Amplify your social media reach


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Amplify your social media reach

  1. 1. Amplify reach through social media mangagement Connecting brands to people 1
  2. 2. Who is BrandHOUSE is a creative consultancy.BrandHOUSE, We provide premium consulting in brand communications, advertising, graphicand what design services and social they do? We help clients to communicate by partnering with them to tell stories and open conversations on their behalf. Importantly, we connect brands to people.22
  3. 3. our difference of ‘human-centredness’, helping to transformTransformational design is our difference. organisations by giving them the capability toWe apply our strategic process of design experience from a human perspective.transformational design to help our clients Transformational design does not claim to be aalign their business plan with a clear brand change management process, but aspects ofstrategy. participating in the design process may help to move towards the desired outcome.what is transformational design This process can provide initial steps towardsTransformational design is a strategic changing the culture, aligning thinking andresponse that recognises to change the focusing around the end user. Participation inperceptions of your customer base, and the process gives stakeholders ownership of athe market you want to capture, you must vision and helps champion the chosen direction.influence their purchasing behaviour. Leaving the participants with the tools and capacity to continue to adapt and innovate Transformational design acknowledges that means not only that organisational change will‘design is never done’. Because organisations continue to happen, but also that it can happen now operate in an environment of constant alongside that organisation’s day-to-day work. change, the challenge is not how to design a response to a current issue, but how to Sought response: design a means of continually responding, From the application of this strategic response, adapting and innovating. Transformational transformational design then leads onto ask: design seeks to leave behind not only the What do I want potential clients/customers to shape of a new solution, but the tools, skills think and/or do? and organisational capacity for ongoing change. Step 1: I want to try your product or service out.Transformational design shapes behaviour – Step 2: I will continue to buy your product.of people, systems and organisations – as Step 3: I will tell my friends about you.well as form. Because of this, its practicedemands a high level of ‘systems thinking’: our hallmarkan ability to consider an issue holistically Experience is our hallmark. With over 20 yearsrather than reductively, understand experience, all our clients benefit equally fromrelationships as well as components, and to a structure that enables us to offer an efficientsynthesize complex sets of information and and broad range of design services to both localconstraints in order to frame the problem. and national clients across many sectors.Transformational design triggers a change inthe organisational culture of its clients to one 3
  4. 4. BrandHOUSE use storytelling to create compelling experiences that build human connections. Stories help us to understand complexity. Stories can enhance or change perceptions. Stories are easy to remember... and engage our feelings... Storytelling enables individuals to see brands in a different light, and accordingly take decisions, and change their behaviour in accordance with these new perceptions, insights, and identities. Great stories, though, don’t just happen randomly; they are designed.4
  5. 5. our capabilities BRANDING PRINT INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT Advertising Interactive Design Brand Environments Annual Reports Social Media Event Signage Brand Identity Out-of-home Media Communications Wayfinding Packaging how we work PROJECT-BASED OR IN-HOUSE CONTRACTOR PARTNERAs a project-based contractor we come in as you As an In-house partner we become an extension ofneed us. We become the extra pair of hands with your marketing department, or even become yourthe creative mind to implement strategies to deliver marketing department, to create,strong conceptual creative to increase your brand develop and implement your brand voice.awareness and capitalise and expand your market share. We become your brand custodian. BrandHOUSE can develop brand and marketing strategies to identify how to effectively communicate your unique brand personality and competitive advantages in ways that will increase your brand awareness which in turn leads to an increase of market share. 5
  6. 6. How dowe workwith you? listen explore create define transform Listen. It sounds so simple After having After brainstorming, ideas are sorted This next stage is Design is a method, really, but we actually do it. listened to on the premise that ‘the patient is the about defining which transformational We give you our undivided you, we use arbiter of the best solution.’ prototype will best design is a strategic attention so we can fully these insights serve to meet the response. understand your business to start client’s challenges, We then begin the process of Transformational challenges and understand exploring that will lead to a prototyping concepts that are design is about the scope of the issue and ways to change in customer based on sound strategies that creating fundamental define the right problem to deliver perception, give new unlock complex problems to deliver change, that gives a tackle. strategic insights to your brand an outcome that will result in return on investment outcomes by and change purchasing transformational design. through increase of placing your behaviour. purchasing behaviour target market and elevates – the ‘user’ – at your brand in the the heart of a market place above solution. competitor brands.6
  7. 7. Do more Amplify the reach of your brand through social engagament. Brandhouse can help you with your tactically build campaigns across multiple channels. next Multichannel marketing is the way forward. We can build integrated campaigns that adopt campaign across offline and online environments to create meaningful and engaging conversations with your target market. To develop a successful social media campaign there are five steps that should become a part of your strategy:1. Define your digital 3. Invest in the right technology 4. Build your customer and offline strategy Use Customer relationship management (CRM) enagagement Feed overarching and database tools to build a holistic view of the model business objectives customer, and then use this to target your Be clear about what into your online and communications with more efficiency. you want to achieve offline marketing in your integrated mix to create campaign, both compelling cross offline and channel strategies. online. Then, use yourCRM system along with customer segmentation and2. Collect the right profiling to achieve customer data these goals.. Determine what data you need to capture to provide 5. Start a meanigful insights conversation to drive strategy Engage your and maximise cumsumer with consumer information that enagagement. they want and influence their decisions. Engage, inform and convert. 7
  8. 8. WorksafeCampaignFacebook 3rd Party applicationWe successfully executed a social mediastrategy in partnership with NakedCommunications.Centred around a third party Facebook app,features included a customised quiz withspecialised questions focussing on testingparticipants responses . The results were thenshared across their social media platformsand worked to reinforce the main points of theWorksafe campaign. Additionally, the client wasable to extract live data from the execution.A secondary element was the strategy togenerate awareness and target people whomight be interested in the campaign so thatthey were exposed to it.The Worksafe Youtube channel became theeighteenth most veiwed in the educationcategory, and third most viewed in the comedysection. 58,124 1,355 Views Likes
  9. 9. Back A-Z Products Title Back Incra Positioners Back Incra LS Positioner 17" Incra LS Positioner 25" Full Metric Super System Full metric Super System (incl. WonderFENCE) (incl. WonderFENCE) What’s hot at PWS $885.00 Qty: Hand tools & Incra Incra LS 32" Conversion Kit Accessories Positioners (incl. replacement leadscrew, rack, scales, Template Library etc.) The LS is unquestionably Work efficiently across Only one system offers tasks from setting-out, accuracy, repeatability the most accurate router We source the best possible products to enhance the woodworking experience for FAQs Call Us Email Us assembly to finishing and versatility Incra LS Positioner 25" table fence available. It’s hobby and professional woodworkers. Full metric Super System capable of achieving (incl. WonderFENCE) accuracy usually only found We are proud of the reputation for service A–Z Products and quality that we have built for on machinery costing tens of Incra LS Positioner 17" Professional Woodworkers Supplies. thousands of dollars. The One-Time Tools Full Metric Std new LS achieves positioning (incl. WonderFENCE) Measuring Miscellaneous accuracy independently Tap to continue Combo Value Packs Rules Incra WonderFENCE verified to 0.0015” per 12” of Measuring and set-out Upgrades Ultra etc. to travel and repeatability of Clearance Corner accuracy is the basis of any WonderFENCE metric version better than 0.001”. This is woodworking project only possible because of its Incra LS Positioner 17" Full Metric Joinery System Search Cart Checkout Search Cart Checkout Search Cart Checkout Search excl. WonderFENCE) Cart Checkout Search Cart Checkoutprofessional woodworkers suppliesMobile app currently in development.PWS With clients coming to the realisation to the importance of needing to be where their targetMobile App market is and to successfully engage them, Professional Woodworkers Supplies have added a mobile app as part of their marketing. 9
  10. 10. Social mediadrives revenue 2010 2012 Growth 65% 330% 2%As social networks continue to gain traction atincredible speeds, many corporations and smallbusinesses are investing heavily in buildingcommunities online, and were looking for waysto measure the impact of their investment. Value of share $4.15 $1.85 $0.92In 2010, a report was released by Eventbrite by platform Every time someone shares an Since 2010, the average, aggregate dollars per share haswhich detailed the cash benefits of ‘sharing’. event, it drives, on average $3.25 increased (81%) from $1.78 to $3.23. Twitter saw the greatest in additional revenue back to the increase (330%) from $0.43 to $1.85, while Facebook sawThe social commerce report revealed that every healthy growth (65%) from $2.52 to $4.15. Dollars per LinkedIn organiser.time someone shared a paid event on Facebook, share increased only slightly (2%) from $0.90 to $ drove an additional $2.52 in revenue back Shares driveto the event organizer, and 11 additional page traffic 14 33 10views of their event page. Visits per share in 2012 over 2010 Over the last two years, the average number of people who have also from increased, with click links shared by organizers and attendees through social Twitter driving more event page media has increased from 7 to 17 visits per share. Links shared traffic than Facebook and LinkedIn. on Facebook now drive 14 visits back to the event website, compared with 11 in 2010. Twitter drives the most visits with 33 visits per share, while LinkedIn users visit event pages an average of 10 times for every link that is shared.10
  11. 11. DigitalstrategycapabilitiesCrative strategy and proposal Seeding Google and Facebook advertisingCreative and strategy for a digital online Seeding is an online PR service that involves Google and Facebook advertising is a great waycampaign. Full proposal document on options dropping links on affiliated websites, social to drive traffic to your website. Campaigns canfor generating unique branded content and media, forums and blogs that consequently be run over 1–3 months. To achive a number oneintegrating social media with the objective of generates hits, views and likes to your Facebook page ranking, a 3 month campaign is advised.maximizing your brand online and also driving fanpage and the website. Specific Servicestraffic to your webiste. Seeding is best optimized with engaging content Graphic design - banner ads & media placement.Specific Services in mind and works best with a strong Facebook CostCreative strategy, copywriting. 3rd party application and/or viral video. Dependent on brief and/or budget.Cost Specific Services EDM’sDependent on brief and/or budget. Research Strategy with 10 days of seeding. Electronic email send outs featuring a brandedFacebook fanpage 3rd party app Cost skin template and a CMS providing you with Dependent on brief and/or budget.The creative, design and execution of a access to change content for weekly/monthlyFacebook fanpage and 3rd party fan page Viral Video send outs via database.application with engaging content and possible The creative, production and post production Specific Servicesprize incentive that gears users towards using of a viral video that will showcase your brand Graphic design of template, backendthe application, pushing brand equity and and be used as a vehicle for generating views to development - CMS.getting them to the website. your Youtube channel and then subsequently to CostSpecific Services your website. Dependent on brief and/or budget.Graphic design, art direction, stock imagery, Specific Servicesbackend development and client management. Services subject to creative.Cost CostDependent on brief and/or budget. The cost for this service is heavily dependent on the creative concepts that can be put forward in the creative strategy plan as previously outlined. 11
  12. 12. Simply put, if you don’t innovate then you won’t survive. Brands must be relevant as markets evolve. Those brands that recognise that markets are fractured over many platforms, who leverage existing, new and emerging touchpoints will be the future. Don’t be a brand for today. We would love to hear from you.To learn more about your business challenges. To discuss how we are able to help. To provide insight. To think about how we can partner with you to give more presence to your brand.Contact:Chris Waldron / Creative Director Suite 9 / 501 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121t +61 412 374 050 e Connecting brands to people12