT + VISION = BRAND11 12
  7. 7. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book It’s a small, flat world after all. While geography may be inconsequential, cultural nuance and trends are not. Knowing the degree to which your brand must morph and adapt to BlackDog differences and reinforce relevance in international and new markets hinges on the DNA of your brand Morphs and the social constraints to be navigated. BlackDog morphs brands. We ready cross cultural Brands brands to interpret diverse contexts and gracefully straddle multicultural boundaries. Strategies for brands expanding the reach in hopes of amplifying the value must translate well to the “promising” new market, to the internal “promise keeping” contributors, and to the home team anticipating a return on a promise. Setting up shop far from home starts with one question not easily answered: “In what brandscape(s) will our expansion flourish ensuring that our global and brand objectives are realized?” BlackDog morphed nations, brands, sponsors, cultural perspectives, and competing interests for the Beijing Olympic Games XXIX. Over the course of 18 months we contributed to a celebration of the human spirit that lasted 17 days creating experiences to be remembered for a lifetime.13 14
  8. 8. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book Your brand can be recognized as an instrument of change; or just another BlackDog symbol of a missed opportunity. Evolves Establishing a brand that has evolved, lost its way, diversified, grew up, sold out, shifted course, has been bought, merged or neglected is a rigorous Brands challenge that is very often minimized. An insightful and disciplined brand designed around a relevant strategy is the only means of focusing the imperatives: engaging the contributors, amplifying the identity, deepening 1.) Excavate and 2.) translate a 3.) meaningful the reach, increasing the value, and connecting and 4.) shared 5.) purpose that 6.) motivates and the brand realities to new and existing customers. 7.) aligns 8.) contributors 9.) around a 10.) The “intervention” demands a team of willing believable and 11.) differentiated 12.) brand enthusiasts with fresh eyes and ears, deep insights, strategy 13.) encouraging 14.) collaboration no egos, and steadfast focus to juggle the details and 15.) consistent 16.) delivery of 17.) and balance the big picture perspective. distinct operational practices 18.) exciting and 19.) engaging a 20.) culture of work that 21.) inspires 22.) new product developments, 23.) bolsters profits, 24.) increases value, and 25.) ensures 26.) remarkable customer experiences.15 16
  9. 9. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book Strength in numbers... A strategic cluster brand must accurately reflect the strength of the collective if it is to be leveraged for sustainable growth. A web site and BlackDog a tagline won’t cut it in the competitive cluster fight. Amplifying the possibilities and synergies of a cluster brand begins with Identifying the industry Unifies niche, strengths, and unique characteristics of the collective cluster, the supporting business community, and strengths of the greater region. Cluster Brands Positioning the cluster for growth captures the attentions of ambitious companies, start-ups, investors, trained workforce, partners, and support industries. Positioning a cluster is an opportunity to provoke innovation, engage the working culture, invigorate a region, and amplify a powerful purpose. In 1754, one year before the start of the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin published a political cartoon that changed the course of history. Young burgeoning cities were developing across the Colonies. While these urban clusters where aware of one another, collaboration was minimal- which would give a tactical advantage to British Troops. Franklin understood then what regions and clusters must understand now… survival hinged on collaboration, and defeat was inevitable if they remained a collection of individual efforts. In what has been acknowledged as the first American political cartoon, Franklin published a simple unifying message around which the colonists rallied: Join, or Die17 18
  10. 10. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book Before you devote a chunk of change to a logo ‘makeover’ and a witty quip consider that people are more persuaded by facts than illusions. At the end of the day, the splash of color and sassy brand BlackDog tagline are only as potent as the strategic vision in place to guide and integrate the business and brand forward, kick up the innovation, guard the ethics, encourage engagement, Humanizes deliver the promise, and infuse the customer experience with something uniquely appealing. Brands There is a time to refresh your brand through visual appeal… And then there is a time to strut your thought leading, game changing, taking care of people and business, big-bold, strategic innovations. Don’t shortchange the possibilities with glossy or gratuitous brand initiatives that won’t change minds, hearts, or the bottom-line. Intuitive people-centric organizations are seizing every opportunity to connect and relate to their customer. They are committed to providing the kind of relevant touch points that stir the imagination, interpret the customer, and translate the brand precisely. Brand, design, and identity should be exercised as explicit signals that translate your differentiated intent. Your brand should be recognized as an instrument of change and identified as something much more significant than the other countless symbols of missed opportunities that are vying for the same customer. Brand Experiences Branded Waypulling Branded Processes Branded Interiors Signature Systems of Care Branded Art19 20
  11. 11. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field BookWHERE WE WORK BlackDog knows that the best strategies are meaningless without Healthcare: Patient Experience committed teams dedicated to Cross Cultural Diversity execution. Clusters: Hi-Tech, Not for Profit, Arts & Culture, Healthcare, Manufacturing Dr. Elizabeth Milsom, Sustoil Environment and Energy Policy Manager, BlackDog M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital doesn’t create strategies; Royal Society of Chemistry United Kingdom Membership: Associations, Private Clubs they create new. Destinations, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality Single Sex Education Thomas R. Ulbrich, Executive Director Entrepreneurship UB’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) USA Men’s/ Women’s/ Sexual Health Architecture, Building, Construction Utilities, Energy, Conservation, Sustainability Professional Services BlackDog successfully designed and Financial implemented robust strategies in the spirit of Children “One World One Dream” that respected the complex Food & Spirits and diverse interests, markets, human services, investments, expectations, and experiences at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Events, Fesitvals Games. BlackDog inspired consensus within the hearts and Manufacturing, B2B minds of the people in place to express the designed strategies. BlackDog’s strength is a savvy business acumen, warm BlackDog hearts, and helping hands. has a passion for breaking down barriers and for guiding your organization to be the best in the business. Liu Yandong, VP Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad Patient Experience Director (BOCOG) (pending legal approval) China USA21 22
  12. 12. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book The process IS the process. define excavate implement Healthy processes are adaptable. Defined by clear start and end points that ensure trust measure building, buy in, and a steady flow of small wins that are measurable. A clearly defined process establishes reasonable outcome expectations at the outset. Time and resources are treated as valuable. The framework informs the process. EXCAVATE DEFINE IMPLEMENT OUTCOME MEASURE Interviews Establish charter Collaborate Monitor Anecdotal Audits Define Goals Introduce process Course correction Heuristic Research Establish Launch change internally Capture small wins Metric roles/responsibilities Synthesize Project manage Celebrate successes Analysis Define schedule Indentify hurdles: Indentify hurdles: Internal Internal External External Clarify strategy Clarify strategy Resource Deployment Identify Champions Market Penetration23 24
  13. 13. HARD WORK - A BlackDog Field Book it * nd b ullsh don’ t bra we BlackDog contributes to Est. 2 0 0 6 justice, peace, diversity, order, unity, humanity and the quality of life through g y & Br a nS tr ate d our work and service. *Bull•shit (bŏŏl•shĭť ) - vulgar slang Our working understanding of Bullshit, and use of the term, must be credited to Princeton’s own moral philosopher, Dr. Harry Frankfurt, author of the classic essay “On Bullshit”. Frankfurt verified what we at BlackDog have suspected all along, Bullshit has no attachment to, regard for, or interest in accurately representing the truth, facts, or realities of any given topic. Bullshit is a perspective substantiated only by an agenda. True or false, informed or uninformed, “by accident or by design”, Bullshit is the calculated decision to postulate an idea or set of assumptions for the purpose of achieving indulgent ends. Absent of credibility or moral conviction, Bullshit schemes, distracts, perverts, distorts, misrepresents, and confuses. Bullshit is a vulgar term for a vile, though unspoken practice that we won’t do. Not for love, money, or fame. 26
  14. 14. BlackDog Strategy & Brand integrates the efforts of spirited brands that want to know how they can do what they do differently, simpler, and smarter. We align bold brands that challenge the boundaries, explore the limits, and harness their unique organizational competencies disrupting business as usual and creating new possibilities. We operationalize bold brands that are undaunted by the popular world view; brands that refuse to pay lip service to lofty missions or shallow pursuits. We humanize relevant brands that keep it fresh and real; brands that connect their Big !dea to what truly matters. We don’t fabricate shallow myths and we’re not persuaded by the demand for contrived hype. We partner with authentic brands that have people centric priorities, a story to tell, and a genuine contribution to make. We champion the efforts of those that view their work as a vocation and a contribution to society. STRATEGY & BRAND 716.898.0874BlackDogTMBig !deaTMHard WorkTMWe Don’t Brand BullshitTM © 2011 BlackDog Strategy & Brand Version 1.0