BAASS Connect 2013 - CRM Beyond Sales and Marketing


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Engage in an over-arching discussion about how CRM can solve your organizational business challenges and demonstrate winning results. By illustrating the wide range of features available in CRM, join the team at BAASS, as we explore the benefit of installing cross functional CRM beyond ERP and contact management.
Share your thoughts and ideas in an “around- the-room” open table discussion to help us quantify the
relevant CRM requirements for your business.

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  • Speak to the audience about:
    Setting the story about what CRM is all about today. (illustrating how we have moved on from the earlier slides (Rolodex, etc.))
  • Speak to the audience about:
    These represent “four takeaways” for people if they need justification to call BAASS in for advice. This slide recognises that good back office tools are no longer enough. It’s all about knowing customers --- this is the new competitive battleground
  • Speak to the audience about:
    Start the mind set of measuring potential improvements --- how could I spend more efficiently on marketing, improve my sales return, keep my customers longer, and more.
  • Speak to the audience about:
    This is a pause slide --- to say “now, let’s think about your business priorities” ---- and we will look at this along a 3 step continnum
  • Speak to the audience about:
    Here’s the tool we believe can help each & everyone of you in the room, no matter what line of business you are in
  • Speak to the audience about:
    The history and validated proposition that is Sage CRM --- 12 years in market, customers large & small, across many industries
  • Speak to the audience about:
    Put CRM at the heart of a successful business --- plug the things on the left into CRM, based on your underlying business systems and deliver the measurable returns on the right.
  • Speak to the audience about:
    Put CRM at the heart of a successful business --- plug the things on the left into CRM, based on your underlying business systems and deliver the measurable returns on the right.
  • Speak to the audience about:
    Put CRM at the heart of a successful business --- plug the things on the left into CRM, based on your underlying business systems and deliver the measurable returns on the right.
  • BAASS Connect 2013 - CRM Beyond Sales and Marketing

    1. 1. CRM Beyond Sales and Marketing Presented By: David Beard CRM Principal at Sage Zainab Salihi CRM Practice Leader at BAASS
    2. 2. Why CRM? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a set of strategies and processes designed to manage customer relationships. It involves acquiring and developing knowledge about your customers and using this information to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
    3. 3. Why CRM now? CRM is now a “must have” –For many companies IT-enabled marketing, sales, and customer service is a source of competitive advantage
    4. 4. Why CRM now? Optimize Marketing Spend and Maximize ROI Increase Sales Productivity Improve Sales Opportunities and Increase Close Rates Enhances Customer Experience and Deliver Excellent Service Reduce Costs by Automating Processes and Delivering Better Service
    5. 5. What are your business challenges?
    6. 6. A Typical Organization VP Sales Salesperson Operations Increase Revenue Hit my quota Increase Productivity Mobile & accessible from Streamline Operations anywhere Reduce costs Simplify the sales process Easy to Use Improve Customer Service IT Finance Integrates seamlessly with existing systems Fits in the Budget Ability to scale up and customize if needed Reduce costs CEO Grow the Business Measurable ROI Improve Service Monitor metrics
    7. 7. What Marketing Wants… “I need to be able to calculate the cost per lead or click easily and accurately.” The Business “I want to optimize my marketing spend by reaching out to as many prospects as possible, especially through social networks.” “I’d like to improve the quality of the campaigns and increase sales leads.”
    8. 8. What Marketing Can Have Target the right companies with highly focused campaigns across multiple criteria Calculate Real Return on investment on campaigns Plan & execute campaigns with sales for Higher Quality leads
    9. 9. What Sales Wants… “I need to know what my sales pipeline looks like and identify immediate opportunities to close.” The Business “I need to check on my team’s performance and customer interactions every day.” “It take me a while to roll up all the line-of-business forecasts and I just want to do it once.”
    10. 10. What Sales Can Have… Track and Monitor sales performance with a customizable dashboard view Identify opportunities, revenue/budget variance, and assess forecast accuracy and product performance Generate powerful analytics reports including win/loss, forecasts, performance metrics and more
    11. 11. What Support Want … The Business “Sometimes it is hard to service customers because we don’t have a documented history of their previous calls.” “We want to give great service but we lack actionable real time information.” “Our processes are not automated so cases sometimes are not fully resolved.”
    12. 12. What Support can have … – Monitor customer interactions with full visibility of service cases, updates and more – Ensure complete case resolution with workflow from creation to resolution – Increase call resolution and Improve quality of service with access to real-time information
    13. 13. Beyond Sales & Marketing User CRM Brings it All Together Information in Disparate Locations Throughout the Company
    14. 14. The Sage CRM Enabler
    15. 15. Across your whole company Marketing Generate more leads through highly targeted campaigns. Sales The only place you’ll need to look for everything you need to know about prospects and customers. Customer Service Manage every element of your customer relationships with ease. Award winning Sage CRM feature-rich software to help you every step of the way
    16. 16. Marketing Automation • Powerful e-marketing capabilities • Rapid lead-to-opportunity management • Customer profile and analysis • Integrated telesales follow-up • Integrated attention grabbing marketing templates • Over-arching campaign management
    17. 17. Sales Automation • Opportunities, Leads and Sales Pipeline Management • Forecasting and Reporting • Quotes and Orders Processing • Sales Workflow • Access anywhere, anytime
    18. 18. Service Automation • • • • • Case Management Escalation and notification alerts Workflow approval process Knowledge base Self-service web portal for customers
    19. 19. Reporting automation • Customizable interactive dashboard • Enhanced graphical reporting charts with interaction & drill-down • Extensive suite of standard report categories right of the box • Fully customizable reports to fit specific needs
    20. 20. Automating Technology • Support multi browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) • Powerful MS Exchange integration with easy point-and-click deployment • Integrates with Twitter and LinkedIn • Access information from anywhere
    21. 21. The Sage CRM Enabler Builds on 30+ years of SMB heritage to deliver a CRM solution that is optimized to the needs of SMBs. For 15,000 customers, 250k users , 70 countries Easy to use and customize to adapt to your business
    22. 22. The Sage CRM Enabler Informative People Effective Processes Invaluable Technology Increased Productivity Satisfied Customers Reduced Costs
    23. 23. How is CRM used beyond Sales & Marketing?
    24. 24. CRM for Land Management
    25. 25. CRM for Project & Job Tracking
    26. 26. CRM for Time, Billing, and Expense Tracking
    27. 27. CRM for Shipping Opportunity Tracking
    28. 28. CRM for Event Management
    29. 29. CRM for Project Management with Advanced Workflow
    30. 30. CRM for Site/Property Management
    31. 31. CRM Self Serve Customer Service Portal
    32. 32. CRM for Course Management
    33. 33. Summary CRM can be used to solve many UNIQUE business challenges
    34. 34. For companies like you … Automotive Technology/ Software Services/ Retail Membership Organisations Health/Sport /Leisure
    35. 35. That gain measurable success … “60% efficiency gains have been achieved across the entire business”. Ayda Hornak, Infrastructure and Innovation Manager, Waivestar Group “…within three to four months of implementing the new system, we were able to achieve fifty per cent growth in the business.” Steve Cumper, Founder, Medshop ROI on the new system was achieved within 17 months. “Overcoming the account keeping overhead linked with duplication has saved us $55k per year in audit activity.” Ian Lindgren, Chief Executive Officer, PayMe “The software can take some credit for an 8 per cent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings as well as revenue growth.” Chakri Wicharn, Information Manager, Fuji Xerox, Thailand
    36. 36. Companies like you with BAASS
    37. 37. Thank you! Talk to your Account Manager, email or visit our booth for more information
    38. 38. CRM Beyond Sales and Marketing Presented By: David Beard CRM Principal at Sage Zainab Salihi CRM Practice Leader at BAASS