BAASS Connect 2013 Development Solutions for your Business


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Join the experts at BAASS to explore the endless possibilities and client success stories associated with our BAASS Development Tools. We’ll introduce you to various add on-tools we’ve developed in-house to meet your tailored business needs in every line of work. From ERP add-ons to CRM customizations for your business, our team at BAASS will share it all.

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BAASS Connect 2013 Development Solutions for your Business

  1. 1. Custom Development Services Meet your unique business needs Presented By: - Bharti Meisuria - Zainab Salihi
  2. 2. Agenda When What 2:00 – 3:00 pm Explore the endless possibilities with our custom development expertise
  3. 3. Session Introduction Custom Development Services A key component to delivering a complete solution Complete Solution
  4. 4. What is Customization Customization is: o “to modify, make, or build according to individual specifications or preference” Needed for: o extend functionality to meet your unique business needs o make the process efficient and accurate o establish required controls
  5. 5. Delivering Development Projects Structured approach and proven methodology for success: Initiation Design • Project Scope • Baseline Plan • Solution Design • UAT Preparation Build • Software Development • Internal Testing Monitor • User Acceptance Testing • End-User Training Go-Live • Acceptance and Sign-Off • Release System to Users
  6. 6. Services Offering ERP Input CRM Output HRIS Interfaces BI Add-ons
  7. 7. Development Request Types Input Output Application Business Logic Add-on Interfaces
  8. 8. Data Input: Simplified  Use MS Excel to enter data & generate appropriate batches in Sage 300 ERP
  9. 9. Data Input: Simplified  Use MS Excel to enter data & generate Timecards in Payroll
  10. 10. Input: Capture Data in the Field  Create “fillable” PDF forms  Use BAASS application to extract & import data into any application Increase data accuracy for data collected in the field Re-use data collected for multi-purpose
  11. 11. Input: Capture Data in the Field  Create “fillable” PDF forms 1 Capture Order data in PDF forms Sage 300 ERP 2 Run through PDF processor Orders created 3 in ERP system
  12. 12. Input: Acquisitions Transition  Define business rules  Map the source & target data  Create custom package to transform data  Test, Use & Re-use package for all future migrations  Meet all of the data audit compliance requirements  An approach with minimum time and effort for migrating newly acquired entities
  13. 13. Input: Excel Invoice Import in CRM  Custom File Import Dialog built into CRM
  14. 14. Output: Analyze Data in Excel  Identify columns of data required and generate MS Excel output
  15. 15. Output: Meaningful Data
  16. 16. Output: Custom Mail Merges
  17. 17. Output: Analytical Custom Reports  Ability to create complex custom reports with parameters
  18. 18. System Interfaces & Integrations  Interfaces include o Finance & Payroll Systems o Human Resources Management & Payroll Systems o Timesheet & Human Resources Management System / Payroll Systems o Many others  We follow best-practices to ensure data integrity is protected & meet audit requirements Source Staging Audit reports Target
  19. 19. Integration: CRM & Eloqua Example  Integration to external systems  Mapping screens to allow configuration by administrators
  20. 20. Integration: Using External Tools  Provide complex orchestration and scheduling of integration between disparate systems  Allows “mappings” instead of programming
  21. 21. Add-ons: WHAT are they?  Enhance or extend the core application functions  Plug and play capability to quickly enhance your applications
  22. 22. Add-on: Price List Update  Item Pricing
  23. 23. Add-on: Price List Update  Item Pricing - Import
  24. 24. Add-on: For unique needs  Use data from external source(s), import, perform edits, import in Sage, generate reports etc. Select source data – CSV / Excel etc. Edit source data or Import from source files into Sage Other buttons for advanced functions
  25. 25. Add-on: Optional Field Editor  Optional Fields Editor
  26. 26. Add-on: Label Printing
  27. 27. Add-on: BI
  28. 28. Clients Using Custom Solutions
  29. 29. Clients Using Custom Solutions  Why: Client needed to create a single sales order for the customer. When the sales order was shipped & invoiced, the system needed to generate multiple (split) invoice for all the funders on the sales order  What: Created a Sales Portal to read data from CRM, create Sales Orders in ERP, track appropriate business rules to generate the invoices and generate multiple invoices in ERP
  30. 30. Create Custom Functionality  Why: Client needed to track time “forecast”, update the forecast to reflect “actual” time, route through workflow for approval and create timecards in Payroll  What: Created a application to simplify creating weekly timesheet forecast (schedule), allow updates & convert to timecards – all edits are tracked for audit reports Quick action buttons: to check status of timesheets by store, create timecards & reports
  31. 31. Add-on: Operations Inquiry Allows quick searching for Inventory Control and Order Entry information from the Main Find Menu Targeted to Sales people and Customer Service Allows full drill-down and emailing capability
  32. 32. Add-on: Operations Inquiry
  33. 33. Add-on: Advanced ERP Query Tool Allows creation of Groups based off of real-time querying of the Sage 300 ERP system Targeted to Sales and Marketing staff for cross-sell, up-sell opportunities Uses Sage’s ERP Query tool as the base but takes it to the next level!
  34. 34. Add-on: Advanced ERP Query Tool
  35. 35. Add-on: Advanced ERP Query Tool
  36. 36. Add-on: Google Maps View Displays the Google Map for addresses in various areas of the CRM system including at the Company level, Address screen and within Groups. Map directions from each user’s office address.
  37. 37. Add-on: Google Maps View
  38. 38. Add-on: Eloqua Integration A complete bi-directional synchronization between Sage CRM and Eloqua Access to client behavior and marketing communications within CRM On a scheduled basis, Eloqua pulls recently modified and newly created leads in your CRM database which then populates the related records in Eloqua
  39. 39. Add-on: Eloqua Integration
  40. 40. Add-on: Eloqua Integration
  41. 41. ERP Dashboard in CRM  “The BAASS ERP Dashboards for Sage CRM provides in-depth and real-time financial analytics from your Sage 300 ERP system through ready-made, role-related Dashboards”.
  42. 42. ERP Dashboard in CRM
  43. 43. ERP Dashboard in CRM
  44. 44. Summary…  We have the expertise and the experience to deliver various types of customization services  We have created the methodologies for development process and procedures to ensure success
  45. 45. Thank You ! Talk to your Account Manager, email or visit our booth for more information