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Crowdsourcing vs. Experience Co-Creation @daniel_egger


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Comparing two emerging concepts for a sustainable innovation process

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    I was wondering if you could provide a few good examples of web-based experience co-creation?
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Crowdsourcing vs. Experience Co-Creation @daniel_egger

  1. 1. Crowdsourcing vs. Experience Co-Creation Comparing two emerging concepts for a sustainable innovation process
  2. 2. Where you can drink a coffee with us
  3. 3. A traditional innovation process Organization
  4. 4. The sofa – traditional R&D How can the sofa be re- cycled? Focus on design What were the results from the customer More durable surface survey? Organic material Colorful How is the soft assembled ?
  5. 5. Gain new perspectives, avoid commoditization
  6. 6. Crowdsourcing or outsourcing to the mass 6
  7. 7. What is Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing invites crowds to submit, discuss, refine and rank ideas or other contributions via the web to arrive at what have been proven economically as the most-likely-to- succeed solutions. (
  8. 8. The client has an idea and we will work together to solve it • Initiative activated by a • Idea generation • 1 • client Outsourcing task 2 • Co-ideation Prioritization (voting) • Problem broadcasted • Return the idea to the to unknown group client The client The crowd
  9. 9. Some facts about Crowdsourcing • Worldwide participation • The task ranges from highly specialized to simple operational ones • Remotely work • “Micro-chunks” project management (30min) • “Spare time” workers • Crowds is diverse (diverse specialists) • Most of the ideas do not have a high quality • The is auto-organized and filters, finds and qualifies ideas • There are no wages or low wages paid • No written contracts exit (in the best case are only IP’s recorded) Crowdsourcing does not increase the amount of talents – the process makes it possible to find and leverage them 9
  10. 10. Experiences are the sum of interactions and emotions “If you think it is too small to cause an impact, try to sleep with a mosquito” (Kevin Robers, Lovemarks)
  11. 11. How do we define experience? An experience stimulates and satisfies individually the senses of the interactor (customer or value chain agents) by creating an emotional connection. It further transcends the traditional vision of products and services.
  12. 12. Experiences and their benefits Experience (Personalized, involves all senses, higher focus/concentration during the process, altered perception of time, creation of an emotional connection, unique process with an intrinsic value for each party, offers a reflection/stimulation) B2B B2C • Increase of transparency between the parties • Creation of a meaningful experiences • Win-Win solutions for the participating • Coherent experience creation at all company agents touch points • • Creation of a unique competitive value proposition Mobilization of the value chain turning innovation into a joint activity • • • B2E Emotional connection Sustainable brand relationship Dialogue, access and transparency between the parties • More trustful relationship between the • New insights based on usage and experiences parties of products and services • New insights from the agents and the clients • Process changes and customer integration of the agents • Access to new agents in the value chain
  13. 13. Paradigms are shifting Problem solving Customer integration • Products • Transcend the • Technology traditional P&D • Materials • Focus on • Processes interactions • Design • Emotions • Time to market • Personalized • Viability Experience • Services
  14. 14. There exists two experience co-creation platforms 1 2
  15. 15. Internal Experience Co-Creation • Collaboration based on 1 • • experiences Co-Creation and validation of ideas with stakeholders Robust, high quality ideas • Integration of value chain agents and stakeholders • Change in the mind set • Preparing the company for the continue process • System thinking Organization Stakeholders
  16. 16. Experience Co-Creation integrates the customer Can I want access the internet? Can I create my own My back hurts, does the textile pattern? sofa adapt itself? Is the seat heated? My apartment is quiet small, can I shrink it? Is there a massage system integrated? How my wife and can watch two different movies at the same time? Could the sofa measure my weight automatically and upload it online into My apartment is quiet my fitness program? small, can I shrink it?
  17. 17. Different experiences and views create new qualitative ideas Company Client/agent network networks Company Market Suppliers Nintendo Research Heath pages Comfort Electronic companies Designers Community Partners...n Industry Co-Creation and collaboration environment
  18. 18. Experience environments are extending itself off and online
  19. 19. External Co-Creation Platform 2 Company offers... • Touch points • Transparency • Dialogue • Technological platform • Increasing the user experience • Connection and exchange of experience • Recognition
  20. 20. And , so what!
  21. 21. Two kind of innovation processes Crowdsourcing Experience Co-Creation • Outsourcing • Integration of diverse agents • Problem solving (defined • Initial premises can change during premises) the process • Cultural sensibilization • External Process • Internal (cultural) and external • Lot of ideas, majority low quality process (customer) • Win situation for the clients (not • Robust, experience platforms and necessary for the company) innovation proposals (idea quality) • Product innovation • Creation of a win-win situation • On time innovations • Unique value proposition and • Increase in brand recognition and market differentiation word by mouth marketing • Process, product, business • Accesses diverse talents innovation • Continuous innovation process
  22. 22. Innovation activists and experience designers (click on the images to access our LinkedIn profile)
  23. 23. Thank you
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