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  • 1. Wellspring Software PrintBoss Nancy Pearce BAASS Business Solutions Senior Business Consultant
  • 2. Make SMART documents!
    • User YOUR rules to manage accounting documents
    • Printing cheques
    • Positive Pay file generation
    • Printing to multiple printers
    • Add bar codes
    • Fax or email copy simultaneously
  • 3. Printing cheques
    • Increase security by printing onto blank check stock  
      • cheque stock has no bank information
      • Coloured background
      • Perforated stubs
      • 2 nd stub can show compressed cheque and remitted stub for file copy
      • MICR toner in dedicated printer with stock
    • Especially useful if you have multiple banks
  • 4. One cheque stock
    • Stop swapping cheque stock in & out of the printer
    • Stop matching cheque stock with the right account, or even the right cheque number
    • Use one blank stock for all cheques - Accounts Payable or Payroll
    • Save money on ordering more than you need for small volume bank accounts
  • 5. Add Security
    • BLANK STOCK: The blank cheque stock eliminates the possibility of someone getting any bank or company information by stealing cheque stock
    • BANK ACCOUNTS: Password-protect each account to prevent unauthorized access when printing
    • CHEQUES: Add security features to the printed face of the cheque
  • 6. more Security
    • EMPLOYEES: Decide which users have permissions to access each menu of the software
    • SIGNATURES: No signature stamp to manage. Electronic signatures can be locked & audited for use
    • POSITIVE PAY: Automatically create a Positive Pay file to meet Bank security regulations to eliminate fraud
  • 7. PDF copies
    • PrintBoss Enterprise can name & file your PDF document based on data in the document, such as the Invoice Number, the document date, or the payee.
    • Password protect PDF files.
    • Set PDF files to be read only (not printable)
  • 8. Archive copies
    • Automatically create a PDF copy simultaneously as it prints the original
      • Pay employees by EFT, email their advice and save a copy on a secure drive
    • PrintBoss Enterprise will even name & file the document for you!
    • Need a backup copy of that payroll cheque?
  • 9. Manage what goes where
    • Simultaneously print to multiple printers or trays
    • Stop purchasing expensive pre-printed forms
    • Print from different paper trays (to achieve different colors for different copies – so you eliminate expensive multi-coloured collated paper)
    • Print to different printers (so each copy will print in a location where it will be used; sales department, warehouse, accounting department, etc.)
  • 10. Email copy simultaneously
    • An email copy of any document can be sent automatically from PrintBoss. Documents are converted to an Adobe PDF file which is attached to the email.
    • A single document can be emailed individually or a batch of documents can be sent automatically via an SMTP mail server.
  • 11. Not just Accpac
    • Compatible with a variety of programs including Sage products - Simply Accounting, MAS 90, MAS 500, X3, Business Vision
    • Citrix internal servers are supported
    • Send text files with triggers to tell Printboss what to do – PDF, email or print a form with graphics, ie: Invoice